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Posted by ChrisBowker | Jan 22, 2019 @ 06:41 AM | 3,168 Views
Ive been milling some parts for a customer and I was wondering if people would be interested in a limited run of CF hardware?

Kits would be similar to my old ones but cut from .030 plate, The .020 plates I use to use are no longer available to me.
Posted by ChrisBowker | Mar 03, 2017 @ 07:40 PM | 5,800 Views
It is no secrete that I have not been around the airplane community recently. That's because I've recently gotten into training Malinois for Schutzhund and Ringsport. which takes up most of my free time. Even if it did not the truth is I'm very burnt out on the hobby, me and aviation have a life long history and I'm sure I'll be back someday. I still have a few things in the hobby I would like to do. I would like to thanks everyone that supported me over the years. Producing my own kits was always a dream of mine growing up.

Chris Bowker
Posted by ChrisBowker | Dec 28, 2014 @ 07:50 PM | 7,271 Views
Carbon Fiber Hardware kits are back in stock! get em before they are gone!
Posted by ChrisBowker | Sep 02, 2014 @ 08:37 AM | 8,147 Views
New Gen2 Hardware is on my site ready for purchase. Gen2 Hardware was designed to be easier to install as well as being more suited for ball link use, the horns are still drilled to .020 so they can be used with either music wire or ball links.

From now until the end of the month enter the code '2015' during checkout and save %20 off your hardware order on my site:
Posted by ChrisBowker | Aug 26, 2014 @ 10:10 AM | 7,564 Views
For the month of September I'll be running a 20% off sale on all my CF hardware, along with introducing some new hardware pieces. Use the coupon code :2015 during checkout.

Posted by ChrisBowker | Mar 12, 2014 @ 01:18 AM | 9,348 Views
Check out the video of me flying my Extra 300 at TINY this year.
Bowker Aircraft Extra 300 (5 min 34 sec)
E300 one more flight (6 min 25 sec)
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Posted by ChrisBowker | Jan 09, 2014 @ 04:52 PM | 9,405 Views
Ive been saying this for awhile now, but there really is a new Bowker Yak

The first run of kits will be ready to ship next week!
Posted by ChrisBowker | Jan 05, 2014 @ 07:12 PM | 9,123 Views
The sale on my CF hardware has been so popular I decided to let it run until the end of the month, enter the coupon code "2014" and save 20% off all CF and FG hardware on my site:

Posted by ChrisBowker | Jan 03, 2014 @ 10:58 AM | 9,237 Views
check out my add for a couple old painted kits I had sitting on the shelf, you'll never find a better deal on one of my painted kits than this.
Posted by ChrisBowker | Jan 01, 2014 @ 10:49 AM | 8,813 Views
To help bring in the new year I'm running a 20% off sale on all of my CF hardware! until the end of the week!!!. Enter the coupon code "2014" during check out.

Note:this does not stack with the buy 5 get the 6th free offer.
Posted by ChrisBowker | Dec 29, 2013 @ 11:21 AM | 8,901 Views
Well after arguing with my domain host until I was blue in the face I decided to just buy a new.
Posted by ChrisBowker | Dec 19, 2013 @ 10:29 PM | 9,353 Views
By mistake I let the registration run delinquent on my domain name...still new to this website business. Until Its back up you can use this direct link to access my site:

Sorry about the inconvenience, if you should have any issues with my site please contact me at: [email protected]

Chris Bowker
Posted by ChrisBowker | Mar 15, 2013 @ 02:32 PM | 10,520 Views
CF hardware is finally back in stock!!! with a nice price drop! and a new special, order ANY 5x complete hardware kits and get a 6th kit for free!
Posted by ChrisBowker | Oct 03, 2012 @ 10:48 AM | 12,997 Views
Hey Guys and Gals, I wanted to share a couple pics of my new Extra 330. This is with out a doubt my best flying indoor model to date. No wing rock, no KE coupling, Very axial rolls, Easy to hover, Excellent tracking and the list goes on....It really is an amazing airplane to fly. Video and more details to come shortly.

How to order:

Thanks for looking,

added a few pics of what should be the final kit, the basic set of milled parts is just 37g, this kit was milled just over 1/2.

A couple video's of me playing around with a milled 330 at the CAF fun fly, sorry about the glare

Bowkers new Depron Extra 330 #2 (3 min 42 sec)

Bowkers new Extra 330 (3 min 9 sec)
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Posted by ChrisBowker | Sep 10, 2012 @ 09:57 AM | 14,672 Views
After being quiet on my blog for to long I thought I'd share a pic of a new f3P model I will have out for the indoor season. I hope to have it avliable in 3-4 sizes, two of which will be for "normal" gear 34+" spans and two will be for UMX gear, 1s and 2s setups. The planes in the photo are 34" & 25" and came in at 94g & 54g RTF. I should have more info to share and a release date for it soon.

