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Hello Everyone,

QS10 Heavy duty antispark connector male and female

Plastic Material:Nylon with fiber
Flame retardant rating:UL94 V0
Temperature Range:-30℃ to +150℃
Metal Material:Gold Plated Brass
Max Wire:4AWG
Rated Current:180A
Max Current:240A

Are you interested in? Please feel free to contact me.

Best Regards,

QS Dongguan QS Electronic Tech Co.,Ltd
M 86 134 80010457 P 86 (0) 769 84750417 Skype chenmin19911 Email [email protected]
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Does anyone have experience buying anything from Rc Extreme Hobbies? Wondering if they are a good website
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Made and epoxied in a platform for the ignition module. Using a Velcro strip to hold it.

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Tomcat Motors, a premier brand under Detrum Tech, specialize in the R&D and production of brushless motors for RC and UAV application. The Tomcat motors use Japanese made silicon steel sheets, NMB and NSK bearings, High-purity copper enameled wire, high-performance rubidium iron and other materials, cooperated with superb production process to achieve good product quality, durality and performance. The products passed CE certification, with a complete precision production workshop, equipped with more than 20 CNC processing equipment, automatic winding machine, and corresponding testing equipment.

Come to Tomcat Motor Factory:

Visit Tomcat Motor factory / Tomcat G series power Motor (1 min 4 sec)

Tomcat Motor G serise named by its power. it is a premier replacement for glow engine. For example, the definition of G30CC is replacement for 30 CC gasoline engine, G32 is for 32 nitro engine.Available models by far : G10, G15, G25, G32, G46, G52, G60,G601 G90, G110, G160, G30CC, G50CC,G100CC

Internal analysis and characteristics:

1. Imported Japanese made NBM bearings, stable and low noise.
2. High-strength spindle design which is more durable.
3. Imported 0.2mm silicon steel sheet stator.
4. Using N45H NdFeB magnet, not demagnetize in high temperature, large torque output.
5. High-strength aluminum alloy shell significantly improved impact resistance.
6. High-purity copper enameled wire with temp resistance test 240°C, improve heat conduction and heat...Continue Reading
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So here's Brent Hecht's gorgeous VQ Warbirds F8F Bearcat with an Evolution 7 cylinder, 77cc Radial over Rabbit dry lake :
VQ Warbirds F8F Bearcat (80" wingspan) with Evolution 7 cyl, 77cc Radial Engine (11 min 8 sec)

That awesome radial engine is swinging an incredible 22x10 propellor !

Check out the end of the video and you can see the little push-rods doing their thing

Enjoy the show and I wish everyone all the best
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Hi, my name is Katia Landauer. I am the daughter of Timothy Landauer, an active member of this forum who passed away in 2019. I have been going through my dad's old RC boats and there are just too many-- is there anyone who can help me sell some? I'm a little lost on this site; any help would be appreciated! Please message this account if you have any suggestions, or message me on fb messenger (Katia Landauer).
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June, Brotherhobby 7 anniversary

So there are Maximum discount activity annually

check our store to get the price details,
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AGFRC 66KG IP67 Waterproof Digital Servo High Torque Programmable 12V Full Metal Gear Brushless Servo for 1/8 1/10 RC Models, Control Angle 180°

Comparing the two versions of A80BHSW and A81BHMW, this SA86BVMW version uses 12 volts, which makes this servo can work under higher voltage (11V-14V), and the maximum torque of the servo is increased to 66KG. Furthermore, the battery line and signal line are separated, the 3S LiPo battery line can be directly connected to the battery, and the signal line uses a spiral structure line with stronger anti-interference.

The strength of the bearing is improved, and the collision resistance is stronger, making this SA86BVMW servo more suitable for applications in 1: 8 scale RC model such as off-road and climbing car, 1/8 1/10 Buggy /Monster Trucks/RC car/boat/plane/helicopter/robot, etc.

SA86BVMW servo is also a member of AGFRC PROGRAMMABLE SERVO, equipped with AGF-SPV2 servo programmer (included) which can change the torque, speed, angle, and other parameters of the servo what you want, even 360 full range angle or 720 angle, etc. It's really convenience for users to DIY the parameters of their servo according to the situation.

Moreover, the manufacturer will continue to UPDATE the various firmware of the SA86BVMW servo, users can download the updated file from the manufacturer's official website to update it through the AGF-SPV2 servo programmer in the future.

