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Posted by NEO1947 | Aug 15, 2018 @ 02:55 PM | 1,541 Views
Corsair2 (0 min 54 sec)

Well, this attempt went much better as far as the plane itself. Takeoff was a bit hairy but once it was up it was much more stable than the maiden flight. Actually had the flaps deployed for takeoff and I think it helped. Problem occurred went I turned on final and lost orientation as it came in below the tree line. Before I could re-orient myself went into a stall and then nosed in. Wasn't a fault of the plane just the pilot. I shouldn't have tried to talk to my photographer while making the turn to final. Oh well.

Actually, I have decided to take the good parts left and use them in the Guillows P-40 kit I have. Wish I could have kept from crashing her as she was really stable this flight.
Posted by NEO1947 | Aug 08, 2018 @ 08:11 PM | 1,615 Views
Having just finished my first build thread here for the Guillows F4U Corsair I thought I would share some of my interests/questions/endeavors in both RC and free flight. When I closed the thread on the F4U I was disappointed with the first couple of maidens. Plane was a handful but I was able to get it down without too much damage. A lot of that I think can be attributed to my still being a novice RC pilot.

Having let it rest for a bit I am ready to try the F4U again. I also have several of the smaller Guillows models but not sure if I will try to convert them to RC or not. Although I have a few planes that I have not built I really still think the quality of most of the foam ARFs and such are just not that great. Seems like every one I have bought I have had to make some kind of mods because the build had some inherent flaw. Attached is a pic of the Hobbyking Navy Cub. It is a really good flying plane but the landing gear is atrocious. It is the weakest link in the whole plane.

Going to get the Corsair into the air again as soon as the weather cooperates, and also the Miles M.20, pics of both I am attaching.