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Posted by mudman1959 | Apr 13, 2010 @ 02:07 PM | 13,191 Views
To windy to fly today... so what to do? I found a Wing called "The David" at this link...
It is coming along good, I decided to add the color during the build. It is covered with vinyl covering leftovers from work that we use to make temporary "N" numbers and markings for the planes. It sticks on good and is strong, I have several different colors to use. Decided on the Red and Yellow while the Elevons and the winglets will be blue. The airfoil is a KMf4 with balsa leading edges and a carbon spar in between the layers for strength. I have a cool graphic of some eyes I think I will put on it. Going to power it with my trusty GH 2408-21 and a 6x4 APC prop, not sure what battery yet. I still have to finish the Elevons yet and get the running gear installed.

Update 04-14-10
Well my 20 inch "David" is done... Ready for balancing and maiden. This one is going to be a handful... It's the smallest wing I have built to date. Went together quickly. Added winglets... I believe they help with the stability and keep the wing from tip stalling to quickly during turning. Anyways they look good! All of the fancy, expensive business jets have wingtips...

Update later on 04-14-10
Well after a few bad launches I finally got it dialed in and flying... This 20 inch wing is a handful! I had to reduce the throws quite a bit and the Expo is a must for this one. Over all it flies good! I am powering it...Continue Reading