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Posted by Hellysmack | Apr 05, 2015 @ 06:59 AM | 12,125 Views
My Nano tech 300 mod.
Always Check polarity when getting new batteries to avoid magic smoke!

For the wltoy, and Hisky brand the polarity is reversed from Nine Eagles!
Remove one wire from plug put a piece of tape on it so as not to short it out with other wire. Remove other wire place it were you removed first wire. Then put other wire in.
The black plastic cover is held on with hot glue, so using heat slowly heat only the black plastic (not the battery), give it a tug and careful with pulling on wires. I take a hobby saw and cut the plastic so I donít need to remove plug. I suppose you could try sliding one wire at a time through while you have wires removed from plug just donít short the two together.
After removing plastic place a piece of electrical tape over wires and long enough so it doubles as a pull tab. I like to put a little hot glue on wires and edge of plug and immediately heat shrink the plug so wire donít get pulled out plugging and unplugging.

After mod My scale read 8.9g
I get consistent power for 3 minutes with 3.80v at end of flight.

This battery can be then used on micro quads like v939, helicopters HCP80 V1 & V2, V977, HCP100 if you change its plug.

Posted by Hellysmack | Mar 29, 2015 @ 02:48 PM | 12,510 Views
FS-T6 V911 Settings
Helicopter fixed pitch.

Dual rates 1
Ch1 & Ch2
Rate 100
EXP 40

Rate 70

Throttle curve normal

Idle up

Mix #1
Master Ch2
Slave Ch3
POS mix 20%
Negative mix 0%
Posted by Hellysmack | Mar 29, 2015 @ 12:38 PM | 12,492 Views
Yes another review? Just my 2 cense.

I really tried hard to hold of on this helicopter for 2 reasons.
1. I believed from what I had heard from others this was a heavy 2S brushless, and that would be equivalent to a broken helicopter and a 3 week waiting period for parts on the slow boat from across the pond.
2. New products always seem to have issues (example) wish I had waited on getting the v2 80, it was like next day after it was shipped I read about servo lag.
As fate would have it Banggood puts the HCP100S in the US Warehouse. And I just sold a Quad I had built so had the funds in hand. I could not resist any longer.

My new adventure was started with plenty of caution, this was small but a monster in power. Firs thing I did was secure wires with hot glue by tail motor, antenna and motor wires. Mine did not have the over tight servo wires that some reported.
I did not want to lose factory set up so created a copy in my X-6S and named it S100 as opposed to factory set up 100S. So now I can play and still have factory settings to refer back to later. Below are settings I changed or played with.

Dual rates Have expo all at 0
1 0
For me it is easier to flip the switch forward if I get in trouble.

Throttle curve
Normal IDLE0 IDLE1
L=0 L=100 L=100
1=45 1=90 1=95
2=55 2=80 2=90
3=75 3=90 3=95...Continue Reading
Posted by Hellysmack | Mar 29, 2015 @ 09:03 AM | 13,009 Views
HCP80 V2
The V2 Is my biggest disappointment I was hoping it would be like its brother the famous HCP80 V1
Or like my V977 BUT with adjustable curves and even more durable and more user friendly inside due to its size.

In 6G it hovers like a quad and works as it should no complaints. I have very very little room inside so my V911 Is still king. May be the ticket for someone with more room. Outside for me 6G is to limited and I find I am fighting stabilization to get it to move.

In 3G it has a very slow servo response what some call a lag, so you never feel connected. I have tried to mask it with expo/dual rates but just donít handle like the HCP80. I have tried higher C rated batteries but still the same.
I heard they stopped production and are working on it but it has been awhile and have not heard more.

I can not recommend this helicopter at this time.
I have put it on the shelf and if I donít convert it to a v1 it will be downer parts for my V1.
Posted by Hellysmack | Mar 29, 2015 @ 04:23 AM | 12,325 Views
This seemed to be a very popular helicopter and seemed to be well liked.
I was in the market for a brushless 100 size 1S that I could use a programmable radio with. The Blue Fly is now history, so had only two choices I could think of, to get the HCP100 and convert it, or try to find a PCB/RX for my V977. I decided to get the HCP100 BNF give it a try, I could convert it, I could compare frames and design with v977, could put the PCB on my V977 and keep frame for spares when I did get the HCP100S.

