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Posted by mudman1959 | Feb 18, 2010 @ 03:11 PM | 13,380 Views
Update 01-26-10
I have been wanting to do this airplane for a long time... The Rearwin Sportster 9000L holds a special meaning to me. My Father used to own one of these for several years and I have many good memories with him in this plane. I have been looking for plans for this for many years and I finally found them in a Model Airplane News dated 1967 and I had a friend increase the size to give me a 60 inch wingspan. This build will be a hybrid of sorts... Balsa and foam will both be used. It will be powered by a Brushless motor and lipo battery. The fuselage is coming along good, still not sure if I will use foam for the skin or try to cover it with monocote. I will need to get a couple of carbon fiber arrow shafts for the spars for the wing and some more balsa for the leading and trailing edges and the spars. The ribs in the wing will be foam in trying to keep the build as light as possible with the arrow shafts going thru the center of the ribs at their thickest part along with a balsa leading edge and trailing edge and some foam cross bracing it should turn out pretty strong. In honor of my Father the plane will be named... "Wally" my Fathers name.

Update... 02-01-10

Finished putting in some stringers and cross bracing. Worked on the cockpit door area and the motor mount. I decided not to sell my Eflite motor and gear box and use it on this plane,...Continue Reading