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Posted by slomofoe | Aug 10, 2019 @ 02:35 PM | 874 Views
Long time building balsa models.
I think the first was purchased at the science center in Toronto as a kid. The school i was in had a trip, and the main exhibit was aeronautics. From first flight to the moon. Needless to say i was hooked.
I got a model at the gift store on the way out. I think i paid 10$ and it wasn't the same kits you get today. No lazer cutout balsa, it was in sheets of balsa with the pattern printed on it. every piece had to be cut and fine sanded to shape. We didn't have the shrink plastic wraps to cover the plane, it was paper and dope to stiffen and shrink the paper, the glue now is fantastic, i would pin ans secure everything the glue it and hope it doesn't move again until it was dry.
I seem to have learned a thing or two since those days, but some one can always teach me something new. It's a small mind that closes doors to new ideas. Things i have picked up and taken to a new level; I didn't realize how important the center of gravity was early on, but quickly found out a plane will not fly or flies very poorly without taking that into consideration. The way a wing is built or centered can also play a big part in how well it will fly. A warped wing fly poorly at best. A balanced prop is a sweet thing, out of balance is unsafe and noisy.
Probably the main thing i have learned is not to get attached to a model because eventually it doesn't come down the way you would like. And that's not all about the pilot's skill. I've had a wing...Continue Reading
Posted by slomofoe | Aug 10, 2019 @ 01:47 PM | 876 Views
If anyone can help me please. I have many planes that are air worthy and many that need help. What i find most bothersome is a new plane that should be in the air, but i can't get it to fly for no apparent reason. This new opterra 1.2 It seemed like a good idea at the time but i am quickly regretting the purchase. I started with setting the transmitter the proper way and values on my spectrum dx8, got a good signal from the vtx set to 600 Mv. everything seems like it's going to be so much fun. But i can't get the motor to run, It beeps on start up like it has armed, and beeps again when it's in ready mode. safe seems to work, ( i tilt the wing and it tries to correct and level). I just can't get the motor to spin.
any help would be appreciated