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Posted by jfetter | May 09, 2009 @ 12:17 AM | 21,124 Views
Battery technology is getting frightening and I mean this from a pure power perspective. Until recently I was quite pleased with my trusty FlightPower packs, many of which I've had for some 4 years, they've been good to me for the most part and I figured why change it if it isn't broken. What hapened next was a surprise to me and it all started with my friend who is a BVM rep who got hold of some new Thunder Power packs (Pro Power 40C) for testing.

Now I've shot video many times but these new packs really added so much more punch to the BVM Electra (a common video subject for me) to the point it was hard to follow and keep on camera at full power. The packs are 260 Amps continuous, 520 Amps burst, just saying that sounds insane! Turns out though while I've been seeing minimal increases in power from my FlightPower EVO's (I've gone from Lites and 20's through the new 30's), Thunder Power was out leapfrogging everyone with 40C packs that actually ARE 40C!

Now I've got a unique problem as well, it's not more power I need (though I won't mind more) but rather temperature control in a low airflow (cooling air flow) plane. My KMP Pilatus PC-21 has very limited air flow over the packs and the FlightPower EVO 30's are getting up to 125 degrees after only 6 minutes of mild-to-slightly-strong flying. It's bad enough I am fearful that heavy flying or running too long will ruin them and more airflow is difficult without ruining the sweet lines of the plane.

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