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Posted by mudman1959 | Aug 29, 2009 @ 08:27 PM | 10,190 Views
Had a real good time at the Antique Aircraft Association museum and antique airfield today. Talked with the President, owner, manager, publisher and chief cook and bottle washer... of the AAA, Robert L. Taylor. I was retracing some of the places my Father had been when he was still around and a member of the AAA. Robert remembered my Father and had good memories of my Dad there with his 1939 Rearwin Sportster 9000L camping out for the week during the Fly-ins. My Dad was the President for the AAA of the Greater Detroit area (Wayne County) Michigan chapter for quite a few years and attended the fly-ins at Blakesburg yearly. Attached are photos of the museum and surrounding hangers stuffed full of Antique Airplanes... some in flying condition and some not along with some Experimental ones. They have a resource library full of anything related to aviation, you could spend a month in there and still not see it all. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed my visit there. Mudman1959

Aero-TV: Bringing History Alive - The Antique Aircraft Association 2009 (8 min 11 sec)

Announcing the 2010 AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in at Antique Airfield near Blakesburg, Iowa (2 min 28 sec)
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Posted by mudman1959 | Aug 25, 2009 @ 08:06 AM | 9,263 Views
I would like to Thank the Cedar Rapids Quiet Flier members and the Skyhawks RC club for letting me fly with them this last Saturday. I had a Great day of flying and had no crashes. It is always good when you come home in one piece...
(Photo's are from Kerry Lawrence and his 100" glider)
Mudman1959 Wings Up... Wheels Down...
Posted by mudman1959 | Aug 13, 2009 @ 11:38 AM | 8,614 Views
Started this last night and it had its maiden flight today. It flies great!! Very little trim inputs to get it to fly straight. If you have ever flown a wing and had a hard time getting the CG correct... Try this link...
The calculator works great and put my CG right on the money. This is the link to the post where the plans are for this wing...
Power is from a Tower Pro 2408-21 turning a 6x4 APC prop, 20 amp Grayson hobbies ESC, and a 1500 Mah, 11.1, 10C Lipo. I have not weighed it but I would say it's right around a pound with everything installed and ready to fly.
Had several good flights until my "Kite eating" tree decided it wanted my wing... Lets just say... it was at the top of my biggest maple tree and I had to climb up there and shake it down Do not want to do that again... Anyways it survived with no damage to the wing... just to my ego
Mudman1959 Wings Up... Wheels Down...
Just winging it... (0 min 12 sec)

Flying the Wing... March 3rd. 2010 (6 min 42 sec)
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Posted by mudman1959 | Aug 07, 2009 @ 11:08 AM | 8,476 Views
This jet belongs to the Rockwell Collins flight test department out of Cedar Rapids Iowa. It is used to test new Avionics and Radar systems that Rockwell Collins is developing. The plane is one of a kind, no production models of this series were built, it flies in a "Experimental" catagory. It was primarily designed to be a Advanced trainer for the Airforce during the early to mid sixty's. This plane has a Sabrejet fuselage and a T-39 wing with the hard points for the bomb racks still installed. Rockwell has several pods that they attach for more avionics testing. The interior is of corse just very basic with test stations set up for recording and tracking the test data recieved. The engines are pure jet... No bypass for these... Very loud when it is running. Thought everyone would like to see it. Mudman1959 Wings Up... Wheels Down...