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Posted by doublestroken | May 27, 2017 @ 06:44 PM | 7,413 Views
Have you ever considered a smoke system for your plane, but been hesitant because of seeing the mess from an oil covered air frame at the field, or complicated plumbing or pre-heaters needed? How about the myth that smoke systems are just for giant scale gassers? Bad Dog Smokes atomizing smoke oil injection nozzles produce a fan shaped ultra fine fan shaped mist of oil that will make smoke on 2 strokes, 4 strokes, gassers, or glow fuel, with considerably less mess than traditional "pinched tubing" nozzles, and because of the reduced oil consumption give you longer smoke ON time per tank from DIY "home made" nozzles.

Nozzle Features:
10-32 threads for most common pre-tapped smoke tap holes on mufflers. (although best smoke may require relocating or re-tapping a new hole in your muffler)
Adjustable positioning for length, and rotational direction.
One piece Full Stainless Steel construction. Grade 2 Titanium nozzles also available.
Consistent flow volume and spray pattern for multi-cylinder applications.

Want to smoke with your gasser but your running headers and tuned pipes? No-Weld header installation kits allow nozzles to be mounted without the need for welding, brazing or silver soldering. Works with both thin wall headers as well as heaver gage tubing. Simply mark the location drill a hole in your header and bolt on the adapter & nozzle. Available in the following sizes as determined by your header pipe OD


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