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Posted by eflightray | Apr 08, 2011 @ 04:54 AM | 51,115 Views
But for more of my models, have a look at my Web Page here -

Update: added some more information and links to videos, (I hope it works on various browsers) -- http://eflightray.x10host.com/

A scratch built 100" span B-17 -

The thread = B17 Love Hate relationship. Progress report

My first major project using Depron foam, 67" span -

The thread = Douglas SBD Dauntless (She's flown), Now the video.

I like jets, but not ducted fan, so stick the props outside, 59.5" span -
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Posted by eflightray | Mar 03, 2011 @ 08:20 AM | 47,297 Views
Blog. Isn't that what you say when you trip over a log ?, B..... log'

A quick 'so what's he done ?'

Started building free flight model kits around 1954, control line 1956, single channel radio 1960, and never left it alone for longer then about a year ever since. And I still know very little.
Well I did say 'A quick..'.

A fair amount of that time flying RC was with IC engines, but eventually I tried electric some 30 years ago, (grossly under powered), but I stuck with it and eventually converted totally to electric power.

To save showing some of my planes in this Blog, I'll point you to a rather crude 'Home Page' I created to show some of the current ones -

My Electric Flight Home Page. ***Corrected to current Home Page ***

It's not kept up to date sadly, (Ok, so I'm lazy), I keep intending to create a better site, one day.

The missing latest model is another 'mad spell' creation. I fancied a go at an EDP, Electric Ducted Prop. Having read about the amount of 'currents' being fed to many EDF models, I just knew I had to do a low current model.
But of course, props tend to be bigger than fans, so.............

There's a thread buried somewhere in the Foamies (Scratchbuilt) forum -

My Winter Project, Update #4. She's wearing a coat.

And I'm still waiting for some flying weather, (March 3rd today), hopefully soon........

Edit- Things sometime happen quite quickly. She's flown.

After publishing that first Blog entry, I looked out the window and...........why not....

Here's a link to my thread in the Scratchbuilt EDFs forum -

My "It's not a Mig 1.44", and it's not EDF but EDP. IT FLIES.

and in post #13, a short video of that maiden flight.

It was cut short owing to a sound I wasn't too sure of, so always land a check.

She will need a little sorting, but for a concept model, I was very pleased.