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Posted by Lee | Dec 18, 2006 @ 04:02 PM | 45,103 Views
Getting started in Radio Control #2

It's hard to stay excited if you crash every time you fly, especially if you have to go home and fix your plane. This is the main reason I am a fan of EPP deltas and EPP flying wings as trainers. They they are simple and durable. Deltas and flying wings can be built and repaired in a fraction of the time of many other trainers. I carry a hot glue gun to the field and do some simple repairs at the field.

I had a gas/fuel flier who built balsa planes with nose mounted motors tell me that he didn't think there was that much difference in the durability of the wings verses what he was flying, so I flew some vertical aerobatics with my EPP flying wing and finished with an intentional dive into a brick wall at half throttle and turned to him and said "Your turn!" Of course he didn't do it and he knew that his plane couldn't hit a wall and survive. I picked my plane up and flew it again without any adjustment or repair.

I avoid the high maintenance planes. I used to build fiberglass planes that took 100s of hours to build and they were fun for a while but I burned out because of how much time it was taking to keep them flying. I hardly flew for most of 3 years because of burnout and frustration. I got my enthusiasm back when I went back to simpler planes.

No one else really cared that I had these super planes. The truth is everyone will be more concerned about their own projects than about yours. Other fliers like to see what...Continue Reading
Posted by Lee | Dec 07, 2006 @ 02:12 AM | 45,956 Views
Which plane should you buy as your first plane ??? If I were teaching one of my sons to fly today, I would have his first trainer either be an EPP delta like the EPP Roswell, or an EPP flying wing like the EPP Assassin. I would buddy cord with him to help him fly without having an accident and I would have him spend time on one of the simulators until he feels comfortable with the controls.

As you look at the videos remember that some of theses simple planes are being flown by advanced flyers. The Capricorn and the UFO Roswell Delta for example are easy to fly slow in flat and level flight. In both of these videos I'm the pilot and I tend like to do aerobatics even when I'm flying a trainer.

I like flying wings because there they are so simple and the motor is in the back. My new Assassin is designed for beginners. Notice the launch and catch in the video.

Assassin #1 RC Combat Wing (2 min 38 sec)

Assassin #2 RC Combat Wing (3 min 35 sec)
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