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Posted by porcia83 | May 26, 2014 @ 07:45 PM | 31,388 Views
Finally got to maiden this!

After some time in the shop with master builder/mentor/flying instructor/friend Stefan (who finally learned to say my last name today..ha), i got my hands on her.

Rimfire 32 and a 45 amp speedy, about 350 watts with a 3D, jumps up to 700 with 4S and prop change. Way way to much for this plane!

Very gentle flier, loves to just float and float. Huge control surfaces so very responsive. Loved shooting touch and goes and trying to go right down the middle of the runway despite 3 channel set up and a nice crosswind. Tried for some one wheel landings too. Much easier with my Multiplex Mentor for sure! Took off in about 15 feet and lifts nicely. a 4000 3 cell pack did nicely, not a huge difference with the 5000. Flew about 10 minutes and only used half the pack.

Might go with bigger and lighter wheels, and put the esc inside. It cuts a great profile in the sky and that 83 inch wingspan looks big!
Posted by porcia83 | May 08, 2014 @ 07:48 PM | 32,084 Views
I guess I'm at an age when the diagnosis of serious illness, or the death of family, friends, and acquaintances will start to be more common. I don't like it.

Our club lost one of it's oldest and most active members after a recent illness slowed him down some. Not surprisingly, he refused to go quietly, and fought the inevitable end with his standard wit and bravado.

Loreto "Lorry" D'Alesandris was 88 years young. His wife passed away in 2011 and he is survived by his two daughters and their respective families. His constant companion, confidante, and best friend Chy is still waiting for him at his favorite chair, eager to have her head scratched and get a biscuit.

Lorry was a veteran of WW II and the Korean War (Navy). After serving his country he came home and attended the University of Connecticut, earning a Bachelor of Science, and then continuing on to get his Masterís Degrees in Business Administration. Not content, he continued his education specializing in mechanical drafting, design, and process engineering. He worked as an industrial engineer for many years at Veeder-Root, Inc. Hartford, CT, and LightoLier, Co. in Norwich, CT. He is the holder of many patents, and continued to tinker away and find news ways to make things work.

In addition to building static models, as well as flying model aircraft, Lorry was a scale pilot. His favorite plane was the J3 Cub. He was an avid outdoors man and loved to hunt, fish, and sail. He loved...Continue Reading
Posted by porcia83 | Apr 15, 2014 @ 09:41 PM | 32,256 Views
Clancy Aviation Big B with ailerons % Foot Wingspan.

Axi 2826/10 motor, good up to 5S
E-Flite 60 amp esc
JR digital servos all around

Wing has a few small patches. Overall condition 8 out of 10 cosmetically.

A rare find, and a fantastic flier too. A read head turner at the field.
Posted by porcia83 | Mar 08, 2014 @ 10:14 PM | 32,685 Views
This should be fun. A nice location with plenty of room.
Posted by porcia83 | Dec 14, 2013 @ 10:52 AM | 34,242 Views
Someday it might be a plane, but not yet.

Been serving lunches at a soup kitchen for the past few months. It's organized by a group called "Hands on Hartford", a non denominational and nonprofit group that serves many folks in need. They have two locations for food service (both in the basements of churches). Both have full service kitchen set ups, and adjacent rooms for food service. They are used as cooling stations in the summer, and safe areas in inclement weather. It was about 10 degrees with windchill on Thursday, and folks started lining up 9.

My mother is a self taught gourmet chef. 30 years of living all over the world opened her up to many different styles and types of cooking. She's passed that love of cooking down to most of her kids. A couple just like to eat.

I decided to give it a shot, and placed my name on the list. My day came up last Thursday and we had a great time. A crash course in planning,purchasing, preparing, and serving 100 people. I am so fortunate to have a great family who all donated their time, as well as co-workers and friends who helped with waiting tables. The facility is set up like a restaurant, and patrons are treated as customers. They get a coupon and hand that to their servers, who then deliver the food.

The menu was fresh fruit bowl, a chopped salad topped with bacon, spiral cut ham, baked mac and cheese, and a dinner roll. Gotta have a good dessert too. Brownie topped with ice cream and whipped...Continue Reading
Posted by porcia83 | Sep 29, 2013 @ 08:20 PM | 35,578 Views
It seems to be much easier to get boys interested in this hobby then those of the opposite sex. Our club has tried numerous ways to get all youngsters involved in this great hobby and for as long as I can remember we have yet to get a girl to sign up. From a completely anecdotal point of view, I'd have to say the younger girls (8-13) that have given it a try tend to fly better than the boys of the same age. Boys want to yank and bank, girls tend to be more interested in slow and sure and steady flight. At most events we hold we try to set aside some time for families and any folks from the viewing area to get some time on a buddy box. We focus on the younger ones as they still remain the biggest growth segment for this hobby.

