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Twisted Hobbys - FPV plane - proXy

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Posted by cdee | Aug 07, 2018 @ 10:24 PM | 26,880 Views
Summer Fun...!!

There are so many choices out there these days to spend you hobby dollars. Lots of new tech, a variety of r/c genres, and an overwhelming list of manufactures to chose from. In the end, it is a hobby though and it should be something you enjoy. If it is too expensive, too stressful, beyond your abilities, etc, than chances are some, if not all, of the fun factor has evaporated.

This summer I have been flying everything from tiny indoor 3D foamies to 90mm EDF Jets, it is a great time to be in the hobby... but I will tell you, one of the models that will stick out in my memories for this summer is the Hacker Fun Master being carried by Twisted Hobbys. Yes, thats right... corny as it may sound... the Fun Master... but appropriately named.

Fun Master

Twisted Hobbys / Hacker Models

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been way behind on my Blog Post's.... so much has happened since the last post, will have to do an update.
Stay Tuned
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CG Camera Mount Kit

for Blade 350QX

Move your Camera back in the airframe closer to the Center of Gravity. Doing
so will potentially result in longer flight times and smoother video recordings. No
longer will the motor have to fight an out of balance conditions, eating up precious
battery power, and causing wobbly video.
A simple install, with minimal modifications to the existing airframe components.

Questions or Comments? - Post Below

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Posted by cdee | Jun 10, 2012 @ 12:33 AM | 34,451 Views
One Year Later.....

Well here it is.. approx one year later and I can't even remember how many different foamie planes I have build a flown over the past 12 months. Many of them have been from Twisted Hobbys. Great aircraft, excellent service and good times all around.

Having to store many aircraft, I have put together a Vertical Foamie Storage System (VFS) that works quite well.

VFS System Specs

1x 20" Long silver painted steel rod with mounting pad
6x Plastic Hooks, made especially to snap onto the 20" rod and to hold position

1. Can be mounted to many different surfaces, user supplies their own hardware as necessary.

2. Hangs the foamie airframe from the prop, free of any pressure that might cause distortion to the foam

3. Can be used for many different size and types of airplanes


I have tried many different ways and methods for storing my fleet and this is by far the best method. If you have any interest check out the pictures here and if wanting to purchase, please follow this link >>

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me via the email address on the website, but please make sure that you put something in the subject line so that it is obvious your email is not spam.

thanks... cdee
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Posted by cdee | Nov 25, 2011 @ 04:21 PM | 36,554 Views
Telink 3D Buster Build Log
The intent of this post will be to briefly describe my build of the Telink 3D Buster and to add some comments on what I found during the process.
This build will consists of the following items:

Purchased from Twisted Hobbys
Telink 3D Buster
70g 1250kv Outrunner Motor
Sunrise Pro 30A ESC
10x4.7 Slow fly prop
Welder's Adhesive Glue
Purchased from Local Hobby Shop
4x Hitec HS-65HB Servos
1x Common Sense RC 2.4 GHz 6-CH Rx
2x MPI 12" Servo Extension (stock no. 2440)
2x MPI 6" Servo Extension (stock no. 2430)
2x Dubro Heavy Duty E/Z Connector (Cat. No. 489)
2x Steel Wire .048" Dia by 8.625" Long

General Notes
- If you are interested in my comments and are building a Buster, read through all the notes and captions first.
- Welders glue used everywhere with the exception of the glue of electorics
- Electronics glued in with low temp hot glue, this will facilitate easier remove (with alcohol) later if necessary
- You may chose to approach your build differently, but I am hopeful that my comments on the build will help.
- This build was done completely with Welders Glue
- When questions were asked, both Twisted Hobbys and the Mfg responded promptly
- See the number notes for specific details and how they are related to the pictures where they appear
- Although there is limited "verbiage" in the manual, the diagrams and sequence of steps is well thought out
Specific Notes

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Posted by cdee | Nov 25, 2011 @ 03:49 PM | 34,588 Views
Starting a Blog...!
Mostly just to share my thoughts and ideas on my experiences in the R/C world, consisting mostly at the moment, of 3D foamie airplanes.

First a little about me.. started flying R/C airplanes in 1972 at the age of 10. Since then I have also dabbled with R/C helicopters, Competitive On-Road R/C Cars, Robotics and as already mentioned.... Foamies.

This past spring I grew frustrated with the costs of large electric helicopters (600 and 700 size) and started looking around for something that I could fly at the local park. My first purchase was the little E-flite Exta 300, right around the end of May 2011. After spending a week or two of evenings at the local school yard flying this little thing, I realized that I was hooked and wanted something a little bigger that could still be flown at the school yard or local park, but able to handle more that "calm" conditions.

The hunt was on!!

In just a few short hours of surfing the internet I realized that there were lots of choices, and lots of variables, hmmmm, what to do? I kept poking around for a couple more days and found myself gravitating to the 6oz (or so) size of planes made from EPP Foam, however, still lots of choices.

I decided that I would try and find a source/site that I could do "one stop" shopping at, still many choices (and I am sure great vendors) but one Mfg/Distributor stood out for me... Twisted Hobbys (

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