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Simply speaking, a device that requires an (electrical) source is called an active device, and a device that does not require an (electrical) source is a passive device. Active devices are typically used for signal amplification, conversion, etc., passive devices are used for signal transmission, or "signal amplification" by directionality. Capacitors, resistors, and inductors are passive devices, and ICs, modules, etc. are all active devices. (Commonly speaking, it is the active components, such as triodes, that require a power supply to display their characteristics. A passive component is called without a power supply.)

1. Basic definition of passive components
If an electronic component operates without any form of power supply inside it, the device is called a passive device.

From the nature of the circuit, passive components have two basic characteristics:

(1) It either consumes electrical energy or converts electrical energy into other forms of other energy.

(2) Just input the signal and it will work without external power supply.

2. Basic definition of active devices
If an electronic component has a power supply inside it, the device is called an active device.

From the perspective of circuit properties, active devices have two basic characteristics:

(1) It also consumes electricity itself.

(2) In addition to the input signal, there must be an external power supply to work properly.

It can be seen that the active device and...Continue Reading
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AGFrc specially makes this outstanding waterproof low profile servo for entry starters with surprising price.
This full metal A50CHLW servo applies the contactless magnetic angle sensor technique,reaches to 18KG high torque,
can perform extremely well under water.
So this is ideal for 1/10 and 1/12 RC Models and other vehicles that require high torque and high level waterproof.
You will love this servo with ultra light 50g enthusiastic red body!

Another super torque low profile servo I would like to mention is A50BHL with 19KG, make your drift car like a monster is possible !

Soon you can buy on Amazon or , then your RC car on-road can be also enjoy underwater, experiencing a different joy !!!

Feel free to contact [email protected] for agent or Customized order ! Sample order accepted now

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Hi fellow pilots & rc enthusiasts

Foxeer Micro Predator V4 FPV Camera review includes overview, osd settings, fitting & flight test of this Foxeer Micro Predator V4 1.8mm 4:3/16:9 1000TVL PAL/NTSC Switchable Super WDR FPV Camera for FPV Racing Drone.

You can get this Foxeer Micro Predator V4 FPV Camera in UK here:

Foxeer Micro Predator V4 FPV Camera review (12 min 15 sec)

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I did not know much about Merco engines, except that I recalled the brand name from being in the hobby all of my adult life. I did not even know that they were made in England. Until recently, that is.

I had been thinking of getting a Merco, mostly because it seemed to be a somewhat obscure brand of engine and I wanted one for my collection. How wrong I was! Thanks to the website Sceptre Flight, which has dozens of old engine reviews from the long gone print magazines, I learned just how much the Merco was revered back in the day, and what a world champion caliber competition engine it really was.

But before I had read any of those old articles, I had purchased from the RCG classifieds, a well used and castor oil coated Merco .61 Mark I. I intended to tear it down, and rebuild it.

This particular engine was frozen solid like a rock! The old, dried castor oil had welded every part to each other. It took copious amounts of heat to get anything to loosen up so that I could disassemble something as simple as the back plate. To get the cylinder out I had to machine a drift from bronze, and use a lead hammer while wearing thick leather gloves to protect my hands from the searing heat due to having to super heat the crankcase to loosen up the burnt on, dried out castor oil residue.

Once I had the engine completely disassembled, I soaked the parts in an ultrasonic cleaner with a diluted cleaner concentrate. That took care of most of the old castor oil but some of the parts
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Demonstration of how to enable GPS Rescue Mode Failsafe using our BetaFlight OSD AND well do a test flight to demo the actual BetaFlight GPS Rescue 🚨 Failsafe option! Ready to see how this turns out?!?🤔

