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Posted by xxD-Manxx | Aug 24, 2012 @ 11:22 AM | 13,912 Views
Guess I've been on RGC long enough (Member sense 2004) to start my blog.

I've got too much RC stuff in my past to go back too far so I'll start with my new love of gassers.

Gasser planes I've owed or own in order of appearance:
DLE55cc Valley View Slick 540 (RIP),
DLE35R 3D Hobby Shop Extra 330SC, SOLD (Will miss her)
DLE55cc EGAircraft V3 Raven from AztechAeromodels.com (RIP see below),
DLE55cc Goldwing V2 Raven from Ravenrc.com. (RIP)
2nd DLE55cc Valley View Slick 540 (In-N-Out scheme by NatchosCheese) (RIP)
DLE61 Peakmodel 90" Extra 330sc (Orange Crush scheme by NatchosCheese)
DLE55 25% Bill Hemple Xtreme Decathlon

Here are the top 4 things I've learned going to Gas from electric:
  1. Gassers are not nearly as evil or cantankerous as my narrow minded "all electric" point of view was leading me to believe.
  2. Gassers allow for much longer flight times (typical flight is 10 - 14 min)
  3. Smoke in an RC plane is just freak'n cool!!
  4. Some system redundancy is important (biggest lesson learned- see below)
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