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Posted by EndoDuskin | May 12, 2020 @ 11:47 PM | 10,324 Views
This past month was the 1 year anniversary since my first RC helicopter flight attempts. A couple flights have me thinking I must be learning something, because I'm able to do some maneuvers that almost look like inverted funnels, and my half-piro attempts don't always end in crashes (only sometimes).

I am working on making a crash reel with some featured crashes and descriptions of the model and the days, hours, and moments before the crash, along with my best analysis of the why and what and wherefores.

Here's 7 minutes of heaven on a beautiful spring day about a week ago with my orange M2. So much fun!

OMP M2 Inverted Funnels, Half-Piros, Flight Practice (7 min 44 sec)

Posted by EndoDuskin | Mar 01, 2020 @ 08:34 PM | 6,560 Views
I always loved flight or "air-ee-oo-planes" as I called 'em at age 5 or so. Because we moved a lot overseas, I never had the chance to build RC airplanes, and I figured helicopters were out of the question. We did build some balsa flyers, including Guillow's Corsair and an elegant tissue paper rubber band flyer with cantilevered wings and a tendency to turn left. Later I got a 72Mhz RC buggy by Tamiya, the HORNET (Anytime Baby!) and had so much fun with that it almost filled my entire imagination. But I always wanted to try RC planes and helicopters.

Last year, my wife worked overseas for a few months, and feeling alone and bored I bought two RC helicopter kits on a whim from Banggood, an Alzrc 380 Devil and a 420 Devil. I bought them both the same day because I wasn't sure which would be better.

I built them over the next month and figured out how to program the imitation VBAR and spent about a month unsuccessfully trying to get off the ground without a mishap. I wish I'd recorded those first few flights because they were scary, funny, and sad, depending on how you looked at them.

In the 11 months since then I've never been longer than a week without getting out to fly. It's really fun! But it's an era that must come to an end at some point, so I'll post some short updates for posterity in this page.