I've been trying to figure out a way to get my daughter more interested in flying. Realistically, at 13 there's more of a chance of me teaching her how to drive a stick shift than seeing her fly, but I did recently waive a laptop or iPad out there as an incentive to taxi, take-off, fly 3 patterns and land. Still no go. Disinterest or just spoiled, time will tell.

Nonetheless she did express an interest in blinging up the latest (and last) purchase of this year. This was the latest version of BH's Sky Surfer. Off all of the similar styles, I've always liked this one the best. The newest version has flaps, a new styles motor mount, better hardware and canopy attachments, and a folding prop. Oh, and it comes with a deans too!

So...Continue Reading
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Well another IMAA event has come and gone. Weather was looking great all week and then, well, all I'll say is New England. Anyone from here knows what that's all about. Folks started arriving as early as Thursday night and many showed up Friday during the day to get a good parking space and get the unloading and building started. Tent placement is crucial of course! Saturday came and the parking spaces filled up quickly. We do have a large field but it can get dicey at times as we are in a flood zone. We had some rain come and visit but just here and there, and many folks flew right through it anyway.

For the first year we have a mascot and guard dog. Well, more of a lazy dog who likes treats actually. He did more sleeping and begging for scraps than anything else.

Things got underway soon enough and 31 pilots signed up for the fun. As usual we had some really beautiful planes show up, many were scratch built and heavily detailed and customized. One entry was a custom built one off, and it even came with a little baby brother in the same style. The details and performance of many of these planes is just fantastic. While those in the hobby love it, it's also great to have the public stop by, even better when families show up, have a seat front and center in the spectator area, and get to see what we've come to expect from this event, world class flying.

Here are some pics to start things off, I'll be updating as much as possible over the next few days....Continue Reading
Posted by porcia83 | Sep 02, 2013 @ 12:38 PM | 35,438 Views
Finally got this all together and the lights on. Thanks to my fellow club member Steve who did all the lights and wiring etc. I think I have over 100 of these little led's on there now. White on the bottom and parts of the wings, red and green on the wingtips. On the top is a nice blue, as well as right under the motor so I can see it coming right at me. Got some time Friday night when the sun dropped down.

Picked this Telemaster up last year at our swap meet from some guys from Mass. Got it for $40.00, then threw some tower pro metal geared servos, and a new Suppo 60 size motor and 60 amp speed control. I fly with 2650-4000 mah 4s batteries. Lights are on a separate feed and are powered by a 800-1000 mah 3 celll, they barely pull any power off the battery.
Posted by porcia83 | Aug 05, 2013 @ 07:52 PM | 37,456 Views
After the success of our first go at it, we are back again this year. Wintonbury Flying Club is hosting it's second annual Great New England RC Swap Meet at the New Englan Air Museum in Windsor Locks, CT.

What better place to host an event like this than an air museum? We picked the date specifically to coincide with open cockpit day, and it proved to be a good choice. We had over 1500 people come through the museum that day, almost a record! It didn't hurt that the museums newly restored F-104 Startfighter was rolled out, or that the original flight crew for the B-25 was going to be there answering questions.

40 tables were sold out week in advance, and a few lucky last minute attendees found some tables to throw up and ply their wares. Anything RC related found it's way onto the tables. Lots of buying, selling, New England bartering, and complaining about whatever went on. Two RC flight sims were set up in addition to the museums Microsoft systems, as well as the new hands on scale sims. The museum also brought in a catering truck for the day as well, so everyone was really happy.

Plans are to have the main hanger area used as it was last year. Depending on weather and turnout, we may open additional rooms outside fields as well. Tables are on a first come first serve basis. Pricing will be in line with last year, entrance fee will include one table.

Stay tuned for pricing and contact information coming shortly....Continue Reading
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So our club had our annual electric even a couple of weeks back. The original date was moved due to torrential rain storms. The make up date had a little more rain in store for us. Saturday we dodged pop up rain storms with advance notice from our resident meteorologist (no kidding we actually have one ) and still managed to get some good flying time. Rain left right after lunch but then the heat and humidity came in. We had about 20 pilots register on Sat, and had a nice turn out from the public as well. We had a huge range of planes fly, kits, arf, rtf, scratch built one off stuff, and even some heli and quads demos. Enjoy the pics....Continue Reading
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Our clubs annual electric event was held recently and for the third year (at last as far as I can recall) the creator and owner of Tough Jets, Wayne Roberts, made the 3 plus hour ride to have some fun in the wet and hot weather.

I bought his original Tough Jet almost 3 years ago and that was my first real "build" if it can even be called that. The aircraft is unique in shape/form as well as materials. As much as I hate to build, this went together pretty easy. Even easier when you read the directions and actually use the suggested power set up. I went the route of trying to get cheaper, then settled back into the suggested set up. It's not a screamer but can really move out and I found it pretty maneuverable. I posted a pic of the plane back in Dec of 2010 and Wayne recently told me he saw that pic, and shared his opinion on the paint. I'll do better next time!

So this year he brought the new and improved Vectored thrust version of the plane. Same gear set up, but now two extra servos. He's also experimenting with some graphics which looked fantastic on one of the demo models.

