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Posted by rob66 | Oct 21, 2015 @ 05:48 AM | 6,441 Views
after some head scratching ive managed to get this looking more scale in its shape by moving the tail back,,,bringing the canopy back a bit,,,,i think its there now,,,now to start the filling of all the deep panel,lines,,,
Posted by rob66 | Oct 19, 2015 @ 10:41 AM | 82,178 Views
Going to start my little tempest ...I think that with the tail moved back approx one inch it looks more scale. The model is nice with good lines but it's definitely too's a few's so clear it needs lengthening ..
Posted by rob66 | Oct 19, 2015 @ 07:02 AM | 101,070 Views
Bit more weathering done on the little avios seafury..starting to look something now...once the top is done I can get it upside down on the stand to sort the retracts out & scale the underside up a bit...
Posted by rob66 | Oct 09, 2015 @ 01:47 PM | 7,263 Views
this is the first coat of filler,.,.,.im going to go for the canopy in the open position which i think helps the model look a bit sleeker & shows the cockpit / pilot off a bit better,. a new pilot,.,.plus canopy from the dynam tempest will be used as the front screen frame is a bit too wide,..,
Posted by rob66 | Oct 09, 2015 @ 01:39 PM | 7,258 Views
I thought id put a few posts on here rather than my posts getting lost amongst the pages & pages of posts in the various threads,.,.
anyway im starting with a little seafury from avios ,..,lets face it these are quite nice models nowadays but if your into a bit more scale then there's nothing stopping anyone with half a brain to do some simple mods.,,.just to take the toy cheapo look away a bit.,,.,.this little seafury has good lines with a decent scale outline.,.,im starting by filling all the deep panel lines with a light weight filler,.,.this is from delux materials,.it dries in no time ready for sanding,.,.you can thin it with water,.,.anyway more pics as i do more,..,im not totally striping this model as theres no point,.ive seen threads,.youtube videos ect of guys going mad with all sorts of this & that to get the paint off,,.i like simple fixes to hard problems,.so im leaving the original paint on it,..,Its realy doing no harm ,.,.this is the case with the bigger 1400mm1700mm models as well.,.,once its all filled .,rubbed smooth then re painted no one will ever be able to tell what's underneath,.