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Posted by mudman1959 | Apr 28, 2009 @ 05:07 PM | 7,047 Views
I was bored today... Raining outside so I could not go fly. I had some extra foamboard laying around and this is what happened... It's just put together and not glued yet, I need to get some carbon fiber and put it in before I start to glue it. Going to use the parts left over from my Long EZ after its last flight was not good. I will make another some day.

04/30/09... The build continues, the whole plane is glued and all of the control surfaces are attached and the servos are in place and working. The Ailerons work in conjunction with the Elevator as Elevons, also running flexible control rods from the Aileron/Elevon servos to the canards. Going to run R/H Aileron to L/H canard and vise versa for the other side... This means I will have Roll control with the canards and also Pitch control. Sort of like how I did with my Eurofighter except all mechanical linkage instead of separate servos.

Update 05/03/09... Finally got the canards tied in with the Ailerons using flexible connecting rods. Put on a Kf addition to the top of the wing and doubled the fuselage up to the nose. Also doubled the rudders for more strength. Short Video...

Update 05/07/09... It Flies!!! I now have 5 flights on it, the first three were short and a few adjustments were needed. The forth and fifth were longer but I think I need to move the COG a little further forward, seems like it is tail heavy and it tries to slide out in...Continue Reading
Posted by mudman1959 | Apr 10, 2009 @ 05:13 PM | 8,070 Views
Started this "Hyper EZ" from plans at this link...

It is going together quickly... or should I dare say... EZ. Powering it with a Grayson Hobbies GH2212-10 swinging a MA E0740 prop using a 1500 mAh, 11.1, 10C Lipo and a Suppo SP-40A ESC. It is going to have functional canards and elevons twisted by Tower Pro SG-91R Mini servos, also going to use a GWS mixer so that I can get all of the servo travel. Control is going to be from my Spektrum DX6I radio with a AR6100 receiver. Should be a little Rocket with this combination. Construction is out of Dollar tree foam with carbon fiber rods strategically placed for support. More Pics to come... 04/11/09... Continued the work on the EZ... moved the servo for the canards forward into the nose bay area and this allowed the battery to move forward more. Cut out the battery bay slot. Attached the canards to the carbon fiber rod and adjusted the linkage for just a bit nose up. Mounted the motor and ESC. Installed the Wing tips and started fitting the Elevons. Installed carbon fiber strips to the leading edge of the canards and the wing and to the wing tips. Hooked up the motor and verified proper rotation... Like I said before... It's going to be a rocket! Will post more pics later... 04/14/09... Posted a short video of this plane on the Electric Video section... 04/23/09... Two semi-successful flights and the third... not so much... needs more pitch authority at lower...Continue Reading