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Back in 2017 I was feeling tired of fighting my old F450 with DJI motors and APM 2.6 flight controller (If you want to read about it, please check my build log: HERE). Eventually I stripped it completely and I got it working pretty nice, but I always wanted to install the gimbal on a new rig. At that time, Diatone was selling a “TBS-like” drone style call “Diatone White Sheep” (DWS). A really nice glass fiber frame, with the characteristic “TBS look” quadcopter at a fraction of the price.

Long story short, I decided to build a new rig using this frame, together with a brand new pixhawk flight controller, Emax 2216 motors and ESC…. which turn it on a completely failure. The pixhawk did not liked the Emax ESC and I never managed to make it work properly. Even more, after changing the ESC I had innumerous problems to get the flight controller working properly. Despite hours of tuning I never got a correct PID that will make my rig fly nice.

I will include some pictures in this post showing the initial setup, but my rig evolved to a much simpler setup than that, please check the following post for a deep review of my current rig!...Continue Reading
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Disclaimer: The following review is based on the unit provided by Banggood for review purposes (which is the v1, with old DVR and Eachine CCD Camera). The comments and results reflect only the point of view of the author based on the provided unit.

Eachine is investing on the Wizard and Lizard series, resulting on the latest Wizard TS215 and the Lizard 105S micro quad. The TS215 model is the evolution of the Wizards series X220 and X220s and wow… what amazing drone Eachine managed to put out on the market. Before continuing, yes, it is still far from perfect, but yet it is so much better than the previous wizards that there is no point to compare it with its old brothers…. Anyway, let’s start the review.

Nice retail box, with a very funny logo of a FPV lizard on it, which I did understand why…
Inside the box all gear is well protected by a thick layer of foam. The quad came fully assembled (ok… you need to put the props and battery on it…which is not included by the way).

What is on the box:
Inside the box you will find the quadcopter itself, fully assembled, two set of propellers, nuts, Velcro, zip ties, battery holder and some other minor bits… Very complete package. There is no manual on the box, but you can get the PDF version on Banggood’s main product page. There is no included battery with it. I did all testing using an Eachine 1500 mAh 4S 75C Lipo.

First impressions out of the box:
I think this is important, because actually...Continue Reading
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A new build thread! This time I will assembly a S800 reptile flying wing. The idea was to do a cheap build and use most of the spare parts (electronics) from my Caipirinha v2 flying wing (RIP). At the end of the day, the only thing that actually was used from the old wing was the flight controller, a mini APM 3.1, the power module, GPS and OSD… (not too much really lololol).

Actually, instead buying the kit version of the S800 reptile I bought the foam part. It is a good idea if you have all needed parts to finish the construction. Let’s jump to the part list:

- S800 Reptile foam only;
- 6 mm carbon fiver tube (bought from a local store);
- 3 mm glass fiber rod (bought from a local store);
- 3D printed motor mount;
- 3D printed ESC, Receiver and video transmitter covers (use the smaller one);
- 3D printed air vents for the upper latch;
- 3D printed vortex generators;
- Racerstar Racing Edition 2206 BR2206 1900KV 2-4S;
- Gemfan 7050 propeller;
- Racerstar RS40A V2 Dshot ESC;
- EMAX ES09MD Digital servos;
- 5v/3A voltage regulator;
- Mini APM 3.1 + power module + M8N GPS + micro minimOSD;
- Eachine Frsky XSR-M receiver;
- LC filter for video gear;
- Eachine TX 526, 5.8 GHz video transmitter;
- Foxeer XAT600M HS1177 600TVL CCD 2.8MM IR Blocked FPV Camera;
- Aomway four leaf CP antennas;
- Multistar 3S 3000 mAh battery.

This wing uses the same power system than my Z84 wing, very reliable and flexible. It can cruise at around 3 Amps, It will go fast, it will fly slow, and it has enough power (I have measured more than 200W at full throttle.
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This thread is all about the construction, flight and modifications of my Wing Wing Z84 flying wing. This project started on December 2016, when a friend gave me a brand new frame on the box as a gift! Long story short, this frame got airborne only o middle of May 2017, when I finally got all parts from chine + some from my own “spare parts yard” (I took the camera and other bits from my retired Caipirinha v2).

