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Posted by kallend | Jan 27, 2013 @ 05:28 PM | 13,770 Views
Those who want to have switch selectable MAN, ATTI, GPS and Failsafe from a Spektrum DX8 (or higher) have generally been advised to use ACRO mode on the transmitter, and to set the flight mode ("U" input to the NAZA) on one of the 3-position switches, and then mix in the input from a 2-way switch to get to the Failsafe value.

This is how I did it at first, and it works, but it does involve (typically) setting endpoints on the flight mode channel to achieve the MAN and GPS values, using subtrim to ensure that ATTI is in the right place, and then programming the programmable mixers to get the failsafe.

However, this struck me as an overly complicated solution to a simple problem, and one that is likely to be confusing if you come back in 4 months time and need to change something and can't recall why it's set up that way.

What I ended up doing was using HELI mode instead. This allows the TX "pitch" channel (Channel 6) to be used for the "U" input on the NAZA. So be sure to connect the Rx channel 6 output to the NAZA's "U" input.

I set up the new model in the TX memory as a "1 Servo swash type NORMAL" HELI (this is the default so you don't actually have to do anything). All this means is that one channel is dedicated to each of the "elevator", "aileron" and collective pitch functions with no weird mixing involved. Connect the Rx throttle, elevator, aileron and rudder outputs to the corresponding NAZA...Continue Reading