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Posted by mark675 | Feb 15, 2006 @ 02:54 PM | 11,129 Views
Ok my names mark and im an rc addict

ive been into rc since I was a lad with cars but always longed for a helicopter and a scale microlight since my dad started flying one when i was around 8 years old
having been in the back of the microlight more times than i can remember i got a 'feel' for how they fly and handle.
believing a scale rc version was not possible until I decided to build one from scratch a few years back!
having only seen ones that were pretty unrealistic i went the scale route and made a one off, since then ive helped others build them (even if one of them wont admit it due to ego problems, hi Mario arguello of Mia rc! )

Anyway, i got seriously bitten by the rc bug in about 2004'ish when a friend of mine took me to a 5th scale car meet at mendip uk and here is where I first seen the rc bikes that have took over my life!
I didn't even know they existed in hobby grade let alone racing ones!
I got home from the race, did some quick research and ordered a fm-1e R1 straight away, I just had to have one!
being into real motorbikes for many years these we're right up my street!

having an addictive nature this led to many many more rc bikes being purchased, nitro and electric,
I think at one point I was approaching 20 hobby grade bikes! nuova faors, thunder tigers, oto's etc and being an engineer i also made some of my own.

i then decided that i would learn to fly helicopters so went the usual route.. sim, little co-axials, twister fp, etc
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