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Posted by mudman1959 | Dec 28, 2010 @ 10:41 AM | 10,695 Views
My Oldest Son's scratchbuilt F-18... Out having some fun in the Cold and Snow... I flew my "Divinity" wing for a bit until my fingers froze to the sticks. It had been quite awhile since we had both flown due to work and the Holidays... Mudman1959

Update 12/29/10
Well this F-18 finished it's life in a big way... Battery went dead and the controls locked as the plane came out of a loop. I think that my Son may have "Dumb Thumbed" it in, but he's sticking to his story as I did not see the crash. It now resides in several pieces in the build room awaiting its fate. Looks like its parts will be donated to a new Raptor... Mudman1959

Post Crash Investigation revealed... When you use cheap servos on the elevator they also have cheap arms which break under extreme cold and stress. Note to Oldest Son: Buy Quality!

Scratchbuilt F-18 (5 min 32 sec)