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Posted by mvf42 | Dec 17, 2011 @ 02:38 PM | 3,165 Views
The hangar evolves due to the tug of gravity.... and dumb thumbs....

Thanks to the somewhat recent, same day demise of my beloved MM Dandy and it's Switchback GT brother I am left with only one flying balsa aircraft. My underused and overweight Dynaflite Skeeter is the lone operational representative of traditional construction techniques.

I was building a 42" blue baby (by Tony65x55 here on RCG) at the time so I've been on a little bit of a foamie binge. After completing that, I began building a 43" piranha (also by Tony65x55) and a 33" blue baby at work on my lunch hour. The 42" BB has a couple flights under its wings and I think I've tuned it into reasonable flier. Hoping to maiden the other 2 if weather and my free time line up. A little too breezy on this otherwise nice Saturday-sigh...

Now I just can't decide if I should get back to work on my Midwest Aero-Lectric or design a foam B-24 for funbuild 5 over in the scale forum. Or maybe I should build and an upscaled Guillows Lancer or Arrow...

Wow! So many good things to build!

And I got one of the guys in the office started in RC. So now I'm extra geeked out becuase I can hangar fly at the office.

Hell, I could throw the motor from my wrecked Switchback and see how my Airhogs Titan glider works under power.

So many projects sound like a good idea that I know the RC A.D.D will kick in and I'll get 4 things under way. Makes me wish I had 2500 sq ft workshop.

I'm sure many of you can sympathise.


Now if I could only clean off my workbench....
Posted by mvf42 | May 27, 2011 @ 10:52 PM | 3,352 Views
The Switchback GT flies! and exceedingly well too! Get one people, they are great!

The lifoam glider is dead dead dead. But I discovered the glory of the Airhogs Titan glider. Far superior for an outdoor aircraft. The build quality is better than some foam ARFs I have seen. Right now it's a 2 channel glider, but I think it will be more fun with power. It is fun to launch off a hi start though.

The Skeeter nears completion, but I need to order some servos and another RX. I just can't bring myself to cut up fliable planes for parts.

The aerolectric is partially built. Started building it then decided to build the skeeter. I think with 350W it would make a decent towplane for HLGs. We will see about that later though....
Posted by mvf42 | Feb 04, 2011 @ 05:25 PM | 3,210 Views
Same as last time except..

I made skis/floats for my dandy. Snow is fun.

Never have powered up the Stik and the Kadet. I will, I will....

The Lifoam glider has flown and crashed several times. Good cheap fun! I shall have to build more of these things.

Built a MM Switchback GT. Looks good, waiting to have a good day at the club field to maiden.

Built, crashed, rebuilt and am just about happy with a modified speed 400 size telemaster scratch build. Waiting to remaiden with new power setup and modified rudder.

Built a TLAR airboat of my own design. Goes way faster than I thought it would on a $9 HK motor! And the hull is only 2" thick blue foam, 3" x 18" of 3/32 balsa, 3 sq in of 1/8 plywood and about 3 feet of packing tape. I may have to build version 2. These things are fun.

And then there are the kits on shelf or in progess

Midwest Aerolectric trainer. Updating the power plant of course.

Dynaflite Skeeter. Not sure If I'll change much on that, probably not.

Guillows P-47 30" WS I think...

Guillow Spitfire 27" WS I think... This will get a new airfoil.

Comet B-26 30" WS I think... No idea what I'm doing.

Guillows Stuka the little one. No idea

Sig Custom-aire No idea

And then there is the pile of plans that look so inviting.
Posted by mvf42 | Feb 10, 2010 @ 11:46 PM | 3,619 Views
I don't really blog, but I guess I'll use one to let visitors know what I'm flying or working on.


Hobbyzone mini supercub - stock except for enlarged battery holder. Regulary flies with 2S 800 mAh for well over 20 minutes.

Hobbyzone mini super cub - bone stock, just have all the throws set to maximum deflection. I intend to mod the battery compartment when I get some other projects flying.

Mountain Models Dandy with slow fly and sport wings. Equipped with 120-something watt brushless outrunner. It goes straight up .

On the Board (or under it):

Lifoam Ultra Flyer glider: Chuck glider converted to indoor flyer. GWS EPS-100C-A or EPS-350C-DS. 2S LiPo. RET controls. Wings converted to polyhedral. (I actually had one flying, but I killed it when I threw on a 400 size motor )

Sig Kadet Senior: Working on Brushless setup, intended uses will be AP and teaching my Dad to fly (He gave me the kit over 10 years ago).

Great Planes? Big Stik 40, A gift from a coworker, no longer flying. Only requires a little repair. And the removal of the funny looking thing on the nose that holds the prop. I hope to go brushless on this one after gaining some experience in bigger (.40+ size) electric set ups.

Nikko Cessna: 1989 vintage paper weight that I tried to fly with a GWS EPS-100. It fall down and go BOOM! But It shall fly again! sometime....