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Does anyone know where I can get "preferbly" free, RC Jet plans (depron foam) that has curved wings and body, not the flat wing jet from

I've used the free plans from this group before and from Park Jets, works well but I'm trying to advance to the next stage.

Thank you in advance.
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Growler X1 1/6 2WD electric desert buggy(8s) (0 min 34 sec)


1. A Pivoted and movable front shock mount. By minimizing interference with suspensing arms, and maximizing Shock travel , this design greatly improve the handling capability on rough terrace, at the same time improve tractions by always applying pressure on both wheels.

2. With a ďCĒ shape shock stay base design, combine with the roll-cage and chassis kick-up angle, it forms a close loop which greatly improve structural crash absorbing capability, the elastic structure can reduce the chance of deforming upon front-end crashes.

3. The front towing loop together with the front bumper provide an effective initial collapsing area, greatly reduce the chances of damaging the front part of the chassis upon crashes.

4. Steering posts are designed to seperate with the front end kick-up plate, minimizing the damage of the steering components upon front-end crashes.

5. Lay-down steering servo design offer better torque efficiency, minimize power and range lost.

6. Motor heat-sink made from cold-extrusion materials, provides greater flexibility on machining, hence a 100% increase in size compare with older generationís heat sink.

7. Re-position of the motor cooling fan . This new locations maximize air-flow hence improve cooling efficiency in general , at the same time reduce the risk of debris damaging the fan blade.

8. Quick-release thread-less hex wheel adapter. Eliminating...Continue Reading
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The G-55 is moving along nicely
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We restored and flew one of Hobie Alters personal Hawks, it was a pre-production prototype that he painted in his favorite color: Keoke Coffee. Bob Martin (center) and Tony Johnson (right ) made it the best Katie tribute to date.
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I always wanted an F-18....... so......

With Freewing bringing out an all-new F-18, after discontinuing their earlier version of one, I hummed and harred and then just decided to get one.
But I chose the ARF version so I can use a Jetfan/HET 8S setup in it. The full scale is after-all a FAST and powerful jet and a 6S setup is unlikely to match that.... the full scale being OVER 1:! Thrust to Weight ratio (not armed/loaded of course).
And the F-18 superceded the F-14 Tomcat..... so that is another 'vague' reason to have one.

I think it comes stock as a Stabilator setup - not Tailerons. But I will change it to have full span flaps... no Ailerons... and Tailerons.
I expect the Taileron Pivots will be the typical sloppy, poor tolerance. Freewing design so I will replace those if required - and I am sure they will need that.

I was happy enough with the Blue Angels scheme, rather than the all grey version. It helps it be something more "different" than other camo scheme aircraft.Plus it is a well known 'look'.
I also had (have) the Starmax 70mm F-18 Hornet 64mm jet, from about ten years back(!!)..... and, I still have it stashed in a corner somewhere and it has a 70mm EDF in it now, but it was still somewhat anemic in power, and nothing like the level of scale detail etc that a larger 90mm size can have. More of an "RC Toy"....

The F-18 is probably one of the cheapest of Freewing's 90mm jets - bar the DH-112 Sea Venom - seeing it has somewhat minimal "stuff" in it. Mechanical gear doors, no weapons set (no need on a Blue Angel), and not a complete lighting set.
It is on its way and should arrive in a few more days.....

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I have returned a vintage Kwik Fli Mk III pattern airplane to flying condition.

This is the Graupner version of the airplane - it was very nicely recovered in the original Phil Kraft color scheme by it's prior owner.
The airplane is fitted with an OS 46 AX engine; Mac's muffler; Master Airscrew 11 x 6 propeller; Tru Turn spinner; Hitec Servos; Futaba S3008SB receiver and Futaba 10J transmitter.

After completing break in procedures on the new OS motor today I test flew the airplane.

The first flight was with the engine running very rich to continue breaking it in - just a few laps and figure 8's around the field for trimming. The airplane required minimal aileron trimming and some down elevator.
Trimming and test flying were made more difficult due to 10-15 mph direct cross winds from the north.
Upon landing it was noted that if the airplane carries a little too much speed that it will float and likely require a go-around.
Subsequent flights featured further engine tuning closer to full power. Aileron throw was increased slightly to improve roll rate, rudder and elevator throws were set up properly and did not require changes.
The airplane has excellent vertical and level flight speed - the engine / muffler / propeller combo is correct for this airplane.
Basic aerobatic rolls / loops and stall turns were made in flights 2-5.
The airplane does not spin well (hardly at all) with it's current settings - attempts to experiment with more radical aileron throws
...Continue Reading
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2019.02.20 (Wed)
I-19 linkage (1 min 15 sec)




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After a couple of hundred hours of piecing it together, the first version (Azten) of the Temarai inline head tracker gimbal is now available at WingFocus. It's available as .stl files ready to be 3D printed or as a physical product.
Works with standard servos, linkage stoppers and the Runcam Eagle pro II.

Head tracker gimbal - 2 axis - inline - low profile (0 min 22 sec)

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Saito FA-120 for sale. I have had it for a couple years but have only started it once but other than that itís been on a stand and never used other than being started. It only dirty from sitting on the shelf but if I cleaned it up Iím sure I could get it looking brand new again and only has a couple tiny scratches if any after itís cleaned up. Iím asking $250 or best plus $14 dollars for shipping as is. I do have the original box and tools that came with it but I need to find it if you want it as well. For questions either contact me on here or email me at [email protected] thank you. Add Saito in subject if you email me.
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Hi guys,

Without posting my specific Power System Setup all over again here, I have linked to the Post back almost one year ago over the review thread at:

The only item that I can say today is the purchase of (Quantity 2) 3-Cell, 2600mAH 45C Discharge GENS ACE battery packs!
I got these from my GravesRC Hobby Store in Orlando, Florida.

