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Posted by mudman1959 | Feb 13, 2009 @ 09:50 PM | 13,002 Views
It is not a RC airplane, but a lot of the construction is like building a RC airplane. It is a Zenair CH 701 STOL, It is a two person short take off and landing airplane. Powered by a 80 Hp.Rotax 4 cylinder opposed engine. I completely wired one for a friend of mine and he has about 35 flying hours on it now.
Update 04-02-10
Just a few pics of my friends Zenair 701. Took him around two years to build it. He now has about 150 flight hours on it. Springtime cleaning and maintenance getting ready for the summer.
Posted by mudman1959 | Feb 12, 2009 @ 10:07 AM | 8,123 Views
This is my next build... going to make some changes like a pusher with Thrust vectoring, working canards, and a rudder. This is the link to the plans... Stay tuned... Update 02/17/09 Got all the parts cut out... Tried a new way to remove the paper off of the foam and it worked! Sprayed the parts with a bathroom cleaner spray and let it dry and the paper fell off. Started working on the plane today and got quite a bit done on it. The motor mount came out pretty good and is easy to move up and down, instead of using plywood I used aluminum and it is stronger. Also got the Canards working, decided to make both of them move together and I will tie them into the servo for the Thrust Vectoring and use the mix function on my receiver to the flap switch to turn it on or off and mix it with the elevons. Started on the fuselage and wing, got all of the carbon fiber put in. Going to make some changes to the fuselage to make it more rigid, basic design is a plus sign layout + going to put foam on the horizontal beam to the top verticle beam at a 45 degree angle. More pics to come... Stay tuned Posted a short Video on the "Electric" video section of my Eurofighter with Thrust vectoring and working canards. Made a few more changes... The Thrust vectoring for the motor is now controlled by two servos and each canard now has its own servo. Going to do the mixing like Dave on RC Powers does using a GWS mixer and Y adapters for the servos....Continue Reading
Posted by mudman1959 | Feb 10, 2009 @ 09:46 AM | 7,052 Views
A buddy sent this to me, the photo was taken in June of 1986... I was a lot younger and a lot lighter too. The plane is a Craft Air "Scout 15" with a "Thunder Tiger" .20 on it. You got to love the old radio. Lots of hours flying this plane and lots of crashes... This plane met its demise when I strapped on a "Fox .35" and lost control of it due to a low battery. I even tried to do a electric motor on it, but it was to heavy and I was only able to get it off the ground and barely flying. The Beetle was my 1966 and it was clean, drove that car from Tulsa Oklahoma to California, then to Tennessee. Wish I still had it!!!