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Posted by jdixon77 | Jan 18, 2022 @ 08:14 PM | 5,777 Views
This pilot seems pretty mad at his ground crew for not inspecting his cockpit for potential threats> :0)
Posted by jdixon77 | Jan 15, 2022 @ 01:51 AM | 31,456 Views
So a few years ago I was looking for an inexpensive little stadium truck at one point to upgrade and play with, so I jumped on the letgo app and one that caught my eye, was an old Losi LXT. It caught my attention mainly for the body design (A cool truck with the number 3 and GoodWrench sponsorship), and kept my interest due to the price and the info shared by other hobbyist who noted it could be upgraded to brushless without having to upgrade all the gears. So I sent a message to the seller that I was interested and arranged a meet up for inspection and purchase. I was given the address to his home and a time to meet.

I pulled up to the suburban home of a gentlemen tolling around in his garage, packing ammo If I remember correctly. Well we get to talking of course and he is telling me about the truck and how he was big into RC as a youngster and he mentions he did the design because his cousin Dale raced the number 3 in NASCAR. And after the expected "Wait a min, you mean Dale Earnhardt?"

"Yep" and the stories of him growing up and going over to his house to swim in the pool and the family get togethers at his house, before he became super famous followed of course. And boy did he have a lot of Earnhardt stuff, which he noted he had no interest in selling for the money, being family an all, which I certainly respected him for that. I wound up selling the truck itself a little while later since I realized AWD was just more my taste, but I kept the body, and never mentioned the story behind it when I sold it. Now if the person who bought that truck from me happens to see this, yes that was the one. This shell has been like a novelty sitting on my shelf for a while, but now I am just gonna strap it on my wifes truck and let it be what it should be :-) And I just thought I should get some pics of it and blog the story behind in case it doesn't survive ;-) Plus it's just a neat little story.
Posted by jdixon77 | Jan 04, 2022 @ 08:23 PM | 56,850 Views
So the wing master was a bust, and I decided I would just find the best way to light up my Harbor Freight P-51, a plane that I always had at the ready to go fly (And the model I learned to fly with). Well during my research phase on what lights to use and how to use them, I happened across a video of a night flyer video with a plane that was just perfectly illuminated in the night sky, so I looked up the model to see if I could find documentation on the lighting system. Well the model turned out being one I had seen many times before, and always thought, that is a weird looking plane with those white wheels (who would want that thing I wonder?) Well long story short, I ended up buying one on clearance because I suppose most people felt the same way when they saw it online. But wow, this thing went from, "this is just my night flyer" to "of course I'm bringing that one".

The first flight was just before dusk at the field, this was gonna be a one and done, so I could ensure the lights were visible when they needed to be. And I ended up flying every battery I had in my bag, what fun this plane was, it flew like it was on rails and I was able to fly in the pitch black of night !!! The bonus to this plane is the snap together assembly and foam box (it really is the perfect carrying case for it.) How HSD manage to get the snap together feature so perfect, when all other planes I have had from others always had one issue or another, is beyond me. The only upgrade I did was the ESC from a 40amp to 50amp with a separate bec, since the motor was pulsing at full throttle.

The night images are from my cell phone camera at the field on that night.
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Not sure why all the sudden I wanted a night flyer, I am guessing it had to do with the summer days after work and wanting more time to fly. Having time to fly after work at my home field suddenly became possible when our office relocated changing my commute from an hour + in traffic, to 15-20 mins traffic or no. This gave me the extra time needed to charge batteries in the morning and head to the field after work, YAY!! But never quite enough time to fly as much as I would have liked, so I figured I needed something I could fly when it started getting dark. So I started out with the BlitzRC Wing Master, it was a large enough high wing and had plenty of lights, seemed prefect. With the exception of the weak landing gears, lack of viewing angles for the lights and flew like a kite caught in the wind...