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Posted by baronbernie | Sep 03, 2012 @ 07:53 PM | 4,977 Views
Today was the last day for the club fun flys and next is the indoor flying.
Today I drove with friend to the flying field wth no wrong turns. Sadly the winds were to high to fly my plane. So on the way home stopped at the nearest Tim Horton's and got a small coffee and 2 dougnuts. Took an altogether different route home that seemed much shorter than the one taken getting there. Instead of getting of the the throughway at the usual exit I kept on going and went out for dinner, then went straight home. It was a good day indeed..
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Tactic TTX404 Radio Set-Up For The Trainer Function
(Teacher/Student Mode)
The TTX600 Tx includes a built-in wireless trainer function Ė no trainer cable required! This trainer system connects a
teacherís Tactic Tx to a studentís Tactic Tx by wireless connection. Tacticís wireless trainer function is not compatible with trainer systems in any other brand radios.
IMPORTANT! Before attempting to fly the airplane, itís very important to make sure all reversing switches and trim lever adjustments on the studentís Tx match the settings on the teacherís Tx! Otherwise, the airplane could suddenly veer off in an unwanted manner when the teacherís trainer switch is pressed. Proper matching of the student and teacherís Tx settings should ensure that no unexpected movements occur when the trainer switch is pressed. This is especially true of the throttle control!
1. The Tx that was used to set up the controls on the aircraft must be used by the TEACHER.
2. The student must use a separate Tactic Tx with wireless trainer function.
3. Place the teacher and studentís transmitters within 1 meter (3 feet) of each other, and make sure the throttle stick for each
Tx is set to idle.
4. Turn ON the power switch for the Tx being held by the student.
5. Pull and hold the trainer switch on the teacherís Tx, and then turn ON the teacherís Tx power switch.
6. The LED on the teacherís Tx will flash 3 times to indicate it has become bound with the studentís Tx.
7. The teacher can then release his trainer switch.
8. Once both transmitters are bound together, power can be applied to the receiver to prepare for flight.
When the training session has ended, with the model on the ground and all power removed from the model, place both
transmitters within 1 meter of each other and simply turn the power switch for both transmitters to the OFF position. This will
terminate the wireless link between both transmitters. If additional training will be performed again, return to step 1 above to
re-establish the wireless link between the teacher and studentís transmitters.

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This coming monday is Labor Day and will be the first fun fly I will be attending, at least I hope. While many of the TV channels are predicting we will be getting the trailing end of hurricane Isaac and rain will follow, I remain hopeful. Having finished putting together my Nexstar RTF Mini I look forward to possibly flying it Monday. Hopefully. I still have not recieved my AMA registration card and will not be able to fly without it as per the clubs rules (Western New York Sailplane and Electric Plane Club).
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Living by Lake Erie has its up and downs but as for flying, NOT. Most of the time the winds are from the north and blow by at 5 - 15 mph. There are many parks and possible places to fly but if you do not mind rebuilding the plane after every visit to the park, more power to you! Having gone to high school for aviation and learning enough to be given my A&P Mechanics certificatess, there are still so many great thi ngs to learn about R/C planes. Most of the time I fly indoors with either a Night Vapor, Ember 2, Pluma or HZ Champ. Along with a fantastic group of friendly and ethusiastic flyers, there is never a shortage of guys that are willing to help.