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Posted by MsWinchdoc | Nov 10, 2020 @ 03:19 PM | 10,966 Views
It's a strange trip we're on. We wake up and find ourselves incapsulated in this meat blanket. We spend an enormous amount of time trying to figure out what is what, who is who, truth from fiction, facts and reality. We delude ourselves with our thoughts and search for happiness in the possession of things. We chase after the money, to buy us things, admittedly we need food, shelter, safety and companionship and money can supply a majority of that but in the end as in the beginning, we are ultimately alone with ourselves, with our thoughts, our beliefs. There is a lot of investment in our thoughts, we look at the obvious like our gender and identify with that. We begin to believe what we are told as repetition re-enforces the thoughts. We should believe what our parents believe, we should be good little girls and boys and do as we are told without question. Girls were raised to be people pleasers, keep the peace, keep quiet, do as you are told. Boys were raised to have a stiff upper lip, take it like a man, fists and fighting, be tough or be eaten. It's strange to me that we want men to be loving husbands kind and thoughtful, caring parents supportive and nurturing but we praise boys for not shedding a tear and chide them when they do and give them toys of war. We tell them to solve problems with their actions (what are you going to do about that?) rather than with their words. We are a conflicted people and each generation, I believe tries to do it better when they have...Continue Reading
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Episode 6 – Individual One is a Flight Risk
Mean while all over America, young children are beginning to impersonate the POTUS just as they had for Nixon’s “I am not a crook” sequence. Vintage file footage of Nixon era kids mimicking him juxtaposed with current kids spoofing DJT.
I hear “Pardon me Pence”,(sung to the tune” is that the Chattanooga Choo Choo?”
This time, Pence does not take the bait, it’s a double cross!! Pence grows a pair and a spine, all at the same time!
DJT disappears and shows up in (Dubai?) or North Korea where he is seen wearing one of those Kim Jong outfits with his red tie and MAGA hat.
Season Ender and Final Episode – America’s sound waves are polluted by the latest member of the radio media to spew forth the bile and hatred bred by an unwanted pregnancy uh presidency. I may not agree with your politics but I still defend your right to be wrong.

May the election returns be ever in your favor.
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Episode 5 – “Trump on Steroids”
Upon election day results pile in and seeing the re-election as a now lost proposition – Trump resigns before the inauguration making Pence #46, who then pardons him of all wrong doing (review Nixon’s I am not a crook routine).
After Pence bails out Trump, he runs out the shot clock – having no real power anyway. Now that I’ve been proven innocent of all wrong doing” Trump becomes a talk show host/pundit reviled by all but the reddest of necks, the whitest of sheets and the blackest of hearts.

History note – for those that aren't aware, Adolph Hitler was heavily medicated by his personal physicians. They pumped him full of cocaine, methamphetamines, as well as vitamins and “other” substances. Substances which no doubt added to his inhumane, maniacal and psychotic behaviors as well as ultimate suicide.

DJT has contracted Covid-19, his personal physicians are assisting his ‘recovery’ with Dexamethasone, literally Trump on steroids. Substituting DMA coincides with another TikTok hack and many viral videos ensue. His dancing does not improve unfortunately.
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Our beloved RGB has died and Trump wants to replace her before the election. Trump picks his A-lister choice – the GOP wants to rush it through, the Dem’s fight it but it gets pushed thru the confirmation hearings, in this dream, the choice refuses the post. Time runs out, the horn blows and it’s too late game over. The next President picks the judges. RIP RBG

In another dream
New game show idea called “WHO WANTS TO BE AMERICA’S NEXT PRESIDENT?” Hosted by Alex Trebec with game show podiums, buzzers and insta-fact checking with automated scores revealing points deducted for each false fact or lie.
Final Round is called the ‘dunk tank round’. Contestants sit above a water tank filled from our very own Flint, Michigan and once the point level goes negative, so splashes the liar.

Episode 4 an homage to Dr. Strangelove (all black and white) “Gentlemen you can’t fight in here, this is the war room
Or “Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue” where we return to the Dunk tank and the contestants have both been exposed to the waters of Flint. And in keeping with DJT’s previous and unseemly association with the Miss America pageant – Trump and Biden have to do a swim suit competition.

Plus the snarkiest of Republicans and Democrats make up a panel of 3 each to provide commentary on the competition. It will not be pretty, well some of them are pretty, the others are pretty awful.
Mitch McConnell VS Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Lindsay Graham VS Nancy Pelosi
Rush Limbaugh VS Rachel Maddow

Before all this happens Trumpy is asleep and dreaming he shows up for the debate and he’s greeted like at a Trump rally. The scene looks like it’s staked and pitched in his favor. He has the best answers Man, Woman, Television….

So he wins the debate 100 to Zero. Then he wakes up and goes to the game show. At that point the nightmare begins
Evil laughter…bwwhahhh-ha-ha-ha
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Side bar – “Shooting down boats” is not on my Presidential Crazy Sound Bite Bingo Card
A communique was received today by the SLA – which you may remember from the 1970’s when Patty Hearst was kidnapped and turned. The conspiracy theory was that she arranged it all and it wasn’t the Stockholm syndrome at all. We’ll go with that theory, that Barron was always a little just like his dad until opening his 3rd eye while in the company of the SLA – Ayahuasca may have been involved – and as you know, once you’ve seen it you can’t unsee it.
Episode 3 – He finally gets some intelligence even thought it’s artificial. “In a Pig’s Brain” [cameo appearance by Elon Musk] Basically, DJT has a stroke or? Elon Musk convinces him to get a brain chip so that he has “the best answers” and “the most real facts” in his debates with Biden.
Whenever Elon Musk puts a chip in a pig’s brain something goes kinda funny. The chip is made in Wauweh, China and has an exploitable back door access that Tik Toker’s hack into periodically. They can’t do it all the time but only under certain circumstances, at first they make him blurt out words like Turret’s syndrome. Then later they add bursts of dance moves.
Pretty soon we see him saluting the flag while tap dancing like Shirley Temple, like dancing with the Stars (& Stripes) and soon there is a posse dance chorus line style of the entire cabinet, hangers on and cronies dancing in union.
The opinion of his base remains unchanged as they are impressed with his talent.
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I don't know what you've been doing during the pandemic but the WinchDoc and I have been hunkering down, staying close (more or less) to home and watching the telly while writing screen plays based on the antics portrayed by the 'actors' in Washington, DC.

* Disclaimer....all character names are based on real people, despite the fact that they act like caricatures in an SNL sketch. All actions portrayed in the following are fictional and probably only a little prophetic.

Season 4 - House of Trump Cards

After the surprise pandemic episodes, the old Russian villain who has remained silent, biding his time becomes angry with the POTUS and decides to drop the black mail bomb, the infamous "Compromat" DJT's Russian dominatrix sex tapes, almost a black mirror scene.

Melania loses her....composure (so to speak) goes to N.Y. with Barron, files for divorce and takes over Trump Tower. The youngster is kidnapped by the SLA, they turn him and he becomes a left leaning environmentalist and spills his guts about Ivanka and her dirty crime business with China. She's invisible, she can do anything. With Barron turned, the family AKA daddy, decides he's a liability so poof -- he goes underground for his own protection. Now every 30 days a new video appears on TikTok where Barron discloses another one of "my father's sins". Which spins off to an entirely new series.....'just like the sands of time in the hour glass....these are the sins of my father. A highly rate show! It goes viral. Barron, being a chip off the old block, has mean while embezzled from his father's secret slush funds - turning them into untraceable bit coins, thus making him independent of the influence of the family.
Oh-Oh better call Rudy!