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Posted by Leroy G | Jun 06, 2015 @ 10:50 PM | 3,738 Views
Plane is built, it's the details and time of year that's going to slow and maybe stop construction until fall comes again late October which is 5 months. I never expected to be in this predicament, I'm usually finished by now. Plane is a scale super cub made from a 1/4 scale Balsa USA J3 cub kit, turned into a lot of work.

Weather has been awesome, 90 deg. today with more on the way, other words , it's flying season, tripping and camping with little time for building.

"Oh, well", I'm probably not the only one found in this predicament, plane isn't going anywhere.

Leroy G
Posted by Leroy G | Jun 02, 2015 @ 12:17 PM | 3,784 Views
I guess one of my pet peeves is what appears to be the lack of support of the majority of builders still building and starting build threads. It isn't hard to see why in some ways and at the same time the numbers of viewers on a good build are a plenty and have very little to add if anything to a great build thread.

Over the years of building on the web I could generate a lot of interest and questions on my builds partly because I'm not your typical builder, I alter the airframe and finish to all of my builds to some degree and others seamed to like what I was and could do. Building has a lot to do with self expression and learning the ins and outs of building something special, something I have always tried to pass along and encourage others to do.

Well that was when if you wanted a plane you built one from a kit, that resulted in a lot more builders and those looking for the experience of others to teach and help them become good model builders too. Today it is a lot easier to just go buy an ARF or RTF planes, in the case of ARF's there is plenty of help to get the rest of what's needed to fly it.

I've had my day so to speak and my present build will be my last one on the internet, my hands are shot and so is my desire, no company makes for a very boring what's the use mentality.

For those that have see my builds and comments about building I hope you have gotten something from them, building is a great way to spend those winter hours, at least it has been for me.