Name: 6.jpg
Views: 0
Size: 1.39 MB
Description: IP67 Waterproof Servo

  • AGFRC Waterproof digital servo uses high-
...Continue Reading
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How can I calculate curising speed for my uav ?
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Had a set of NOS Sauce motors that needed put to use so figured it was time to slap together another Whoop With this build I decided to go with an NBD Cockroach frame, and Goober canopy bundle.

I also had an older BeeCore F3 flight controller just sitting in my drawers so in it went. While I was ordering the frame and canopy I thought I might as well try out some of NBD's Azi props, and I also grabbed a few Nitro Nectar 250mah HV batts since they were on sale.

Just finished getting it set up in Betaflight, and got the batteries all charged up so now it's time to take it out for a maiden flight. Video, and DVR footage coming soon.
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I will post some pictures of the nearly finished shop. I purchased the steel shop shell back at the end of 2016. Construction didn't start until early 2017 as I had to reorganize the area of the backyard where the shop was to be built. This included moving a shed I had built to hold the power tools and gardening stuff; it's size is 10' x 14', unloaded, turned 90 degrees and set on a new base of blocks. but before that I had to dig up the power I had installed years ago. After all of that my older brother and I used his survey equipment to lay in the shop floor. He also brought over some small equipment to dig the foundation and footings for the shop. The local concrete company came in at great expense and formed, poured and had the concrete done all in one day. They even added more rebar and added fibers to the mix and made it much much better than the plans called for.
After the concrete cured, I layed the base plates done as per plans. Then my older and younger brothers along with my father came over and we had a shop raising party. My father was more of a foreman than laborer, anyways it was great that he was there.
I will start with some pictures of the shop nears it's completion and then as I dig up more photos add them for posterity.
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Brand name: Eachine
Item name: LAL3 3 Inch 3-4S FPV Racing Drone
Take off weight: 175.3g
Frame Kit
Wheelbase: 145mm
Bottom plate: 3mm
Upper plate: 2mm

Mode: 1408
KV: 3750
Idle current (IO/10V): 0.6A
No.of Cells(Lipo): 3-4S
Peak current: 23A
Max. power: 386.4W
Max. thrust: 600g
Internal Resistance: 0.0495Ω
Stator diameter: 14mm
Stator thickness: 8mm
Height: 29.5mm
Width: φ20mm
Shaft diameter: φ5mm
Motor mount hole size: M2
Install hole distance: 12*12mm
Recommend propeller: 2-3 Inch
Weight: 17g

25A 3-4S Blheli_32 DSHOT1200 4 IN 1 ESC
Continue current: 25A
Burst current: 30A (10s)
Input voltage: 3-4S
Current sensor: NO
Main control chip: STM32F051
Firmware: Blheli_32
Support DSHOT 150/300/600/1200/MULTISHOT/PWM/ONESHOT
Weight: 3.8g
Installation hole: 20x20mm/φ2
Dimension: 31*29mm

Flight Controller
LAL3-F411 Flight Controller
Main control chip: stm32f411
IMU: mpu6000 6-axis sensor
BEC: 5v / 1a
Integrated OSD
PPM / DSM / IBUS / UAR sharing: UART1-RX
Installation size: 20 * 20
Weight: 3.0g
Supported firmware: betaflight / cleanflight / inav
Supports programmable LED Sprit
Reserved buzzer interface

Caddx Turtle V2 1080p 60fps HD Camera
Horizontal: 800TVL
TV system: NTSC/...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | May 30, 2020 @ 11:18 PM | 2,288 Views = FMS Fox Vtail ( love mine ) If you missed out ? = FMS Fox - the regular one ... = 1 meter Wood P51 = MAybe a budget Hoot ? ( Thrust controlled wing ) = PNP 800mm Dragon Jet

I cant justify another Fox !!! , but what a great little plane . ( Prop blows - replace it )
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This is my Second Flight with the E-flite UMX Citation Longitude Twin 30mm EDF BNF Basic.

E-flite UMX Citation Longitude Twin 30mm EDF BNF Basic Second Flight (5 min 0 sec)

Here are my Review Notes for this E-flite UM EDF Citation Jet:

- Lots of lights all over it
- 3S Brushless Twin 30mm EDF's
- Chromed out plastic on the EDF inlets
- Plastic bits on the wingtips
- I will use it as a nice warm-up jet, perfect to slide into my car on the days I fly big jets like the E-flite Su-30 EDF Jet.

- Dented foam on the main wing
- One of the mains was bent out of the box, but easily fixable
- Some glue leaked onto the silver part of the chromed out plastic on the EDF inlets
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I finally got around to finishing up this video that I started about 6 months ago. Long story but I don't like FRSky's options for monitoring your onboard voltage using a balance port sensor. I prefer an 'inline' connection that is permanently wired to your ESC. There's nothing to forget or plug in wrong when you go to fly your airplane/sailplane. A few years ago someone made an after market sensor but it was discontinued.