Although the plane looks heavy and "draggy", it's a real goof to watch the thing take off vertically ala Harrier. Full throttle and some stick moved and it takes off like a rocket. In the air, the plane does all kinds of wild moves with the extra flaps. Coming into a headwind the plane will slow down and it can be grabbed right out of the air.

Back at...Continue Reading
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Finally got this one in the air this week too.

Hand built by none other than Onio Condor (formally known as Ohio Condor)...ha!

This think is a little rocket. 1500 or 1800 batteries are used, and this thing goes ballistic. I have nominal throws on the elevons but this thing is super maneuverable. At high settings it's a blast.

Love to fly this in a little bit of wind, it can slow down enough to pluck it right out of the sky. Turnigy 2826-6 with a 45 amp speed control, 7 x 4 prop. I'll eventually get my smaller version slapped together and in the air, as well as the largest one I own, the 64mm ducted fan version from Hobby Lobby.

Thanks again Bill !...Continue Reading
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Finally managed to get the paint and building done (hardly a build though) and get some flight time. As per the first one of these I owed, it's a complete blast to fly. This time I spruced it up with some color and a little mod to the tail area by way of a thrust tube and covering.

Started with a 2650 battery and it screamed right into the air. As with the other one, it has a noticeable right wing drop, very noticeable and I was prepared for it, so not a big deal. She zoomed right away and off we went. I did a few WOT passes but didn't really work it over to much for the first flight. It was tail heavy so I added about 10 clicks of elevator to level it out. The plane is such a great flier, point it and it goes. I had about a 10 mph wind and had a great time. Some loops and rolls, inverted flight, and my fvorite, deadstick gliding. People are completely blown away at how gentle this thing is, and how well it performs when gliding. Shot a couple of approaches and then brought it in for landing. Got 4 more flights, the heaviest battery was a 3300 and that seemed to do pretty good moved far forward.

Some additional thoughts overall;

Landing gear. It's probably a little visible in one of the pics from the rear, but the left gear is not secure or tight. The problem seems to be that it's not "locking" or "clicking" in when deployed. It also leans a touch more to the left, which in turn makes the plane head that way on take-off. The...Continue Reading
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explosion at the paint factory
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Well, got this in the air today. Ran 1500-2200 batteries, all 30c and above. I loved the plane. First flight noticed that controls were very sensitive even at 50% of throws. Brought it in and adjusted. On second landing the rear wheels came off and I didn't have glue, so I flew with just the front. Hit a bump landing on front wheel and bent it back. EUREKA, I love the look bend back. Although I love rolling takeoffs I'll deal with tossing it, which is pretty easy with this. Wasn't the fastest, wasn't the slowest. I like this one a lot, better than the Concept X which met it's end today (for me at least). Here are some pics.
Posted by porcia83 | Jan 09, 2012 @ 08:24 AM | 42,216 Views
Got this last week and did some changes to the paint. Stripped off the stickers as much as possible then covered with ultracoat like strips from my local hobby shop. The dayglo orange is set off nicely by the green.

Man it's tight to get all the wires etc locked down. I've dug out some foam but can't do to much. Canopy was barely held on so I took it off, the pilot flies al fresco now.

I changed the ESC to a 45 amp Eflite. Plenty of power. I love rundway takeoffs, doesn't take much to ROG. I'm not impressed with the flight times at all though. With a 2200 30c battery I'm getting about 4 minutes, and that's with some throttle management. I can get 7 or more on a 3300 with the Habu, which weighs twice as much as this does.

Also, there is almost NO warning when the battery is about done. It's gets slower for a sec, then BAM...no juice. Plane does float in nicely for landings though. Front landing gear is complete junk, I have to reattach after every two flights. Flimsy. Plane came with a warped vert stab which I tweaked as much as possible. If I get a good deal on a kit version I'll go for it, probably look at one of the Don's setups...bet this would scream.

Just ordered the Viper from Hobby Lobby, we'll see how that does compared to this one.
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One of my newer planes. Comes with a sport wing and a glider wing. So far the sport one is my favorite. This was also my first true "build" all by myself. Tool longer than it should have of course, but it was fun. I already have another one in a box and will have to come up with another paint job.
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Well, I think it's cool at least....

New T-29 that's had a some paint and electronics overhaul. This was the gray paint scheme. Went with bright white Krylon short cut paints, 3 cans. The dots are craft store neon colors, about 6 coats. Then two coats of poly although for some reason the wings got a bit yellowy after the paint job. Still plenty bright I think.

Upgraded to a 40 amp esc and Turnigy 1100 kv motor that should make between 400-600 watts depending on battery use.

I picked up another plane from at my club and plant he same makeover as here with the exception of the paint job. This new one will be bright yellow with red or orange flames, not 100% sure on that.

My hope is to get two of these in the air for some formation flying. I just need a willing partner that is (yes, I'm hinting at you Stefan).