Posted by Gary Morris | Feb 12, 2006 @ 06:51 PM | 11,706 Views
I've been busy the past few weekends editing some video shot with CVS camcorders. You can see some of the videos here on EZone by looking at my past posts. The weather here has been bad for flying and worse for aerial photography. Seems the past three weekends have been a washout with either rain, snow or too much wind/cloud cover. Looking forward to March and a change in the weather. I have so many projects and so little time, guess that's a good thing?

Posted by Kyle G. | Feb 12, 2006 @ 10:43 AM | 10,732 Views
I thought I'd share a collection of aerial photos that I've taken with my plane. I started AP in march of '04 and have been doing it since. Been to many places including Yellowstone, Canada, Grand Tetons, Devils Lake, Chicago, and a few places in the midwest on the trip out to Yellowstone. Here are just a few of my good shots....Continue Reading
Posted by Carcharadon | Feb 12, 2006 @ 10:00 AM | 10,748 Views
Posted by Vince Herman | Feb 12, 2006 @ 08:18 AM | 8,429 Views
On this first entry, let me tell you a bit about myself.
As a youngster, I built a lot of stick and tissue rubber powered free flight planes and sailplanes.
Back in 1981 or so, I tried to fly an RC sailplane with no help from others. With bad equipment. I crashed a lot.
Forward to about 2000 (?) when the Wattage B2 was new. I received one as a gift, and it was a blast. It barely had and enough power to stay in the air. But I learned to fly it. Then we got Zagi 400's. Oh, more power! My Dad and some of my brothers all got Zagis. Dad and my oldest brother Mike fly nitro as well.
I now have had many different planes, sailplanes and helis, all electric powered.
I'll see what I can do to list all of them. Later.
I am a member of the Valley City RC Club, a mostly nitro club but with a rapidly growing electric presence.
And for current news, it is snowing, and we have our annual club snow fly today!
Posted by David A | Feb 12, 2006 @ 03:07 AM | 6,380 Views
Had a short'ish fly yesterday as the cold weather started to bite. I just gave the trainer a flight following it's repairs this week. My buddy - Nasa Steve flew his Twister electric aerobat conversion, very nice model with plenty of power and 10 mins duration from the lipo's.
Just as we were going a full size Jet Provost (retired RAF trainer) did a few passes over the field, havn't seen one for years so that was very nice.
Posted by Grejen | Feb 11, 2006 @ 10:44 PM | 16,684 Views
Well got out flying today so it's time for a new entry. This is a thread so I'll make it a thread about my Beaver. Subsequent entries are posted as replies (comments) to this post. View the last entry here

OK I was out at the big ball field with Sam around 10AM. It's warm (for Feb) and sunny and not too breezy. He's zooming around with his brushless SlowStick while I prepped the Beaver. The motor stick was a bit squishy up front so I added some tape and bolted it all back together. Today I was hoping to work out some trim kinks. Sam tossed and away it went. I got up high and started a cycle of cutting power then slamming it back up to check the thust line. Seems I have a LOT of right thrust.
Chopped throttle once over the chain link backstop and I breifly lost control. This is a surprize because I'm useing my new Spektrum DX6 ! I think it was a combination of the chainlink and the fact that the Tx battery was at 9.2 volts. way to test it eh? - information from rcgroups is that chain link can cause reflections and interference patterns at 2.4ghz - It came down way out in the field between some big holes being dug in the infield at the bases and control returned just in time for me to recover and get it safely on the ground between the holes.

Retrieved the plane and Sam tossed it again but now the plane battery was not putting out and it dove for the grass. I Mannage to not crash it but the left rear float strut broke anyway. Dang those things are fragile.

This was flight number 300 on this plane which now has about 2615minutes on it. I've been logging this stuff on paper but now I have blogs.
Posted by Cats Eyes | Feb 11, 2006 @ 10:30 PM | 17,152 Views
Design complete. I mean, nothing's ever complete until it's complete, but I've decided to just build the thing and see how it flies, then correct what doesn't work.