It really woke UP my model with it's specific Power System and the wooden 11 X 6 propeller. I found the throttle nothing over one click above 1/2 (Half) throttle.

Yes, no fancy Video but, I am super happy and thankful that we have the best GravesRC in Orlando, Florida that STOCKs the best in SouthEast USA!
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2019 is not the same as it was in 1996, when i was building from plans. I got the frame built, but it came out crooked. So i got discouraged and stopped working on it. Back before ARF's, if you wanted to fly,you had to build. Well anyways yesterday i purchased a Tower Hobbies foam Hellcat.
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The mutant Stik-shaped model is coming along bit by bit as I can find the time. I've been using that build like a blog, for general model-related guff, and neglecting this page so I'll try to keep in mind what each is really meant for. What I wanted to post here is my good results with new tools, for me anyway, on that build. I made a little sanding jig like a bench hook with an extra base piece sticking out one side and that works as a track to slide a sanding bar along. The top piece of the jig is square to that edge so it's easy to sand a piece square. The sanding bar is made of 50 x 30mm rectangular aluminium extrusion with sandpaper spray glued to it, and a gap at the bottom to clear the base of the jig. It works great, especially for sanding the angles on the ends of the diagonal braces in the Warren truss rear fuselage sides. I mark the angle I want on each brace from the stringers then place it on the jig at roughly that angle, first to use it as a bench hook while I saw it then to sand it to fit. It works very well. I bought another 1 metre long piece of the same hollow bar as a long sander and it's also been very handy. I've got coarse 80 grit paper on one side and 180 on the other. So far I've used it mainly to true up the edges of full length balsa sheets for edge gluing, as I needed to join 3 sheets for each skin for the wing D-tubes. It gives a nice straight edge that's properly square to the face all the way along, which isn't guaranteed using a blade and...Continue Reading
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Hi, I just piled my sport model in today. The front end was quite badly damaged. I will dispose of the LIPO battery but wonder if I should scrap the motor too. Its a turnigy aerodrive. How can I tell if its wrecked? Is it ok to run it up again after bad crash? Thanks for any advice. Not found out what caused the crash yet. The model started to porpoise at speed and then would not respond to controls.
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Hello can anyone tell me how rare are these airplanes?
Posted by whitehawk | Jun 23, 2019 @ 10:45 AM | 1,967 Views
Not including the multitude of micros....damn you Blissinindy!!
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Does anyone know of a provider foe the qequired balsa materials for these types of kits/ I have a materials list.
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Long time since I wrote anything in my blog. Some Years ago when I mainly flew propeller planes
I bought 4 kits from "Sonic Model" also sold as Hype in Europe. Recently I discovered that these planes
still was sold under the name Nicesky. Wingspan 680mm approx 26" so they are not park size models.

The 4 kits were: Hurricane, Focke Wulf 190, P-47 Thunderbolt and a P-51D Mustang.

The Hurricane went into the bin pretty early it was a awful flew like a dog, foam crappy it was simply junk

Then I assembled the FW-190 struggled a bit to get the COG correct but managed it. That one is just
brilliant it almost flies like a Focke Wulf FW-190 it's just amazing!

For some weeks ago I started to assemble the P-47, flew it today (early morning no wind) with a E-flite 9x4,7 prop.
The prop is a bit too big for the plane I will try an APC 8x4,7SF or similar later.

Could not find any 8x4,7 in my stock pile so I went for APC 8x6SF and that made the day!
Need to increase rudder throw ...

Nicesky_P-47_680mm_wingspan (2 min 14 sec)

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WLtoys F959 bound to my Taranis Q x7 (5 min 52 sec)

It was a cold / foggy day today !
I think it was just around 10deg Celsius when I was at the park and the breeze was just picking up .

The WLtoys F959 has been around for a long time now .
It has earned a rep for being value for money , but I really hate the factory transmitter .
The one that came with my F959 simply confirmed my right to not like the Factory supplied transmitter .
So I simply bound the F959 to my Taranis Q x7 .
Since the F959 runs the old Flysky protocol , you could use a 9x or other transmitter that supports the protocol .

I had previously trimmed the F959 for glide , and the Q x7 simply makes controlling the F959 so much more rewarding .
So at the park under power the F959 was pulling up . I literally needed almost all the down trim the trim pot offered ( mine is set to fine ) .
But once trim was established , the F959 was so easy to fly . It is almost a hands off plane .
For most of the flight I was running about 30% throttle ? ( watch the video ) .

I have to say , I was flying the F959 a little slowly . It never tried to stall out on me , not even when I tried to lower the throttle even more . The F959 simply started to slowly descend .
I did do one full throttle pass and turn , then cutting the motor going into a glide . ( I lost altitude quickly because the glide trim and power trim are so different ) To glide you really need to gently apply a little up...Continue Reading
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My new 3" quad from Hobbymate came and it looks super cool and quality build. I got BNF version, build is super clean and all solder joints are nicely done. Details are in picture gallery.

HOBBYMATE FPV carbon fiber racing drone is a 3-inch quad built to go fast with load of power. Equipped with SmartAudio, which means it’ll be easier for a pilot to change settings on the video transmitter.

  • Wheelbase: 145mm
  • Frame weight: 35g
  • Arm thickness: 4mm
  • Top plate thickness: 2mm
  • Flight control mounting holes size: 20*20mm
  • Supported Motor:13xx / 14xx / 15xx
  • Supported propeller: Max 3 inch
  • Weight wo props:

  • Weight w Gemfan 3035 props:

...Continue Reading