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Posted by warlikeofchaos | Jun 06, 2020 @ 05:14 PM | 3,559 Views
In construction...
Posted by warlikeofchaos | Oct 01, 2016 @ 02:43 PM | 10,497 Views
Hi, warlikeofchaos here and I'll teach how to balance blades of a RC 450 helicopter.
Fist, blades unbalanced are bad for helis. Why you ask? Simple, unbalanced blades produces vibration on whole heli, connectors and screws come loose, fbl unit goes crazy, feathering shaft can failure and eject blades on your legs (man, that hurts a lot and was just plastic 250 main blades, don't underestimate the damage of 450 CF blades).
So ever, ever, ever fly tour heli with blades unbalanced, it's a risk for you, your spotter, for other people, for your pocket and your hardly worked heli.

Tool List

You'll need:
  • Blades, of course;
  • A spare shaft;
  • 2 CD marker (different colors);
  • Blade balancer. I like this one since I can use it on main and tail blades;
  • 2 glass cups (don't tell my wife that I'm using her glass cups );
  • Scissors;
  • Tape that come with blades or electric/transparent tape;

Step 01

Fist we need to find the CG of each blades and mark it with our marker.
It's simple, put the shaft on a surface (table) and put the blade on shaft until it stay still without falling and mark the blade above the shaft with the CD marker. Don't forget to use different color for each blade.
On pic I used the shaft and the support from old blade balancer.

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Posted by warlikeofchaos | May 16, 2016 @ 04:09 PM | 8,977 Views

Since it's my fist review, I just want you guys criticize and send me feedback about it, I promise that on the ones to come I can be better.

It's been a while since I talked to Janet and she decided to send one to me for a review. I just threw in my name like many others users here and I just got lucky.
But as you guys know it, shame brazilian post office and custom services plus the slow boat from china can drive you mad. This one, for example, took 55 days to arrive since postage. I'm probably the last selected user writing the review about HCP60.

About my flight experience at the moment I have and flow the following CP helis:
  • HCP80;
  • HCP80v2;
  • HCP100S;
  • CX250;
Take not that, apart from simulator, I do not perform any 3D tricks IRL. I enjoy my helicopters coming home safe and I just do, till the moment, fast circuits.

I'm not being paid to do reviews to Hisky, they simply putted an announcement on one of threads looking for some people to review it here on RCG and I applied.
I'm just a regular guy that likes to tinker and fly helicopters on my free time.

Specs and Features

Bellow is whats is specified on products page.
  • Swashplate: 120 Degrees
  • Main Blade Dia: 165mm
  • Tail Blade Dia: 36mm
  • Battery: 3.7V 180mAh
  • Weight: About 32g
  • Length:175mm
  • Height:70mm
  • Width:40mm
  1. The flybarless design characterizes low power loss and great improvements in efficiency.
  2. Highly developed low voltage drive system provides a green, environmentally friendly and safe power solution.

It also has as feature the accelerometer switchable mode, where on 6 axis it's behave like a 4ch heli and on 3 axis it's become a 6ch heli.
Posted by warlikeofchaos | Apr 28, 2016 @ 04:04 PM | 10,640 Views

Only found this thread about the kit, the guy didn't reported back about setup and flights, but quality seems promising.

This third kit will serve me as crasher. For $69,99, well, it born for that and I want minimize the down time for 450 the same way I did with micros (have more than one bird that use the same parts).
I'm going to adventure and since I already took the safe route with tarot 450 pro v2 I'll go "a bit" cheap with this build. Will also serve as example if it's possible to build/fly a sport 450 under $200 $250.

I'll try those digital metal gear emax servos for swash and tail, the specs are nice.
For motor, the NTM from my tarot is out of stock on HK, so I'll try the Gartt motor.
Since I'm fan of OSS I'll use BLheli ESC from Emax. I already use BLheli on my micros and 250 so I'll also try it on this build. The other option for the same price range is the Skywalker.
As usual Kbar for FBL, easy to setup and holds tail very well.

Parts List
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Posted by warlikeofchaos | Mar 13, 2016 @ 11:49 AM | 10,646 Views

The HCP80, the step that I took from v911, my fist CP, the one that allowed me to learn CP and survived. Yes, besides I've got/flight 100s a lot and I'm now taking a step on 450 realms with a Tarot 450 project, I'm still attached to HCP80, I could not let it sit taking dust on a shelf, so I decided to make it live longer.

Note: If you plan to buy an HCP80 to make it BL, don't! Just buy HCP100s with the money.

Dadio and Nelicopter made theirs HCP80 BL with an outrunner motor, ahilker made with inrunner. I opted for inrunner cause I don't have tools to make a suport from CF/AL to sit the outrunner.

Parts list:
  • With USB stick from BG that I used you need to revert the red and black wires;
  • You need to enlarge the bottom part of the frame, the shaft from BLH3327 is too short;
  • Use non bullet blades, they perform better. I'm using 80v2 blades (Neli and ahilker told that lynx perform wonders, but the shipping cost for them is prohibitive to my country);
  • Use orings on all linkages to reduce wobble;
  • Do not reverse polarity, in doubt check twice;
  • The BLHeli version that I used is 13.2 main with gov on. This allow the bird
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Posted by warlikeofchaos | Feb 19, 2016 @ 07:26 PM | 14,698 Views


This will be my second kit, i hope that handles better than my CX-250.
Another issue is the parts from international orders, since I'm from Brazil I can say our postal services and customs delays packages a lot, some of them arrive to me after 3 months, 2 months is the "normal" ETA. So I must build a reliable, cheap to repair mini heli that has a nice availability of parts.
450 parts are easy to encounter on my country and any country than 250 parts.

*Brazilians readers: go bank boleto on BG because: 0.38% Thanks to Dilma now 1.1% bank boleto iof tax vs 6.38% credit card iof tax.

Let's go:

Parts List
  • KIT: Tarot 450 PRO V2;
  • TX: Frsky Taranis (already own);
  • RX: Frsky X8R (already own);
  • MOTOR: NTM 3400kv recommended on Dana's Tarot build;
  • ESC: Hobbywing Platinum 40A. I'm not ordering program card, it's actually easy to program with TX and beeps and bops. FH also did a great job here;
  • SWASH SERVOS 3x: Emax ES09MD;
  • TAIL SERVO: KST DS565X BG failed and doesn't has them on stock, I had to opt DS501MG;
  • FBL: Kbar mini Yellow easy breeze to setup;
  • LIPO: Lion Power 11.1v 2200 30C I'm not going HK because of their high lipo shipping costs to my country, usually 3~4x the price of one lipo. Even if LP lipo price is higher than Turnigy lipo, BG has free shipping so it's cheaper to me BG doen't ships lipos to Brazil anymore, luckily I grabbed some lipos from them before that move. Also I'll test with my skyrc b6 the resistance and compare to this table.

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