Over the last couple of days I've finished the centre section of the wing. I have no way of making long cuts with nice edges, so I cut it with a utility knife part way through and just "broke" it the rest of the way. Fortunately, I had an extra quarter-inch, so I made the edge "nice" by using the hot-wire to remove the last quarter-inch. While the foam is nominally 24 inches wide, it actually has a ridge that sticks out an extra half-inch that fits with a cut in the next panel (if you're using for it's original purpose, i.e. insulation). Since the TE of the wing fits in the extra notch, that means I actually have 24.5 inches to work with, hence the extra quarter-inch per panel.

To make the straightedges for the cuts, I drilled holes every 6" in some 1/2" aluminum bar I had floating around. The thickness is something odd, but roughly 3/32" for rough figuring. I then just screwed them to the foam with 1/2" wood screws. Made small holes in the foam, of course, but I can fill them with Micro-Fill later. I've filled in much worse!

The first couple of cuts didn't go awfully well for some reason. I mean they worked, and are OK, but are kind of "ridged". I was not able to keep the wire moving smoothly for some reason. I've gotten better with subsequent cuts. At...Continue Reading
Posted by tsmart | Feb 11, 2006 @ 08:41 PM | 3,637 Views

I have been flying RC for many years, just getting into AP. I am not worried about the flying part but sure would like to have an experienced mentor to share the ropes with me about the business end.

I run another full time laser printer sales and service business, and I already sell to many realtors, government offices, contractors, builders, etc, so I figure I already have good customer confidence....but this would be fun weekend work, seeing as always go to the field on weekends anyhow.

Larry, Lady Lake, Florida.
Posted by Joe Ford | Feb 11, 2006 @ 02:49 PM | 17,591 Views
Pics of the Shoe Factory Road flying field in Schaumburg, IL (my old home). Got a "little" altitude on this flight....Continue Reading
Posted by Joe Ford | Feb 11, 2006 @ 02:29 PM | 16,596 Views
Castle's new tech support dog, DB.
Posted by mp- | Feb 11, 2006 @ 10:05 AM | 6,547 Views
Finished front and rear hubs last weekend, and made more frame brackets. At this point I've made enough parts to actually need a new organizer for the v3 parts. Only about a dozen different parts in it at the moment, but I'm on a roll with the design, and I'm cranking out the parts just about as fast as I can complete the drawings. I made up some skidbar mounts sized for large diameter strimmer line, with a cross drilled holes for QR pin retention. If these work out I'll offer them for sale on the upcoming website. I'm planning to fab a handful of front brake rotors and rear sprockets this weekend. We're supposed to get a whopper of a snowstorm (12-18 inches), so I may have to spend some time running the snowblower rather than the machines. I've been increasing my caffiene uptake to in an effort to keep up with new part manufacturing. I think I'll put a "Powered by Starbucks" sticker on the side of the v3 cowling.
Posted by John Kim | Feb 11, 2006 @ 03:53 AM | 11,294 Views
Best of Hyori, from her album. See posted under previous thread "What is Blog?"

이효리 알밤. What is Blog를 드려다 보세요.
Posted by John Kim | Feb 11, 2006 @ 03:49 AM | 10,199 Views
Anyone ever heard of Japanse Navy martial music of the Second World War?
Here is your chance. The marching music is played in the background while Zeros are flying. It was produced for promotion by GWS. Hope it will not offend Americans.