The Design still needs a name...if you have a really good suggestion it just might get used...and might get you a free kit in the process

Thanks for looking, Feel free to post your comments.


Edit: Added video from the recent CAF fun fly, sorry about the horrible glare in the video the hanger was not video friendly in the middle of the day

P1820789 (3 min 29 sec)

Posted by ChrisBowker | Apr 18, 2012 @ 08:53 AM | 13,244 Views
I'm happy to say that I have finally gotten my indoor carbon hardware kits to the point that I'm ready to start selling them. For now three kits and two motor mounts are available. These three kits are intended to be a "complete hardware" kit for a 3mm indoor foamie. They all consist of 1x Biased aileron horn(or diff horn for short) 2x aileron horns, and 2x tail horns(one short for the Elevator and one long for the Rudder. The AM kits also include 2x tail servo arms. All kits come as pictured in the photo's, pre-sanded and ready for use.

The biased aileron horn included in these kits have the "Z bend" connection points drilled on a radius to provide 4 different angles(11, 21, 31, 41) that your aileron pushrod can run at and still be at 90 digress to the center of the servo arm(doing this provides an even amount of up and down throw on your ailerons) I will up load detailed instructions on how to go about setting this up for those of you who do not know.

The first two kits(see photo's one and two) are intended for AM(freestyle) models with either push pull or pull pull control horns for the Rudder and Elevator. These are both seven piece kits. The holes in these for the "Z bends" are drilled to .023" making them perfect for .025 music wire. The Holes in the Pull pull horns are drilled to .032 and work well with most of the thinner pull pull string everyone is using now days. A complete set of the pull pull hardware with the generic...Continue Reading
Posted by ChrisBowker | Mar 11, 2012 @ 12:30 PM | 14,580 Views
This post in my blog is to serve as a build guide for those who purchased an EPP X-35 kit from me at TINY, I plan to move this build guide over to the 3D foamie's section shortly. If you are interested in mail ordering a kit, Please email me at [email protected], Full kits are $35 + shipping and come with all the carbon spars and ply hardware seen in this build, along with heatshrink, music wire and thread for lashing. All parts are CNC cut.

The Epp X-35 is a 4 channel 3D pusher, capable of almost every 3D maneuver in the book, rolling harriers, rolling loops, hovering, flat spins, you name it. Its a blast to fly and a real crowd stopper as you do things that a pusher jet just shouldn't.

A quick look at the EPP X-35

Wingspan: 24"
Length: aprox 30"
Flying weight: 6-7oz

Recommended radio gear:
Hacker A-10-15s or A-10-9L(the model is designed to fly on a 8" prop(max), your motor selection should reflect this)
ESC:10 amp
Servo's: 6-7g(hs-55's used in this build)
Battery: 2s 360-450 mAh

Build photo's below.
Posted by ChrisBowker | Mar 09, 2012 @ 12:43 AM | 14,257 Views
A couple video's of my 3mm depron planes at TINY

I also added some pic's of my fleet for the event.

Bowker Mx2 (5 min 22 sec)

Bowker Aero Yak 55 (4 min 35 sec)
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Posted by ChrisBowker | Dec 21, 2011 @ 01:59 PM | 15,750 Views
I wanted to wait until I started the "official" build thread for my Yak before I posted an add for the kits, but due to the over whelming number of email's I'm receiving I decided It would be best to post this to get some of the info out about my Yak. The kits are 100% ready to ship minus instructions(build photo's are already uploaded to my blog). Kits are available as full kits or short kits. Full kits contain virtually everything needed to build the model minus glue, tools and radio gear. Short kits come the foam parts only, these are great for moving your existing set of B.A.M. carbon hardware into once you've worn out your old airframe. Kits are also available with an optional bottom hinged elevator, this is done to improve KE spin and some tumbling performance.

A quick look at the Yak:
Wing span: 33"
Length: 33"(minus motor)
Flying weight 4-5.5 oz

Recommended Radio gear:
Motor: Hacker a-10-9l(a-10-15s/rimfire 250 milled version)
Esc: 5-9 amp
Aileron Servo: Hs-65 ailerons, Futaba 3114
Rudder & elevator: hs-35, jr s185, Futaba 3114
Battery: 240-370 mah 2s

Some of the key futures of my kits are:
-100% cnc cut parts for the perfect fit on every piece(not to mention parts are glue ready! no sanding!!)
-CNC cut carbon fiber hardware package(no plywood or depron control horns!)
-CNC hinge beveling
-Pre cut carbon rods
-Pre cut servo holes
-Pre drilled markers for doubler locations/carbon bracing(no guess work, no...Continue Reading