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Posted by oashobby | Aug 01, 2019 @ 06:03 AM | 1,686 Views
No matter whether you have lots of experience or quite new to drone flying, it’s wise to take some and do essential pre-flight checks. This will help you ensure you have a successful drone flying experience, and is crucial for safe drone flight.

To help you have a great drone flying experience, we have curated a checklist of things that need to be done before each drone flight.

1. Check the functioning of drone - It is the first and most important action to take before the actual flight starts. Inspect your drone thoroughly, looking for any damage or error that can impact the functioning of the drone. Check for if your compass is calibrated and also your GPS connectivity is working properly.

2. Make sure remote controller is charged enough - It is the most important equipment and without it you cannot do anything about the drone. If it stops working, this will cause havoc on your drone. So before you go for drone flying, check for the charge of your remote control. Make sure it is charged enough. It is also better to get an extra remote control that you can use in case the one remote does not work.

3. Mobile Device is charged and has the Latest Versions of the DroneDeploy and DJI Apps - You will need mobile device with DJI apps if you are using a DJI drone for your flight. If you don’t have, get the latest DroneDeploy app and supported devices.

4. Ensure firmware is up to date - If you are using DJI drone, you will need a mobile device with latest drone...Continue Reading