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Posted by VF-Alpha | May 21, 2018 @ 08:57 PM | 14,618 Views
Anyone remember the Aeronaught Aeromaster ? its being reproduced with room for a 10 inch prop. vs the max of 9 before. Most pushers i have seen are limited to around this prop size and it works but we can do better :P

My latest design heavily based off the aeronaught aerofly and aeromaster, however much larger with room for a 14 inch propeller and a planned 150 inch span. I'm working on the mold design for fiberglass but I also want to test the viability of a foam model. I work at a machine shop and now have the ability to make molds and the parts needed for this model along with having my own cnc machine, mine just isn't big enough to make molds of this size

Originally i was going to make this a built up design, but with all the radius's and curves it would not have been a fun model to build. I would also like it to be more durable so foam reinforced with fiberglass or a fiberglass fuse like it's smaller siblings would be a better option.
Posted by VF-Alpha | May 04, 2017 @ 12:15 AM | 15,492 Views
it's been a while since I posted

So after totaling my motorcycle on 4/28/2017 Bike was totaled luckily i walked away more or less it was bad.

I decided to go to the hobby shop just to look around. I was looking to blow money to get over the crash as is pend 6 months rebuilding the bike and it was her celebration ride being fully completed. the last thing i built was a KA8 glider from phoenix models and that crashed on maiden do to the elevator angle being off. so i dont have good luck with maidens it seems but the bike had 2 maidens and crashed on the second. Anyway

Walking through RC country thinking of what i could get with my self allotment of 400, I saw a box sitting down in the back and it said tiger moth. which is one of my favorite planes. I was hesitant if it was a phoenix models plane. But it was an old Great planes tigermoth. in its box perfect condition. I said to my friend who drove me " she's coming home with me"

I want to put a lot of work into this plane and it will be a slow build. some will call it sacrilege, But i really want to turn this one into an fpv plane. I've always wanted to fly a tiger moth. and I don't care how much it costs to make this one fpv. I have acess to a cnc and a 3D printer to make it as scale as I can while deviating some for the FPV aspect. I haven't seen many wooden fpv planes or scale for that matter, there are a few and I aim to join the ranks of them.
Posted by VF-Alpha | Jan 15, 2016 @ 07:18 PM | 16,629 Views
So I want a long range plane like the twin star 2 , But bigger and more efficient. So i took a sketch from the side of a twinstar 2 i made some many months ago and decided to make it bigger. more glider like and have plenty f room.At the time of posting i've spent 3 days going from a sketch to the 3D model. the wings have yet to be designed and are just a basic representation. I designed the cockpit to be enclosed, it can be made with lexan glass much like plexi-glass completely transparent. it has very little curve to it so its easy to make. keeping the camera(s) out of the slipstream. I haven't gotten flow simulation down or how to use XFLR5 But I'm pretty sure this plane would fly wonderfully. since my CNC isnt big enough to make molds I think I will build the prototype from wood. The span is set to 3.5 meters and 1.650 long ( 137.97 inch span 64.96 long) There is still a lot of work to be done on it's design. I decided on a lower wing to be able to give it some more maneuverability, and that the roll and pitch would be exactly below the IMU sensors. it's also possible to design the wing or nacelle with retracts, a little added weight but much cleaner aerodynamics. which to me is more important since I'm designing this plane to be able to handle more than enough weight. there are many planes used for fpv but none that I like perfectly as they are, they all require some kind of modification. So that is the point of this project/idea, To make a perfect frame that...Continue Reading
Posted by VF-Alpha | Jul 03, 2015 @ 04:34 AM | 16,889 Views
Been slaving away on my new toy the last three days. Got me a small CNC to build stuff with. I needed a starting point so I ordered a DIY CNC from MYDIYCNC ( ironically its within 30 miles of my house. I got it assembled in just under 8 hours and began testing it. It's eared to a ratio of 200 steps per revolution, this arrangement provides a resolution of 4000 steps per inch, (0.00025 inch for each step, i.e. a quarter of a thousandth of an inch) I began designing a board ( took 3 hours) to use stepper drivers from sparkfun, that allow full steps, half steps quarter steps and eighth steps giving me 0.00003 inches per step (32000 steps per inch). After i get it running smoothly I will cut out upgrade parts for the CNC it's self, And then begin making a 2 axis laser cutter and a CNC with a 4th indexed axis. I don't have software that can run any higher than a 4th indexed, Though I do have a system capable of running up to 9 axis. I will be building a laser cutter as well using the cnc for my friend to use. I have access to a CNC plasma cutter and a lathe. I will also use it to create an electrical power system for my new vehicle I ordered ...Continue Reading
Posted by VF-Alpha | Jan 12, 2015 @ 03:53 AM | 17,541 Views
So I saw the parkzone KA-8 in my local hobby shop and i fell in love with it's lines I HAD to get one, so i scraped up and got a DX5e and a DX6I at my local hobby shop and ordered the plane online, LHS was out of stock
I waited anxiously for it to arrive, I threw it together and headed to the park, The weather was dead for soaring though. Still I live next to a river so i convinced my friend to climb up on the levee with it and throw it into the park below, It flew beautifully although be it short.
After that I decided to change up the paint. using acetone on the foam is ok to do, but don't let it sit for too long. i have very slight bubbling on the rudder. I wanted neon orange and black. with some deep blue got most of it painted, but i also needed to test again because i changed some settings. After the paint cured i headed to the park for a glide test, Unfortunately the paint peeled, water had gotten up under the paint and it peeled off in strips. I spent a lot of time working on it . So i headed home, and patched it up.
I decided to add a motor on the plane because I don't have a tow plane or high start, and i like how motorized gliders fly..... it was a bad idea, the motor only pushed the nose down, no matter what i tried it would just node down.
It would glide fine, but as soon as you turned on the throttle it either acted as an air brake or it pushed the nose down. luckily the nose skid i made protected the fuselage I'm definitely going...Continue Reading
Posted by VF-Alpha | Jun 13, 2014 @ 05:54 AM | 17,280 Views
So, I have been out of the Rc world for a while, my latest purchase was two UM P-51D's with asx3. ( a year ago as a gift to myself) Lately I've been working on getting better at coding for arduino , working in solidworks, eagle cad for pcb design, sketchup , ect. built a new computer and have been slaving away at modular designs for the fun of it.
The designs are modular to allow for east access to the receiver for configuration and allowing for the antennas to be mounted far from any rf sensitive devices.
I've even started designing cases for the modules. All this is a week and a half's worth of work I'm pretty happy about it. I also draw my own logo's and such, attached is a piece i did just to see what i could do in a week ( meant to be pinup but I played with the payers some )

