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Posted by nocturnalis | Apr 27, 2013 @ 06:46 PM | 4,056 Views
So after waiting as patiently as I possibly could (Which is NOT at ALL) My little whirly arrived in the days mail. I was at the mother in laws at the time, and when I got the call from the roomy, I actually put 5 in her tank so we could use the car to go 2 miles so I could get it. After the obligatory stop at walmart, (Woman! Don't you see I have a heli to fly!?!) We got home and I quickly set about doing the necesarry business to actually fly. Trepidation, nervousness, and a fear that I had got a dud was quickly replaced by the giddy feeling of "HOLY CRAP IT FLIES!!!" And boy does it! Not the quickest forwards or backwards, but considering I crashed it 3 times in 5 minutes.... I am quite ok with that for the moment. And the mother in laws cat has NO CLUE how to deal with the strange buzzy thing hovering 3 inches above its head.... I am now going to have to buy one for my 15 year old, no option there at all. If I dont he will steal mine. (He steals my underwear, its not that far of a stretch from my boxers to full blown helo larceny).

Now for all seriousness, the Syma S107G is actually a tiny freekin mechanical marvel really. The fact that this thing is only $20 shipped is honestly a bit confusing. I have gone through dozens of Airhogs from the stores here in town and I will NEVER waste my money on Walmart helis again.

My mind is already wracking itself to try and figure out mods and tweaks to bring out the true potential of the thing, and I have never been this excited about a cheapo "toy" in my life.

Now, enough with this typing... she's just about charged and I have a cat to payback for all the nonsense allergy business she inflicts on me....