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Posted by Powered By OS | Jul 28, 2014 @ 10:34 PM | 2,910 Views
Got the fuselage covered. Painted the engine compartment then sealed with thinned epoxy. Poked the engine mount and engine back on it for effect...
When I installed the dual servo mounts I used what would have been the socket for the landing gear to make some tubes for the servo leads. Cut out the notches, then used 1/32 balsa to box it in. Turned out very well. Will probably try to use something similar in the future.

Hopefully tomorrow I can get the wing covered and the headrest painted. I plan to seal the servo bays with thinned epoxy as well after it is covered, I find it keeps the edges of the covering from peeling over time. Makes for a neater appearance as well. Need to buy some new rod to make longer main gear, I thought of mounting some gear to the fuselage instead of the wing but decided against it for appearances sake. Was tempted to do retracts, but with an open canopy it seemed too out of place.

Going to call it a night here.
Posted by Powered By OS | Jul 28, 2014 @ 06:15 PM | 2,895 Views
I love Sig kits. I have built most of what they have for sale and a few they no longer make. For some reason however, I have never built a plain Astro Hog. The hog bipe is easily one of my favorite planes of all time. I'd be heartbroken if anything ever happened to it. It is powered by an OS .91 four stroke and anything smaller is sacrilege. This Astro hog will have the same thing on it. I was considering a saito 100 I had in stock, but it is a terrible motor compared to my OS. It has about a half gallon through it, and it still won't give me a reliable idle. I have it mounted to a hangar 9 corsair. A plane I'm not thrilled with either.

Anywho. The plane is all framed up and sanded now and I'm beginning the covering. Using Monokote, I will have a dove gray fuselage and rudder with a metallic blue wing and horizontal stab. I'd like to find a female pilot for it. As it will have an open cockpit, I want to do an interesting dashboard as well. Open to sources for a pilot, and dash suggestions!
Posted by Powered By OS | Jul 19, 2014 @ 09:12 AM | 2,788 Views
Going flying until dusk today. Got my new Futaba 14sg yesterday and except for the touch pad, I love it! My fingers seem to be too big... I have 16 receivers for it so it is going to be a busy day binding each new plane to it and giving them all a flight.
I also took a few new pictures of my great planes p-51. I love what the camera does while the engine is running.
Posted by Powered By OS | Jul 13, 2014 @ 10:17 PM | 3,316 Views
Building a pica 1/5 p-51, and a regular Sig Astro Hog at the moment. I have some 60 planes in my collection and have been flying for 23 years. I don't fly electric anything and stick to just glow and gas....Continue Reading