Let’s go to the part list:

- Frame: Wing wing Z84;
- Pixracer + power module + M8N GPS + micro minimOSD;
- FrSky L9R receiver;
- 3D printed antenna mount for L9R receiver;
- 5v/3A voltage regulator for servos;
- EMAX ES3352 12.4g Mini Metal Gear Digital Servo;
- ZTW Spider Lite 18A OPTO ESC;
- Racerstar Racing Edition 2206 BR2206 1900KV 2-4S;
- 7x5 Gemfan propeller;
- Multistar 3S 3000 mAh battery;
- HS1184 CCD FPV camera, 2.8 Lens, PAL;
- Eachine TX526, 5.8 GHz video transmitter with Aomway four leaf CP antenna;
- LC filter for video gear;
- Aomway four leaf CP antenna;

The idea of this build is a small platform for cruise and all around flying. The flight controller uses Arduplane firmware and the components were selected aiming for 40 minutes flight time.
I was very inspired by ican3d and his main long range Z84 thread. Take a look HERE.
Another font of inspiration was the main Z84 thread HERE.
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Disclaimer: The entire build was more than one dollar! I bought the Quanum Trifecta frame last year on the HobbyKing one dollar frame promotion…

Since the release of this frame, I fall in love of it. The frame looks awesome, the foldable arms and portability are nice features and the possibility of installing a fully functional APM or Pixracer for AP rig or autonomous mission is outstanding.

My idea:
I wanted a recer drone, I already have a big AP rig and I wanted something to fly around the trees and tight places. I wanted something different, not a simple 250 mm quadcopter, and this frame offered a good learning experience about the SPF3 board, Cleanflight and Triflight (which is the firmware I’m currently using).

Let’s go to the part list!

- Quanum Trifecta frame + Expansion Pack;
- DYS BE2206 2000 kv motors;
- DAL 6045 v2 propellers;
- ZTW Spider Lite 18A ESC (With BLHeli firmware);
- Emax ES09MD Servo (with feedback cable mod);
- SPF3 flight controller (with triflight v0.5 firmware);
- iRange 16CH s-bus Frsky receiver;
- 5V BEC for powering the Flight Controller and Servo;
- 5v Buzzer;
- Eachine 1000 tvl ccd fpv camera;
- Camera Holder;
- MicrominimOSD with MVOSD;
- Eachine ET526 5.8 GHz 600 mW vtx;
- Aomway 4 Leaf Clover antenna;
- Runcam 2 HD video recorder;
- Multistar 3S 1400 mAh 40C Lipo.

Regarding the hardware I used:

- The ESC that arrived from Banggood were mixed. Two of them came with BLHeli and the other with SimonK! I didn’t notice until it was too late. I updated with last version of BLHeli and then the magic smoke came out of the ESC and the Motor attached to it….
- The iRange 16CH s-bus Frsky receiver is a copy of the FRSKY XSR receiver but much cheaper. It has PWM RSSI output and you need to build a RC filter to provide an analog RSSI for the microminimOSD.
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List of reviews I did:

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Eachine ET600R

Eachine ET25R
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I will call this project an evolution of the original Caipirinha wing, which was “missing in combat” as people said to me. If you don`t know what I`m talking about, then read this post first.

Let’s go, I take out all the guts from the old Caipirinha project and tried to do my best with some leftovers foam pieces. I had another set of wings from the Caipirinha v1 and a central section of my first project, the zagi wing (Again, if don`t know what I`m talking about go back and read this post first).

- The idea came after seen a picture of a Ritewing Z3 wing, with its long fuselage pulled to the front and back. Therefore, I went with something similar using what I had with me. The results is shown in the following pictures and designs: a 90 cm (35.6 inch) Z3…ish flying wing!

- Wing design and dimensions are HERE.

- Part list: Almost the same than Caipirinha v1, but I learned my lesson and put it a Mini APM 3.1 flight controller. The CC3D Nano is not up to the task to do stabilization on wings.

- Motor: Turnigy D2826-10 1400 kv;
- Propeller: APC 9x4.5;
- ESC: 40A with BEC;
- Battery: Multistar 3S 5200 mAh;
- Elevon Servo: Towerpro MG91 13g 2.6KG Torque Metal Gear Digital Servo;
- RX: FRSKY D4R II connected in ppm mode, using original firmware and 6 channel output only.
- vTX: Eachine ET600R;
- FPV Camera: HS1184 with a 2.8 lens;
- FullHD Camera: RunCam2.
- Mini APM with power module and 7N mini GPS

Regarding the part list I need to say a couple of...Continue Reading
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The following review is based on the unit provided by Banggood for review porpoises. The comments and results reflect only the point of view of the author.

Shipping and packaging:
The unit came in a tiny little box showed in the first picture, on a plastic bag. It took only 20 days to arrive to Brazil (Which is lower than the average time to Brazil!).

What is on the box:
Beside the camera, you get a 10 cm lead that have one end with the proper connector to plug the camera and on the other side is female a servo connector to plug on your OSD, or vTX. There is no manual included, but I didn’t feel the need of it, the main plug and PAL/NTSC switch are correctly labeled. Even more there is no possibility to regulate anything so the setup of this camera resumes to plug the right wires on the main plug ant that is all!