I plan to build a re-flow oven ( arduino controlled) and make these chips and test them myself, I have soldered SMD devices by hand though ( surgeon like hands ) It could take some time since I've been scraping by for a while, Hence my leaving the rc scene for the most part for a bit.

I borrowed from mehlik, dtfuhf, hawkeye, and a few others I lost the data to.( built a new computer specifically for working on this kind of stuff but lost stuff in the transfer over) I'm working on my own code, But I'm pretty sure it will be quite similar to others since nothing is made in a vacuum, And there is only so much to do with this hardware as far as code....Continue Reading
Posted by VF-Alpha | May 02, 2009 @ 10:44 PM | 19,094 Views
i finally got my second cularis ,after the first one crashed .This one crashed but it was because of a crow thinking it was a hawk , my friend Eut Tileston is always giving me sound advice and supplies when i really need them . this cularis weighs in at 1445 grams just 45 grams over the company's estimated weight for the pure glider so far this plane has had its nose,motor rudder and right flap ripped off and she still flies perfectly . i think for now i will be sticking to foamies I can design planes but I'm not so good at building them hope to post aerial pictures soon and some video
Posted by VF-Alpha | Jan 02, 2009 @ 09:10 AM | 19,664 Views
hello , my name is Joseph
i design planes for fun ,right now I,m working on a F.P.V/A.P ship called the wasp originally it looked like a souped up aerobird extreme but was built up it was too tail heavy to finish and i put it on the back burner . I now fly a cularis with a camera i modified for it
first cularis recording (16 min 6 sec)

the first song is called guardian angel i sung and my friends played the instruments i doubt you will watch the full 16 minutes of it but the second song is "never too late" by three days grace ,and the third is "young" by Hollywood Undead any way , i have redesigned the wasp so it now has 2 motors instead of one . it will have an osd,gps a camera for fpv and one for pictures that is 7 mega pixels and modified to fit into the plane better as well as make it lighter it will have a wing span of 80 inches , a length of 47.8 inches
and a weight of 41.9 ounces this includes about 4-5 ounces of "wiggle room"
and a wing loading of 10.035 ounces per sq. inch is glider performance the power comes from two 2250 mah li polys in parallel 11.1 volts 4500 mah . Im using a dx6i for the remote later on i will buy another dx6i and mod it so it uses a joy stick (I'm more used to fpv this way ) i plan on using this as a way of earning money eventually if needed over full size aircraft as me and my friend are starting a small business of sorts