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Posted by p901P901 | Sep 11, 2021 @ 01:21 AM | 15,539 Views
Remix of the 1M 50mm EDF 3dprinted Vulcan:

1.2M wingspan
70mm EDF
Landing gear
Steerable nose gear
Posted by p901P901 | Oct 03, 2020 @ 06:41 PM | 4,471 Views
Wing Span 74"
Length 71"
Weight 12 lbs estimate from 3d printing with ABS.

Based off of Esotech Hummingbird http://www.esotec.org/hbird/index.html. Will be using a longer tail like Pattern planes for better controllability. The prop is made from 5ea 20 x 14 prop halves mated to a custom hub. Motor is a Tomcat 160 expected rpm will be 5k on a 6 cell battery. Thrust ratio looks to be 1.3:1
Hover roll control will be fins aft of fan and with tail controls. Expecting 3D aerobatics.

Named this plane after the Heinkel Wespe and the Hummingbird.