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Posted by fly-by-night | Mar 26, 2020 @ 03:05 PM | 7,649 Views
Well as stated from the last build and with all that is going on, here we go with the G 3 SuperHawk! Know color on this one already, Transparent Yellow with two servos in each wing for individual control. Here are the differences of the G 3 to the G 1 wings. The tails tips are sanded, along with the rudder that come as you see it from Tony, just need to clean up the routing. Will cover tail / rudder first then on to the wing.
Posted by fly-by-night | Feb 07, 2018 @ 11:06 PM | 7,892 Views
Well here we go which I've been saying for the past 4 years since I ordered this. This being a special ordered full Carbon Vector, which for some isn't the most aerobatic or fastest but I have one of the originals and still love the way she flies! Will start like always with the servo tray and wiring then wings, Have a full set of 761's for this build with home made aluminum arms. I know I was going to start on the G3 SuperHawk but have to finish this. Well maiden the Vector/Dorado and AUW was 4lb 11oz she flew straight out of the hand, very responsive....Continue Reading
Posted by fly-by-night | Jan 06, 2016 @ 02:35 PM | 9,509 Views
Well off the the races again, I've promised Bob (Katie Tribute) that I would have my G1 finished for this years Tribute. Started on the wing tips and used one of my Original Hobie's for the templets. The wings I assume are earlier G1's as they weigh in at 10 5/8 raw. Made the temples for the spoilers which will be made out of balsa topped with ply. The only problem I'm having is what color to go with, but have decided it will be transparent. After working on others finally got back to the Super Hawk, will cover wings, rudder and elevator first so as to mix the closes color match as possible on the fuse, she will be transparent Red, never had a Red Hawk before. Well maybe not Red, found a unique color and I'm leaning towards it, time will tell. Trans Orange she is, also painted the servos Orange just for the fun of it. Now on to the G3, what color??...Continue Reading
Posted by fly-by-night | Sep 29, 2015 @ 01:35 PM | 10,058 Views
Well here we go again, another Mini but with a twist. Hoping to due a different install for the ballast tube, instead of it sticking out of the tope, as I have seen as the only install to date I'm going with the normal hooked to the servo tray, low laying on the bottom. Hope I can get everything to fit in this tight quarters including the wiring of course? This may only allow a minimum of slugs but as so many have said " don't even think it needs weight, flies great as is " but this one will also be used for DSing, but I do agree, flies great as is....Continue Reading
Posted by fly-by-night | Oct 20, 2013 @ 08:44 PM | 10,619 Views
This was given to me by a close friend for almost pennies on the dollar and since I have a Speed 2M well the build should go fine. Using for the first time Hyperion's for all moving surfaces and sub C 5 cell 6v with a seven lug for the ballast tube. As you know if you have a Nan, a little painting will be in order after the build to bring her to that finished look, few holes light paint the usual. Well here we go! Well it has been some time since I've been able to work on any planes because of the house being under construction, well all done and I've made some progress on her will post some more pic soon.

Well after a long House remodel I'm back were I finished off, the Nan 2.5. I've finished the connectors for the fuse and wing, the tray is glued in and just need one more coat on the tray - correct color to match the wings, should be finished in the next two weeks.

Ok, things are going as planned have finished the tray and the fuse is complete, a few minor pick ups, on to the wings.

The wing are finished, made my own servo trays, all glued in just some minor adjustments, everything with + or - 10 mm mecanically so just fine tuning with the radio.

She is all done, made one mistake in the chose of the battery so no room for weight - will replace with new one and she will CG at 86mm to start....Continue Reading
Posted by fly-by-night | Nov 28, 2011 @ 12:34 AM | 12,560 Views
Well, I been wanting to start on this, and I will after the NAN. It should be interesting because I'm aiming to hide everything internally. Here's the first look at her. More details and pictures to follow.

As stated, finished the NAN and after three years I've started on her. Starting with the Tails as they have some interesting challenges on the install. Will open up the tail section and add the additional CF or Kevlar along the seam on both sides.

This was purchased second hand so I'm having to make all the servo trays and glass control horns.

Tails are finished, would put up a quick movie showing the finish and movment but not allowed. Not sure if to start on the fuse or wings, I'll decide that in the next couple of weeks?

Well went with the wings - used HS-5125MG at 49.2oz at 6v and HS-5085MG at 60oz at6v for the brakes. All done with both wings - have quit a few Multi Wing Locks so might install on these, #3, now on to the fuse....Continue Reading
Posted by fly-by-night | Oct 29, 2010 @ 12:19 AM | 12,415 Views
Well, it has been some time but here they are the first new fuse prototypes and they are in our hands for testing. We've gone with an S Glass schedule with Kevlar in the saddle. So here are some pictures with the original from 28 years ago, along with new. We've also decided to go with it premiered in the mold, so it will be very easy to paint. More to come and we'll be building these to test and will keep all informed.

...Continue Reading