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Posted by airfoil'd | Oct 02, 2008 @ 08:28 PM | 3,982 Views
Lets start at the start with a small step. I'm gonna use this blog as a means of taking an inventory, I'm going to take a chronological approach.
My first RC flyer was a;

1) Interactive Toys BladeRunner II, 3ch co-ax heli, still have 2 minty chassis minus drive gears
- This heli was delicate but lasted long enough to hook me on the hobby. All the modding, the constant tweaking, repairing and replacing of rotor blades! Eventually one of the motors burned out.

*still have everything, except lipo

my second was;

2) BladeRunner Blackshark, BR II with bigger motors, cool KA-50 styroshell
-This heli got even more modding. Never got to do a side by side comparison to first BR. Eventually one of the motors burned out.

*still have everything, minus lipo


3) Airhogs Skywinder, 3ch diff thrust with elevator, Pre-lipo.
- Not a real winner for me. 3 motor speeds, proportional elevator.

*still have everything except one, maybe both motors....

4) Havoc heli
-cat got this one.

*still have everything but main rotor blades and body. Still have the little winglets

5) Skyforce bi-plane
-Very nice little yard flyer. Good first plane. tight turns. Poopy reception on these planes though.
*still have and fly the bipe, has a ITC drive now.
still have the 27mhz rx tx and motors, not sure on the motors health.

6) SF fighter
-this needed a little more room than the bipe, but what it needed in space, it made up for in grace.
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