The camera

: 18x25x28 mm. I included some pictures comparing the size against the well-known 28x28 HS1184 FPV camera.
Weight: 9.75 grams;
Power source: 5v;
You get what you pay for… And, in this case, for US$ 12 you get a lot for your money. A true CCD camera with 2.8 mm lens and WDR which works “ok”. Let’s be clear, it is not a HS1177 (US$ 35) or a HS1184 (US$ 27) from the performance and features point of view, but is better that many other CMOS camera on the same price range available at BG. To be honest, it is so cheap that I would not mind to use it on risky acro maneuvers that may result on a very bad quad versus ground...Continue Reading
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Eachine TS840 and RC840, 40 CH, 5.8 GHz combo review.

The following review is based on the units provided by Banggood for review porpoises. The comments and results reflect only the point of view of the author.

Shipping and packaging:

The units came on separated labeled boxes, well protected. It took 35 days to get in my hands for review (Average time to Brazil).


- Board: TS832_140909 REV:1.3
- Dimensions: 31x55x8 mm + antenna and cables
- Weight: 19.25 grams + 5.08 grams (cable). The weight is more than double that Eachine ET600R and similar.
- Current consumption: Testing with a 3s lipo (11.6v) it consumes 0.3A. Interesting or not, the output voltage provided to feed the fpv camera was 10.4v (1.2v less than the input provided by the main battery).


- On the side of the main board there is an empty space corresponding to (looks like) a serial connection marked as V R S G (voltage, receive, send, ground). I didn’t tested but it would be nice to hear from BG what is that port for.

- On top of the +12v input there something like a potentiometer that can be adjusted using a screwdriver, I don’t know what is for yet, maybe to regulate the power output of the unit…

- There is a built-in Mic on the bottom of the unit (There is not connection for an external Mic), I will record the sound with my video grabber to check the quality.

- The band/channel display is not easy to read on a sunny day. Two big buttons allows to surf...Continue Reading
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Under Construction!

Hi people!

I wanted to test a faster fpv wing so I made a DIY Caipirinha...ish wing. In reality is an 85 cm, hand cut wing, with a zagi12 airfoil. It has a bit of washout along the wing, which is good for normal flying and really bad for inverted flight (Actually this wing doesn't fly inverted at all, the wing tips stalls really fast).

The dimensions and CG position is in the following link:

Wing CG Calculator Profile

Part list:

- Caipirinha-BR flying wing with the dimensions from the link above (Including elevon surfaces);
- CC3D Flight controller with Librepilot and a Micro MinimOSD for voltage, rssi and time display;
- Motor: Turnigy D2826-10 1400 kv;
- Propeller: APC 9x4.5;
- ESC: Turnigy Plush 30A with BEC;
- Battery: Multistar 3S 5200 mAh;
- Elevon Servo: Towerpro MG91 13g 2.6KG Torque Metal Gear Digital Servo;
- RX: FRSKY D4R II connected in ppm mode, using original firmware and 6 channel output only.
- vTX: Eachine ET600R (Provided by Banggood for review);
- FPV Camera: HS1184 with a 2.8 lens;
- Voltage filter for FPV vTX and Camera;
- FullHD Camera: RunCam2.

The wing is reinforced with 2.5 mm fiber glass rods and cover with packing tape.

AUW = 845 grams

The final wing load is something around 43 g/dm^3
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The following will describe on details the advantages and disadvantages of two video transmitter for FPV application, sent to me from Banggood for review porpoises. The comments and results reflect only the point of view of the author.

Shipping and packaging:

The ET600R and ET25R came on the same box corrected leveled on the front. The backside of the box presents a table with all band and frequencies supported. On a side note, one of them came with the Banggood label code glued on top of the frequency table…
Inside a thick foam protection hold the vTX transmitter, a linear polarized antenna, a printed manual, and two set of cables. One cable is ready to plug on an Eachine camera and a 3S battery (Using the balance plug). The other cable is with an open end for DIY connection.
The shipping took 51 days and 34 days for the ET600R and the ET25R respectively to Brazil. These shipping time are the average to Brazil.

Inside the box

The manual is well-ish written, with real pictures of each transmitter, operation instruction and a frequency table. The manual also contain the camera instructions (which is sold separately).

If you have an Eachine camera then you can use one of the provided cables to connect straight from a 3S battery without doing any soldering work.
If you use any other camera, then you need the other cable with an open end to solder the proper connector for your flying camera and battery (3S to 6S).
- Eachine cable: 6.6 grams;
-...Continue Reading
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This is the build log of my 1.18 m FPV Zagi Wing

The link for the dimensions and CG position is in the following:

Wing CG Calculator Profile

Part List:

- Zagi wing with blunt nose (See dimensions on link above)
- Mini APM pro flight controller (With PM and GPS 7N) loaded with Arduplane FW version: 3.2.3
+ BT telemetry
+ Minim OSD
+ Airspeed sensor
- Motor: Turnigy D3530-14
- Propeller: APC 11x7
- ESC: Turnigy Plush 40A with 5v / 3A BEC
- Battery: Multistar 3S 5200 mAh
- Elevon Servo: 12 gr EMAX ES08MA II
- RX: Long range FrSky L9R
- vTX: TS 5828 600 mW
- 600 TVL Camera: hs1184 surveilzone camera
- Camera Gimbal: BOSCAM HD19 Servo Gimbal
- Servo Gimbal: Towerpro MG90S (On a side note these servos are not good)
- 5v Regulator: 5v / 3A Step down module

The wing is reinforced with 2.5 mm glass fiver rods and cover with masking tape.
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Hi, If you are asking: why v2? then you should check this thread before continuing reading:

Hubsan X4 DIY FPV

Now you may ask, why is doing a X4 FPV again? He could buy one already done!

I thought the first model could be improved with some new hardware available on the market. The idea is extend the video range and make it lighter as possible.

Here is the hardware used for this build:

Part List

Hubsan X4-D Crash Kit
Hubsan X4 Main Board
Hubsan propellers
Hubsan motors (I had from another Crash Kit)
500 mAh batteries
FPV Stuff:
200 mW 5.8 GHz Transmitter
Micro camera
Wide angle lens
Regarding the wide angle lens, I would recommend take a look to the one used for the #808 camera, it is better quality. Here is the BG link
I tried this 3.3 voltage regulator from BG but is junk, I don't recommend it at all. Instead, get a Pololu S7V8A. For this build I used a 5v step up and a 3.3v step down.

I will cover the assembly in the following post
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I did a small 3D printed project, a plastic holder that can be glued to the wall using double side tape. Simple and it work nice. Check out the pictures!
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If you have a hobby grade charger, then the most time efficient way to charge 1S batteries is using a balance cable like this one:

1 To 3 Battery Balance Charging Cable

The picture attached is an example of charging three 1S 380 mAh batteries in balance mode at 1C rate (approx.). The charger is setup for a 3S lipo at 0.3 mAh rate charge.
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This is the build log of my F450 frame. The main idea is to keep track of all the problems that I had and save some important tips.

Quadcopter description parts:
- DJI F450 frame with DJI E300 power system (motors, ESC, propellers),
- APM 2.6 with GPS/MAG and power module,
- 4500 mAh, 4s battery for main power and 750 mAh, 1s battery for FPV gear,
- 2.4 GHz Taranis radio with X8R receiver,
- 5.8 GHz FPV made using 808#16 FPV pod, including a minimOSD with the last extra firmware,
- External status lights,
- Low battery alarm,

So far, the flying time with the gear like this is more than 16 min.

To avoid vibrations going to the flight controller I used four 10x10 mm pad of Kyosho Z8006 which gave me good results.

Of course I crashed several times and I screw-up the GPS receiver. Here you will find a detailed post of this problem and solution. Eventually I bought another GPS receiver from HK.

Check the attached pictures for details about this build!
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Hi people,

I want to show you my scratch build based on Hubsan X4 parts. I started to develop the FPV platform on a Hubsan H107 v1 (see the pictures). My idea at the time was to have a cheap setup and play around the house to feel how is FPV without invest a lot of money in bigger quads and equipment. After some first tests I crashed the Hubsan and one of the motor died, so I start to build another from spare parts from the H107C using the control board from my older Hubsan. I bought the frame, motors and rubber feet from the H107C version. For the FPV system I installed a 5813 tx (25 mw I think) with a 5v step up pololu voltage regulator and a “1 gr camera” (which doesn't weight 1gr…). The entire system is powered by the Hubsan battery which gives me around 4 – 5 minutes flying time. The antenna is a homemade Cloverleaf (tutorial by IBCrazy) putted on top of the quad. All the components are fixed to the frame using adhesive power strips. Additionally I performed the mod described HERE to extend the range of the stock Hubsan controller. The result is good for a first FPV quad, but the camera has a narrow angle of vision which difficult very much using it in tight spaces. I already order a wide angle lens, originally from the 808 #16 chain key cam, I hope that will improve the flying experience!

In the following you will find the links for all the material that I’m using:

TX 5813
5v voltage regulator
RC 305 receptor
Hubsan spare...Continue Reading
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When I started to build my X4 FPV I saw several similar projects spread all over the forum. So I decided to summary all of them here in order to follow each project and compare their results. If you are planning to play with FPV using an X4 check the links in the following, to see what the other people already tried. It will save you time and money because you already know what may or not work!

In total I found 14 different projects of DIY X4 FPV so far! (If I forgot someone, please let me know)

User: marbelo
The main topic can be found here: Hubsan H107 FPV
Related to this build: Increase the range of stock TX and Devo7e TX mod for Hubsan X4
Case: HERE

User: Binh
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Not X4 but similar setup:

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