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Posted by mudman1959 | Aug 10, 2011 @ 08:26 AM | 10,000 Views
Started a build on a Full Fuselage F22 designed by 3dMon. Building it out of blue fan fold foam cut on a PhlatPrinter. Power will be a RC Timer 2210-1400 kva motor turning a 6 x 4 APC prop. 40 amp ESC and a Blue Lipo 3200 mah, 3 cell lipo. Going to do a Elevon setup and tie in the ailerons with it using 2 Hobby King 929 metal gear servos. I might even make the rudders functional. Should be a fun plane to fly! Mudman1959

10/20/2011 Got a little time to work on it today... Reinforced all of the edges with bamboo skewers. The Ailerons and split elevators are connected together for a Elevon type control. Cut out the rudders and reinforced them, I will need to purchase some flexible control rods for them... Lots to do yet. Mudman1959

10/30/11 Well it is finally starting to look like the real F22... sort of. I need to make a short wire extension from the battery to the speed control. Also found that either my motor or the speed control has a cold solder joint so I guess I need to take both to work and heat the connections up a bit. Looking to add a little color to it after a good sanding. Mudman1959

12/08/2011 Started putting some color on the plane. The nose and the bottom are covered with a black vinyl self adhesive floor tape we use at work to keep the bottom from getting scuffed when landing. I decided to do the base color Blue and then add high lights or stripes to it later. I also reinforced the nose using bamboo skewers along the top side rails, this made...Continue Reading