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Posted by Jack Crossfire | Apr 13, 2011 @ 06:39 PM | 11,733 Views
So we'd been posting exclusively on diydrones since Oct 2009, but diydrones has become a pain.

It was originally open. Then they added moderation because of spam. Then the moderation extended beyond spam, to off topic posts. Then it extended to anything that could be interpreted as off topic to a sufficiently clueless moderator.

Then, we noticed someone started moving our images to the top of the post, so it would make no sense. Apparently every post now had to start with an image, to make the front page look good & encourage people to read your garbage?

Basically, it followed the increasingly political & intrusive path of every moderating system we've ever seen & we know where it's going. Can't blame the management. Diydrones takes no shame in telling you it is foremost a business that was created to make money & they are very aggressive about bottom line.

Rcgroups & it's extremely limited blog feature is looking more attractive. It's informal, unmoderated, not as aggressively driven by sales as diydrones.

Some people with nothing better to do actually read it. It uses the same forum software as landcforum.com, 1 of our favorite websites. We also use blogspot for the rabidly nutty material, which no-one reads.

Rcgroups image embedding & its nest of modal dialog boxes still really suck.