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Posted by TomO | Jun 29, 2006 @ 04:20 PM | 4,570 Views
The last of my recent eBay frenzy has now arrived. It is a Golden Eagle kit from Craft Air. The newspaper filler in the box is dated sometime in October, 1984, so she's not quite an antique yet.

I'll need to finish up the Windfree before I dive into this one
Posted by TomO | Jun 27, 2006 @ 04:54 PM | 3,991 Views
The Lynx arrived this past weekend. Yay!

The build is so simple, I just had to get started right away. Man, this thing is a balsa brick*.

There will be some kit bashing I figure. The plan is for rubber bands to attach the wing. I think I'll go with bolt-on instead. Also, the wing is planned to be sheeted with 1/16 inch balsa. Perhaps I should go with 1/32 obeechi instead? We'll see.

Then comes the how to finish question... MonoKote? Varnish? Paint?

So many choices...
Posted by TomO | Jun 23, 2006 @ 05:22 PM | 4,210 Views
I haven't ever blogged before, but here goes...

I was making a list of the RC planes that I'm currently working on and scared even myself. The list looks like this:

1- Electrics
- SmoothE: Needs new reduction gear, prop disconnects randomly.
- Pico Tiger Moth: Rudder servo needs to be remounted, otherwise OK.
- Easy Star: Needs a receiver; stolen for other planes.

2- Thermal
- Sophisticated Lady: Wrecked - needs major rebuild.
- Spectra: Flies great, motor removed and have been flinging it with a high-start.
- Easy Glider: Servo fixed. RTF
- Windfree: Not finished building. Maybe 15% complete.
- Golden Eagle: Kit has arrived! Will start after Windfree.

3- Slope
- Bee: Needs major rebuild or replacement but I still fly it every time I go to the slope.
- Zagi 3C: Needs new servos. I put metal gears in some old HS81s and they don't work so well.
- LEG One-D: Needs some wrinkle smoothing. Otherwise flies very well.
- Talon: Needs to be recovered but flies well in good lift.
- Floozie: Stay tuned for the next iteration of my trash-pile aircraft!
- LEG P-51B: About 50% completed. Needs time more than anything.
- Cheetah Lynx: Kit should arrive any minute now.
- FuJart: I need to beg Andrew for wings. Not really started yet.

Will I ever be done?