I picked it up at Tmart only because Massive RC was out of stock and it was in USA warehouse.
Still out of stock 3/28/15, are they going out of business?

I plan to convert this to a 1S brushless at some time, after I ware out the motor and one spear I have from an impulse buy. V922/HCP100/FBL100 this is an EBAY USA Seller that has been very good to me with customer service, and you get a working track number.

Other Compatible parts

So far still been flying stock and trying to find that sweet spot on radio set up. The battery that came with it is crap! You don’t have enough power to get your self out of trouble. The Turnigy 300 makes the HCP100 flyable.
Maybe because I keep trying to use the crap stock battery, So far this also seems to be the...Continue Reading
Posted by Hellysmack | Mar 28, 2015 @ 03:18 PM | 12,764 Views
Fly Sky FS-T6

I actually was planning to get the Turnigy 9x However the more reading and looking I did it seemed that the FS-TH9X was the better radio because You could change modules and on the Turnigy you had a wire attached due to cost cutting.

So I set out to find the best price or local vender and I seen the FS-T6. And asked myself Why do I need a $100 radio for simulator and to bind to my micros, V911, V939, V929. V949, and V959
The FS-T6 has 20 model memory you can assign switches and for a TX that is 1/3 the cost of my old DX6I and dose more.

I bought it here for $55
No instructions, CD, cords, just TX RX and bind plug. But manual can be down loaded from above link.

Only thread I could find on the FS-T6

Over all it is a good radio for the price, to me quality control seems not as good as the Hisky X-6S or the DX6i. I say that because I had a bad switch on the roller switch. I replaced the switch with one I salvaged from an old VCR PCB I kept for this very reason I have had these go bad on my DX6i before. I did notice the roller switch did seem a little more heavy duty than the one on my old DX6i. The pc board had some blotches of white stuff on it, but cleaned off easy with a paper towel and contact cleaner no idea what it was.

The radio has been working great since I fixed the switch. The right stick and...Continue Reading
Posted by Hellysmack | Mar 28, 2015 @ 11:09 AM | 12,266 Views
Hisky X-6S

Through the years I have had Airtronics, several JR, and several DX6i radios. It is amazing how technology has improved yet radios have more bells and whistles for less cash. I seldom keep a radio over 3-5 years. This philosophy was given to me by the friend who got me started in RC aircraft.
It has served me well and I have seen radios become obsolete. This may not be as relevant to day but switches still ware out and technology is still improving.
I also have changed direction in this hobby and have gone to the world of micros. I was impressed by all the good feedback I was hearing about Hisky and decided to give them a try. After searching around it seem most suggested the X-6S as Hiskys best programmable radio.

I seen it for $32 at Massive RC So bought it and the HCP80.
To me it seems to be as good of quality as my DX6i did and has some features the Dx6i did. I love the fact it has 3 position idol up switch so you can have 3 different Throttle/Pitch curves. Stick move very smooth and have a quality feel. The only feature My dx6i had that the X-6S dose no have is ability to switch from CCPM to PPM or whatever. This makes it not compatible with Phoenix simulator without a wireless set up.
When I decided to get the HCP80 v2 & HCP100S I had to get the upgrade PC board.

Installing was easy just mark the plugs and donít lose your screws. Be sure to copy your heli settings because after you take out the old board you take out your old settings. You will also need to reset it back to mode 2 because default is mode 1. You will find the HCP80, 100, 100S 80 v2 are already set up for you. Menu on new board goes up to Model 9

With back off Quality looked as good as my DX6I did, And better Quality than my FS-T6 that I paid more for. I am glad the X-6S dose not have the Roller switch too.