軍艦行進曲にあわせて飛ぶ 零戦。 

일본 군가 군함행진곡을 드러보세요. 이 곡에 맞춰서 난무하는 GWS Zero.
Posted by ozace | Feb 10, 2006 @ 04:59 PM | 17,529 Views
[QUOTE=ozace]updated list (124 and counting)
1~astro 010
1~axi 2204-54
2~axi 2208-20
1~axi 2208-34
1~axi 2212-26
1~axi 2212-34
1~axi 2820-8
1~EM cyclon 20
1~EM cyclon 60
1~EM cyclon 2000 (heli)
1~EM cyclon 1600 (heli)
1~EM elios 24
1~EM tweety speed
1~EM tweety torque
1~EM twist 25
1~EM twist 40
1~fiego 380
1~fiego 540
1~gws 2205 outrunnner
1~hacker c40 9l
1~hacker c40 8l
1~hacker A30-8xl
1~hacker A50-12s
1~hacker C15-L
1~hacker C50-20xl
2~himax 2015-4100
2~himax 2015-5400
2~himax 2015-6800
1~himax 2025-4200
1~himax 2815-2000
1~himax 2825-3600
1~himax 3225-4500
1~himax 3630-1500
1~himax 2808-1080
1~himax 2808-1360
1~himax 2812-720
1~himax 2812-920
1~himax 2812-1200
1~kontronik twist 37
1~kontronik 500-19
1~kontronik 600-15
1~kontronik 600-17
1~kontronik 600-18
1~Kontronik Tango 45-10
1~mega 16-7-12
1~mega 22-20-3
1~mpjet 25/25-26 mk11
1~mpjet 25/35-20 mk1
1~mpjet 25/35-20 mk11
1~mpjet outrunner blue
1~mpjet outrunner red
1~mpjet small red outrunner
1~mpjet small blue outrunner
2~pjs 300
1~pjs 500
1~pjs 550
1~razor 350
1~razor micro heli v2
1~razor 2500a
1~razor 3650
1~ultrafly frio 900
1~ultrafly frio 1050
2~ultrafly 2400
3~ultrafly 2900
1~ultrafly B 6-10
1~ultrafly D 3200
1~ultrafly C 3300
1~ultrafly C 2800
1~ultrafly C 2050
1~mamba 5400
1~mamba 6000
1~mtm 450 dh
1~mtm 400 df
1~mtm 400 dh
2~mtm 300 df
1~mtm cd rom
1~lens cd rom 17t
2~apex cd rom
1~neumotor 1105-3y
1~neumotor 1107-2y
1~neu ORK 1907-1.5
1~neu 1912h
1~neu 1915h
1~neu 1515-2y
1~neu 1512-2y
1~aveox 36/38/3
3~eflypower (feigo rebadged)
1~align 430lf 3550
1~align 430lf 3550 twist cap
1~align 400l 2800
1~align 420l 3200
1~align 600 1620kv
1~multiplex 480-4d
1~ikarus 500-4
1~park 400 (typhoon)
1~torcman 280
2~towerpro outrunner
1~mtm 300 outrunner (twister heli)
1~ultrafly something (blackhawk E)
2~Z-power 400 (3300kv)
2~Z-power 450 (3300kv)
4~Z-power 450 (3800kv)
1~Z-20 (1550kv)
3~Z-30 1050kv
2~Z-50 600kv
3~Z-50 780kv
1~Actro 24-5
Posted by miljnor | Feb 10, 2006 @ 12:58 PM | 4,772 Views
A little about me.

I have a thriving business in So cal U.S. making Aftermarket custom motorcycle parts (for the kind of bikes in O.C. Choppers). Have been machining since I was 16 (a long time ) and have been machining professionaly for 10years.

I enjoy R/C (obviously ), mostly WWII warbirds (my violent nature, say my wife!) and followed by a War jets (duccted and pusher). Havn't been able to play for about 10years do to business and other hobbies, and have recentely jumped back in. Hope to have some fun!

Would like to eventually build a turbine power but my main interest is Electric Foam style planes (do to noise and restrictions placed on the others).

