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Posted by mudman1959 | May 28, 2009 @ 09:32 AM | 7,056 Views
This is a 24" wingspan twin boom pusher... I've seen several different names for it... FastCat, Twin Cat, Kingcat. I like how it looks and added a electronics bay on the bottom. Still working on it, need to install the servos and linkages yet. Hope to have it ready to maiden soon. Mudman1959 Wings Up... Wheels Down...

Update... 06/02/2009
Got a chance to maiden my Cat today.... first launch was not to good. Had to readjust the controls for less throw so it was not so responsive. Checked everything over and had to re-glue the motor mount. Second attempt and it was up... several clicks of trim up and right and it flew great! It is a lot faster than my SU-37 and rolls a lot quicker due to the small wingspan. Switched off the dual rates at a safe altitude and boy it rolls fast! Landing it was good, it slows down and is still controllable... Overall a good design for a more advanced pilot due to its speed and size. Next mod to add on is the rudders. Mudman1959 Wings up... Wheels Down...

Update 06-03-09 Got another flight in this afternoon after getting the grass mowed and trimmed. It was a good flight and I am getting more used to its quirks. Started pushing the envelope a little.... Tried several straight up climbs and rolling on the way up and back down. Also slowed it down at a safe altitude to see what the stall was like, drops the right wing and recovery was about a turn and a half. Still need to reduce the throws a little more even with the dual rates on it is...Continue Reading