This project will explain how to make that discontinued sensor using an Arduino micro-processor board. You can make these sensors for about $10 each after the upfront cost of buying a programmer and some wires which will run you a one time cost of about $20.

I had to make this video to help simplify the entire process of programming and soldering up that board. When I was reading some threads on RCG I found out there was no good howto. Many of us (including myself) have never used / programmed an Arduino board and probably most have no interest in it.

This video will explain downloading the software, programming the card and how to configure OpenTX to use a voltage sensor.

A big thank you to Mike Blanford for writing that code and making it available for us to use.

All the parts you need are in Youtube description area.

How to make a Smart Port Voltage sensor for your FRSky receivers (29 min 0 sec)

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Working on a stand for my Star Wars K-2SO - speeder.

Wrapped the bottom of the speeder in cling film/Saran Wrap to prevent the putty from sticking. Then pressed exhaust repair putty against the bottom to get an impression of the bottom plate of the speeder, preventing it from sliding of when on display.

Next step: modeling a desert scene on the base. Some sand, perhaps a few rusty cogs, pipes, scrap metal etc.
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Yep Les Amis,
Infos, News et Surprise ! Je passe en revue aujourd'hui quelques accessoires pour le FIMI PALM. Grosse déception pour le micro externe mais à part ça, le reste est pratique et fonctionnel. Je vous donne également quelques infos sur le FIMI X8 SE 2020 (j'ai eu des nouvelles entre temps que je vous mettrai en commentaire), ainsi que quelques améliorations sur mon tableau de coupons et promos. La cerise sur le gâteau, une rencontre imprévue qui va nous faire découvrir une activité professionnelle autour du drone. Bon film à tous, prenez soin de vous et à très vite ...

FIMI PALM et FIMI X8 SE 2020 news / Une rencontre imprévue ! (28 min 31 sec)

Bonne et Mauvaise surprise !

Les produits présentés sont visibles ici (en cliquant sur ces liens vous soutenez ma chaîne) Merci à vous :

- FIMI PALM ( coupon bGhOnEy10 ou BGFMNEW ) :
- Mise à jour FIMI PALM :
- Accessoires FIMI PALM :
- 84 accessoires caméra :
- Base FIMI PALM (Ali...) :
- Micro FIMI PALM (Ali...) :
- Ventilateur de cou :
- Ventilateur de cou (Cdis...) :
- FIMI X8 SE 2020 ( Pré commande coupon BGX8SE20419 ) :

- TABLEAU DES PROMOS ET COUPONS BANGGOOD 2020 (remis à jour régulièrement, pour aider la chaîne, gardez ce lien en favori ou...Continue Reading
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Yep Les Amis,
Un Coach sportif à pas cher ! lol ... Comme certainement pas mal de monde, le confinement ne m'a pas aidé à garder la ligne, donc j'ai décider de me prendre en main et de surveiller un minimum ma santé. Élégante et efficace, cette smartwatch BlitzWolf BW-HL2 m'a fait craquer ! Simple à utiliser, en plus de vous donner les informations de bases de toutes montres dignes de ce nom, elle vous permettra de vous rappeler les bons gestes du quotidien. Vous hydrater, bouger un minimum, surveiller votre tension et rythme cardiaque ou encore surveiller votre sommeil, bref, les gestes simples de la vie au quotidien que l'on oublie parfois. Et si vous n'avez pas besoin de tous ces rappels, ce que je vous souhaite bien sur, cette montre sera juste élégante et adaptable à votre style du jour grâce à ses différents affichages et vous rendra quelques services en affichant vos messages, sms, mails, appels ou réseaux sociaux sans avoir à sortir votre smartphone. En bref, une excellente autonomie et pas mal de fonctions pour un prix intéressant, cette BW-HL2 se place plutôt bien dans le marché des smartwatch. Bon Film à Tous et Merci de votre soutien .

Smartwatch BlitzWolf BW-HL2 - Review Test Démo - A fond la forme à pas cher ! lol (17 min 16 sec)

NOTATAZ : 17/20 Très bon rapport qualité prix !

Les produits présentés sont visibles ici (en cliquant sur ces liens vous soutenez ma chaîne) Merci à vous :

- BlitzWolf® BW-HL2 ( vente FLASH ): ...Continue Reading
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Brotherhobby Hypberbola 5" BNF racing drone, paired with efficient Brotherhobby VY2004 3150kv, sub-250g, the weight is amazing