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Posted by mudman1959 | Jul 08, 2010 @ 06:11 PM | 12,369 Views
Just started this one... I was intrigued by the building style of laminating the multiple layers of foam. I am using Dollar Tree foam board stripped of the paper. I doubled up the center section and put bamboo skewers in between the two sections for strength. Using Gorilla glue in between the layers, looks like it will hold together good. I have lots of shaping and sanding and filling ahead of me to make this one look correct. It will have a removable canopy and forward cowl section for access to the battery and radio gear. Here is the link for the original build log:

Update 07/14/10
Got busy with the sanding and shaping today and it's starting to look more like the Mustang and not like a block of foam... Next comes the filler and then more sanding.

Update 07/15/10
Worked on the Mustang a little more today... Got the access hatch cut, Elevator on, and a good start on the motor mount. Motor is a BC2826-6 from cost was $10.

Update 07/20/10
Got the controls for the Elevator and the rudder in. Also got the motor mount done.

Update 07/28/10
Got a little more completed on the Stang today... The wings are on... Not the easiest thing to do! They have a carbon fiber rod for support that goes all the way through the fuselage. Had to build one side first and glue it to the fuselage side then with the top of the other wing still open, glue that wing into position and then glue and close up the top of the...Continue Reading