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Posted by mudman1959 | Sep 12, 2010 @ 04:54 AM | 13,829 Views
Well I retired one of my FFF wings due to airframe issues. Looking for a replacement, a friend showed me this wing... It is the "Divinity II" coming in with a 48" wingspan. It has been cut for me on my friends Phlatprinter and I started cutting out the parts and assembling the wing panels last night. Looks like a real nice design and it has been layed out real good. The assembly process is to attach the wing panels together using hot glue and tape and then glueing the wing panels stacked together using either 3M-77 or Krylon spray adhesive. I will be adding some carbon fiber rods to it for a little more rigidity. I will post photos shortly of the build as I get the chance. I should have this one up and flying shortly...


Update... 09/14/10
Got a chance to cut the parts from the foam panels which was real easy since this was cut on the Phlatprinter and it has small tabs that are easy to cut. Glued and taped the wing panels together, still need to put in the carbon fiber rods and then start gluing the panels together... More to come... Mudman1959

Update... 09/15/10

I added carbon fiber rods to the plane, I put them down each side of the leading edges about a 1/2" back from it and also added one just behind the battery/receiver box. I also stripped the the plastic sheeting off of the foam where the wing panels will be glued together so that there is no chance of it separating once it is glued together. The servos are mounted from...Continue Reading