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About a month or so ago I came apon a slope video of the MiBo Micro Swift, I was very impressed, so impressed I bought one. Not cheap my any means but nothing that is molded glass is cheap. The kit quality is top notch, impeccable glass work with control surfaces already permanently hinged and sealed. The only disapointment was that the plane came with no building instructions or plans. Not sure if that was the senders fault or the manufacturers fault, anyways I proceeded on my own. I dont want to get into a detailed build story but I will say I made two modifications, one was to permanently mount the horizontal stab, not use the 3mm nylon mounting screw provided, and I used my own method to attach and remove the canopy using magnets, not the spring loaded pin provided. The radio gear is the Tactic 650 tx and rx is 625 Tactic. Elevator and rudder servo's are Dynam 7gram, aileron servos are Hitec HS 40, battery is 4 cell AAA. Today was the Swift's first test flights, very light and sporadic breeze at the Hill, ok for a few hand launches. The cg was at the recomended forward limit (35mm) back from the LE, elevator set at the recomended min (5mm up/down), aileron minimums (4mm down/8mm up), rudder (25mm L/R). Although there was practically no lift I was able to get in probably close to a dozen passes in I think about three-four separate launches. The only adjustment made was about four clicks of down on the elevator trim which made for a perfectly aligned stab/elevator, no up or down deflection on the elevator trailing edge, perfect! The Swift flies as if it is on rails, very stable and fast for such a small and light model. The control throws seem just right for me anyways, not twitchy at all but very controlable at the same time, and she goes exactly where you point her. With a nice breeze and some good lift she will be a rocket and highly aerobatic
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Recently I bought a new #Granite BLX truck and I have so far only have upgraded to the #Typhon BLX6s shocks front and rear, plus, I am currently running a set of the Banditos MT tires that I absolutely love! I just ordered a Dynamite GPS -Speed Meter since I want to see for myself what I can get out of my truck as far as MPH. I KNOW w/ a 3s Lipo on the stock tires I can get close to 45MPH. Now w/ my Banditos tires I might be able to reach around 35Mph since these tires weight is over 3.5 pounds, which is a whole lot of rubber. Also, I have upgraded both front and rear #T-Bone racing bumpers which are way nicer than your stock ones. I changed out my suspension a-arms with RPM brand which seems to be a lot stronger vs the stock ones. My First run will be with the Banditos MT tires and then my next run I will put back on my stock tires and see if I can break 45MPH on a 3s Dynamite 5000mAH Lipo. I will be uploading a video tonight on a few speed runs, so make sure you check out my brand new YouTube channel below and hit the subscribe button.

My new Channel:
ARRMA Granite BLX 4x4 Truck Including a BlueMonkey Wrexo thrash session! (2 min 4 sec)

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Hi all!
Can someone either post or PM me? I am attempting to get my build progress blog going. I am not sure if people are able to respond to my link. If any of you have issues posting let me know, if PM isn't working contact RC Groups.

I finished the planking to my access hatch (sans sanding). Painstaking process, but baseball helps! Parts are slowly starting to arrive.
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Ok I've flown about 30 packs through this now and have a good idea of how good it is and how it compares to eachine reddevil and diatone r349 and sailfly X.

I will make a video review but for now I'll just write it and post some flight video on various batteries.

First up I will say that it fits in-between the reddevil and the r349 power and speed wise, faster and smoother than reddevil and sailfly X and slower than the r349. It can be flown in similar areas to the reddevil where as the r349 needs more room imho.
Definitely nicer to fly than the smaller quads with no jello.

On 3s lipo it had decent power but nothing amazing, but on 4s it livened up and had a lot more punch, both enough power to have fun though and I'm going to try some different props soon as they arrive. Will update on that later on.

Good points .
The supplied frsky Rx is NOT the spi one and has decent range similar to xm+ and the vtx goes up to 600mw, camera picture is nice.
It is smooth and powerful taking 3 and 4s lipo with 5 minute flight times on 450mah.
Frame is thick and strong.( I crashed into concrete with no damage apart from bemt props ( 6 spares in box )

Not so good points.
Battery strap is not useful and needs a better one to tighten up properly.
No tool supplied to fit props ( needs a 1.5mm hex / Allen key ).