Over all as of 3/28/15 I am very pleased with this radio.
Posted by Hellysmack | Mar 28, 2015 @ 08:30 AM | 12,587 Views
After having such great success with V977 I decided I wanted a 100 size brushless micro helicopter that I could adjusted, pitch and throttle curves.
I had looked at the Blue Fly did not care for the module hanging of the back of my TX and I have seen my post of problems with modules. I seen the HCP100S running on a heavy 2S and my first thought was that will be like the 450 always needing repair.
Then I run across the HCP80 thread and was surprised by how pleased these pilots were, reminded me of the park zone Champ thread.
Do I really want to step back to a brushed main helicopter? I could not stop reading the thread and next thing I know I am ordering the HCP80 and the X-6S from Massive RC.

The HCP80 is a great bird! I had a bit of a learning curve to get radio set up correctly. I would have it controllable but then could not get it to be able to do flips. After comparing it to how the V977 would fly I finally found that sweet spot for me.

The HCP80 may be brushed but donít let that fool you it has a great weight to power ratio. Its small size makes it slightly more durable than the V977 but with more get up and go.
The biggest complaint is that the bushed motors do ware out but hey the are cheap.

The HCP80 can use same parts with V933
Same main gear as V977
Same blade grip bearings as V977 (feathering shaft is longer on V977)
Not sure of main shaft bearings, main shaft is same diameter.
V933 BNF (NON Programmable TX)

Only mod I have...Continue Reading
Posted by Hellysmack | Mar 28, 2015 @ 07:10 AM | 12,622 Views
V977 review
The V977 RTF, It is a just that a Ready to fly CP trainer that is like having 2 birds in one. In 6G it is very stable and hovers like a Quadcopter, in 3G it can do some 3D. I have learned more from this helicopter than any other helicopter I have owned. I also have never had so much air time with any other CP helicopter. What some see as weakness is actually its strong points. The TX is set up so you are guaranteed success if you donít know how to set up the programmable radio.
1. You cant screw up settings, so there is no question if it is set up correctly. Just focus on learning to fly.
2. It is set up to be a durable 3D trainer, not a 3D monster. It is set to give consistent power and best tail holding for the 1S brushed tail.

After I got my HCP80 I had a small learning carve on finding that sweet spot on setting up programming on my X-6S but I had the v977as a good example to compare it to.

Best upgrade is the carbon fiber shaft, and best mod was to remove the extra plastic on front of frame and landing gear. This makes it lighter and so more responsive and durable. My HCP80 and HCP100 landing gear attaches in two spots, why 5 attachment spots on V977 cut one off you still have 4.
My biggest grip of the V977 is they did not put a timer in the TX.
I just Velcro a dollars store timer on the back of my TX

My V977 is very reliable when I need a heli fix.
Posted by Hellysmack | Feb 22, 2010 @ 07:37 PM | 13,678 Views
I started out with models, then had Testors Voltswagon bug that went in circles on a string on a nail, Had the Testors P40 control line (flexible plastic you could touch the wing tips together). Cox Dune buggy (free run) Model Rockets, Tyco car, Tamiya Falcon,
Concept 30 Bought used in 1991, learned to hover Tail in, sold after I got married, Along with two R/C 40 trainers. When I realized I had to have a helicopter but something I could afford. I was shown the LiteMachine 110 that later I converted to a LMH Corona Would still own this model but they quit supplying parts for it. Save up and got the Trex XL (kit only) for $145
When the Honey bee CP RTF came out it was a great deal at that time to have a Helicopter in the air for $150 (after some investigating it had a better rotor head out of box than the Blade cp for less money) I got sick of tail motors burning up and sold it.
I then got an Esky Lama V2 (after some investigating) I liked the fact that the blades folded making it more durable than the Blade CX and motors were spaced one on each side of main shaft creating less heat and again it was way cheaper than the Blade CX. I enjoyed IT for some time but sold to get the Trex SA and used the XL for parts.
The Trex still seemed expensive to maintain and so I had to try the Honey Bee King V2 smaller and cheaper and NO TAIL MOTORS it was a belt drive like my Trex. Rotor head is not that good of a design, tried some cheap CNC that was a waste. Best improvement was...Continue Reading