Real love the 20.00 dollar planes for trainers (already crashed two) because of cost of training goes way down.
Posted by ozace | Feb 10, 2006 @ 05:09 AM | 11,851 Views
- twister Bell 47 counter rotating (mash)
- Dragonfly FP stock
- Hummer CP, b/less-ali head-swash
- Hummer 3dPRO, b/less-ali head-swash
- Hornet 1, astro 010-some walt and JK parts
- Hornet 2, axi 2208-20, duzi mount
- Hornet 3dx, axi 2208-20 stock
- Twister 3d, stock
- Zoom , just some CF ultrafly a20-2900
- Zoom , stock noname b/less
- Kyosho Caliber 400 ep, mtm 400df
- X-400, mtm 450th-all the red ali they make
- T-rex SE, stock
- Trex , Align CF full ali blue-1107 neu
- Trex , Align CF full ali grey- 1105 neu
- Trex 600 CF
- MS stinger 3 , cyclon 20-ali swash
- MS stinger 6, Axi 2820-08-ali swash
- Corona, ali crutch- multiplex 4d motor
- JR Voyager E, CF frameset himax motor
- Eolo R22, Hacker 9l some ali bits
- Eolo 300c fuse, himax motor
- Eolo spirit pro , hacker 8L full se spec
- Eolo Li ,twist 37
- Lipoly V1, stock motor
- Lipoly V2 , hacker A30-8xl
- Eco 8 , fun 500-19 CF frames, full ali red
- Eco 8 , x-500 custom frames full red ali
- Quick JP EP8v2 , Rotorworkz SE
- Quick JP ep10 , stock himax
- Quick ep 10 CF
- Quick EP 16, aveox
- Logo 10 extreme, fun 600-17 digi's allround
- Logo 10 , Tango, CF frames , all mikado bling inc stretch
- Logo 10 , cyclon 2000 most mikado Ali
- Logo 10 , stock fun600-18
- Swift 16, stock, Z-power 30
- Robbe L16 , cyclon 1600
- Hirobo Shuttle E, Twister 40 motor HHI motor mount in a longranger fuse
- Robbe Moskito Hughs 300, E-converted
- TT raptor E550, stretched and quickUK'ed
- TT raptor titan E, hacker A50-12s
- TT raptor titan 50, hyper 50
- Black hawk E
- Black Hawk 12 glow
- Joker CX actro 24-5
- Picco-Z
- Gazur mars
- Gazur poisidon
- Dragonus SA
- Joker 2 24-4
Posted by Mike Kolesnikov | Feb 10, 2006 @ 03:23 AM | 12,244 Views
Crabfu R/C steam toys - steam tank, walker, boat, crab, even LocoCentipede, all remote controlled and powered by the steam engine. Check out the videos, they're amazing!

Found through

Update: it turns out crabfu (the creator of these steam toys) has posted this back in November right here on RCGroups: Tamiya 1/16 RC Steam Tank
Posted by Mike Kolesnikov | Feb 10, 2006 @ 01:28 AM | 11,033 Views
The blog navigation is somewhat lacking right now - we just display all blog entries in one long list, and you have to page through it to get to the older entries.

So we're going to add the links to blog archives to the sidebar column, like "January 2006", "February 2006", to show only the entries added in those months.
Posted by RAY GWS | Feb 09, 2006 @ 06:51 PM | 12,718 Views
Dear all,

Here are anything about myself. You are welcome to post your any comment and suggestion to me here.


Posted by Archamid | Feb 09, 2006 @ 03:18 PM | 5,274 Views
Hi this is Dick "Spider" Smith AMA517 i got the name Spider when I was flying P51's in the First Scouting Fofce in the Eighth Air Force out of Englend . I got the mname because I was 6'2" tall an only weighed 147 lbs. The navigator said I was a Daddy Long Legs so the other pilots painted Spider on my P51 ,I've been Spider ever since . You can see Spider's Story on <> look under Links. I was a founding member of the RCCR in Rochester NY. and moved to California in 1982 .I have been a member of the Hemet Model Masters and the secretary for 13 years and newsletter editor for ten years. While I was in the Air Force i was a member of the Air Force team at the 1950 Nationals where Carl Goldberg helped me trim out my Cumoulus and I palced in the Nationals with it. Presntly I fly electrics and also fuel Pawred models mostly Scale. I also fly Gliders and belong to The Valley Wide Gliider Club which flys out of the Park in Winchester Ca on weekdays.