Assembly and set up.
So I just set up betaflight as I normally do.
Binding rx needed button pressing on the tiny Rx whilst powering quad which was a little awkward but worked ok.
...Continue Reading
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How to set the Betaflight for Mobula7 Mobula 7 HD FPV Racing Drone

For Beginners,it might be a little hard to understand the betaflight setting.
Here let us try a easy way to process it,Hope it can helps
1.if you buy the BNF Version,you need bind the transmitter to the receiver first after receive the drone
Please read the user manual before binding,set the transmitter at 5ch and 6ch like the picture below shows

like the picture shows,at the first line,choose Aux1 ,set the 5ch ,it is the start up switch
the below 3 lines ,you can set the modes,set the transmitter 6ch,then choose Aux 2,you can set 3 modes according to your transmitter,but the 3 modes cannot coincide.
please note that the switches on your transmitter which has been set as 5ch or 6ch cannot be used for other modes,or your drone will cannot fly.
hope this can help you,if anyone has better ways,welcome leave comments and discuss with us,thanks
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How to connect a External receiver for Mobula 7 Mobula7 HD

If you get a Drone that does not have the receiver you want,how to process it ?
Here let me show you how to add an external receiver for a Mobula7 or Mobula7 HD
As we know,Mobula7 FC Built-in receiver,if the receiver builit-in is not the version you want,you can add an external receiver directly
Take Frsky receiver as an example

how to connect it?
first,you need not remove the exist receiver,because it will broke your FC,
then,weld the frsky receiver to your board directly,like this ,just weld the IR1 ,5V and GND
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Excited that finally HGLRC have the 16x16mm version 13A 4in1 ESC with no pins! Would love to try it! I have used their 20x20 13A 4in1 , works great, but with pins. Even though I never meet pin issue as others, cable connection is a better solution though. Will they also have a new F428 with cables?
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This is my 2nd Flyzone Beaver. This is the Island Wings version, a much prettier livery. This one I have made into a float plane. My other Beaver was strictly on conventional landing gear and tundra tires.

This one I coated with Minwax polycrylic. I also added the "steps" to the float supports. And I detailed the faux radial engine. I also added an electronic switch so that I can turn the navigation lights off if I wish.

Maiden voyage and flight soon.
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GX1 1:6 electric Brushless Buggy (0 min 13 sec)

The wheel hub has standard dimensions with 24 mm hex and 18 mm rim bore. All Losi, HPI, MadMax, GRP, MCD etc. wheels will fit on the UFRC Growler GX1 without conversions or adapters.
Posted by MatthewBalkema | Aug 08, 2019 @ 10:08 PM | 627 Views
Been working late nights after work for a couple days now on the new Timber 110. Starting at the pointy end is a DLE 55 spinning a Xoar 22x8 and the carbon fiber spinner came from Valley View RC. The entire plane is fitted with Savox SC-1267SG servos, 1 at each surface. The servos are powered by 2 5000 mah 2c Pulse lipo's controlled by a Smart Fly competition 12 power expander, Futaba RX and Futaba 16SZ. For hardware it uses all Valley View RC 1.5" servo horns and 1 3" horn for the rudder servo. I also ordered VVRC's 24 oz. fuel tank and fuel dot. I'm using a Secraft pull pull cable tensioner on the rudder that really cleans up the back and makes tensioning the cables hassle free.
Posted by Ivy long | Aug 08, 2019 @ 08:57 PM | 592 Views
The company was founded in 2010 year, covers an area of 2000 square meters, 200 employees, more than 10 production line,With many advanced imported production equipments,such as,SIEMENS,YAMAHA,JUKI,KE-760 and Reflow soldering. Equipment technology level in the domestic leading position,Strong scientific and technological strength, excellent equipment, perfect production processing, meticulous manufacturing

Strict management system, scientific quality inspection method. As top-level RC drones Company, DaJiang Technology (DJI) and Drones remote controller Company (WFLY), and a large number of model aircraft company, providing PCB board producer and OEM production services. It is the foundation of that be world-famous for their products.

