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Posted by crashnburned | May 30, 2015 @ 06:04 PM | 11,537 Views
After saying goodbye to my beloved Newport 12, I wanted something different to put in the water. Also I have been slowly, and I do mean very slowly, building 1/3 scale gas airplanes. So since I have most of the items needed to run gas, it seems like a no brainer to get a gas boat.
Never having seen one truly run except on YouTube, etc., I was undecided on which one to get. I wanted something that was fairly easy to run, but had some speed to go with it too. It also had to look good no matter if it was on shore or out in the middle of the lake.
After doing some research, I decided on a Bonzi 50 with custom paint and a G26 with a 851 carb, BZ1 mild engine mod, and controlled by Spektrum.
I cannot wait until I get back to NC and run this boat. I might meet some new people who also love running gas boats or I may just upset others with the noise it will make. Time will tell.
Posted by crashnburned | Jul 28, 2013 @ 09:26 PM | 12,848 Views
I live in NC but work in Southern California. (Long story) That in itself can be stressful enough. So to relax, I spend my Sundays with a great group of people in Riverside CA, just kicking back and sailing. The club there is the Inland Nautical Society.

Here is just a couple of pics of my Newport 12. Thanks to poltergeist for the photography and RJD for, well, he knows .