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Posted by wilksonian | Jul 09, 2016 @ 02:54 PM | 3,536 Views
- fyi.. this is my first build - I am obviously a beginner - I'm learning from my mistakes...
- ordered June 17th 2016 from GearBest
- received within a week
- update 7/9/16
- still in progress, less than 2 mins total flight time
- there are now at least 3 Dubai 210 build videos out that have been very helpful - hopefully I can get going again soon

Build Troubles
- frame so small exposes wires out the side to the props
- need to buy extra standoffs (be sure to order prior or with frame kits)
- need to buy/make XT60 pigtail
- on PDB I used too much solder and applied heat too long to main battery connection, hopefully board not fried (not good, don't do that again must verify no solder bridges created)
- be sure to elevate pdb above carbon frame
- need to decide which way to face battery cable: out the back or out the side (thinking now out the side may have been better so as to leave room for other components like vtx, or rx)
- rx antenna decisions
- wasn't sure where to put rx antenna, currently tucked under pdb (10mm nylon standoff) with channels at front antenna to rear
- 3d printed plastic piece to get 90deg separation and have it glued to top tail of quad
- i hate the SPF3 micro connectors too many wires and Flysky IAS6a rx only has PWM: too many wires!
- created a temp skirt with painters tape to keep wires out of prop area which looks stupid but was effective
- need to get battery strap: currently using painters tape to hold...Continue Reading