Also, HTRC brand RC Balance Charger with excellent quality, reasonable price, really the city service, perfect after-sales has also been customers in Europe and America are widely recognized.
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This is probably the hardest step. It's not technically difficult, but cutting holes in you brand new center panel can give you a bit of the hand shakes.

As with any task a little prep before can make the task much easier. Going back to the tools that I listed out in the earlier posts you'll want to have that diamond tipped cutting bit and a conical stone sanding bit along with your Dremel. You'll also need scissors, a felt-tip pen, a hobby knife, some scrap balsa sheeting, the top of a servo case (clear plastic will work), and one of your clevises.

Name: MVIMG_20190808_170442.jpg
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Size: 942.9 KB

Cut the top off a case containing a servo. Most servo cases are clear so this generally is a good place to go to get a piece of plastic. Get a ruler and measure 2cm from the edge of the plastic. Place a dot there. Now take the ruler away and place your clevis so that its tip is on the dot. If the other end goes off the plastic that's ok. Make sure the clevis is sitting so that the pin would be parallel to the surface of the plastic, basically in the same position it would be as it was exiting the wing. You'll now take the felt-tip pen and draw a line around the clevis. The outer edge of the line should extend at least 2m, the width of the tip of the pen, from the clevis. Next remove the clevis and color in that whole area.

Name: MVIMG_20190808_170653.jpg
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Size: 938.3 KB

You can now position this on your upper wing skin to see how the hole will look in the skin. Don't be too concerned. You haven't cut anything yet.

Now time to cut! The plastic! Cut out the...Continue Reading
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1. 2.4Ghz band width
2. Real time data reading and 0.95OLED display
3. Support 3 speed modes
4. cruise control mode
5. Remote and E-skateboard power indication lights
6. Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
7. Wrist strap
8. Battery last for 12 working hours
9. Product size: 140.5*64.5*32.5mm.
10. Net Gross: 90g.
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Hi guys well my scorpion motor is not well i do oil it as they say to do but it did save the bearing , so off it went to my best mate Jetplaneflyer for a repair , just glad Steve is a top bloke and can help
Posted by scousethief | Aug 08, 2019 @ 01:33 PM | 1,204 Views

12% off coupon: BGMobula7V2

Upgrade Version:
1. Motors are upgraded to 9000KV Version.
2. Removed the Microphone and it was packed separately in the pacakge.
3. Heighten the frame
07.29 Beijing Time

New betaflight configurator 10.5.0 and 10.5.1 are not compatible for Mobula7 HD very well for now.
We suggest to use Betaflight configurator 10.4.0

In order to reduce risk from the Mobula7 HD (10000kv motor version )esc burnt , we suggest to limit the throttle scales to 75% .
Performance is almost the same like new 9000KV version.
The cli command is :
set throttle_limit_type = scale
set throttle_limit_percent = 75

Brand Name: Happymodel
Model: Mobula7 HD
Item Name: 75mm Wheelbase 2-3S Brushless Whoop FPV Racing Drone
Wheelbase: 75mm
Receiver ( Optional): Compatible Frsky NON-EU Receiver
Compatible Flysky Receiver
Compatible DSM2/DSMX Receiver
Without Receiver
Size: 98mm*98mm*45mm
Weight: 48g (without battery)
72g ( with battery )

Crazybee F4 PRO V2.0 Flight Controller
Item Name: Crazybee F4 Pro V2 FC
MCU: STM32F411CEU6 (100MHZ, 512K FLASH)
Sensor: MPU-6000(SPI connection)
Board size: 28.5 * 28.5MM
Power supply: 1-3S battery input (DC 3.5-13V)

Built-in 5A(each) Blheli_S 4in1 ESC Dshot600 ready
Built-in Receiver ( Diffirent...Continue Reading