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Posted by pjdog | Nov 18, 2012 @ 10:21 PM | 6,042 Views
I got a new little cheap quad helicopter the other day. I went to the hobby shop for parts to rebuild the heads on my Blade fleet of helicopters and saw this little heli-max quad. It was only $ 99.00 so I got it. Been wanting a Blade quad for a while so I thought I'd try this one.

It's a great flier. Went back to the LHS to get more batteries for it but they are back ordered. Even on the internet they all seem to be back ordered. So I ordered some. Still waiting. I went to Best Buy amd got a USB add on pack for a computer that has 4 extra ports along with it's own power supply. Now I can charge more batteries when they show up. having just one batteries really sucks.
Posted by pjdog | May 29, 2012 @ 04:16 PM | 5,137 Views
Saw on the RCGroups forum that Polarisdave had some super drive shaft couplers. He used Traxxas half shafts. Great idea. I have a hell of a time getting my dog bones lined up every time I install the S/D in the sub for a run. Subs been on the shelf for maybe two or three years. Now that I'm in Florida with all the clear water I'm going to get the subs up and running again.


Got all the stuff I need for the drive shaft update. Everything is cut and ready to install into the Gato. I think later today I'm going to take my Type Vii upto the LHS and get a set fot both Type VII's.

Got the Traxxas half shafts in the Gato sub. They are far better than the dog bones I was using. Down side is I messed up the system that drops the gatos forward dive planes. I had used a hollow aluminum rod rather than a solid one. It bend real easy. Then got a kink in it so it's trash now. I'll get to the LHS and get a solid aluminum rod for a replacement. Also work up a little something to make uncoupling from the forward dive plane dive easier. I forgot how much overhead RC Submarines are.

I had a support in the aft section of the hull that I removed. I'm not rure I really needed it and it was always in the way when using the allen wrench on the grub screws. I've got to trim up the hull so it looks a little smoother.

Got another Gato on EBay for $ 70.00. I'm not going to buy another Gato S/D I'll us the type VII S/D I have and just make adjustments to...Continue Reading
Posted by pjdog | Apr 28, 2012 @ 11:59 AM | 4,665 Views
I have four new planes without any receivers. I got on the net and found target hobby in China had Spektrum receivers almost free. I think I paid $ 3.99 for the AR6100's and $ 19.00 for the AR6200 full range. Got three 6100's and two AR6200's. One in for my New Airfield P-40.

My new MSR-X Blade rc helicopter last ten flights. The motor crapped out. I ordered some parts including a new MSR-X motor from AMAIN hobbies. The motor was here in two days including the day I ordered. US mail is great. The receivers from China got here in 7 days. That includes Saturday & Sunday. Target Hobbies in China is a real class act.

I'm real disappointed in the MSR-X. I have an MSR for inside flying and thought the new flybarless MSR-X would be of the same class but it's not. When it flies it's great but losing a motor in ten flights is unacceptable. I sent Horizon and email and told them I had buyers remorse. They have offered to give be a refund I think but I told them not to bother. Every Blade helicopter I've ever bought was a super machine. The B400 has well over 300 flights and is going strong. In fact I flew it this morning around 6:30 AM. Got in two flights before the wind came up. We are in a new house in a new neighborhood and the guy nest store (Jim) stop to see it take off. I've always thought the if it had Blade on it was bullet proof but I guess that's not the case anymore.

I was not expecting the 4 motors & Esc's I ordered from Hobby King until the middle of the...Continue Reading
Posted by pjdog | Apr 03, 2012 @ 02:01 PM | 5,173 Views
The P-40 is one of my favorite planes. Got an email from Nitro planes that they were on sale.
So I bought one. Looking forward to the build. Need to get the Garage in order so I have a place to put her together.


UPS should be here April 9th with my new P-40. That's tomorrow.

As promised the P-40 showed up today. I was in the middle of assembling 6 storage cabnets for the new garage so I had to finish the assembly. It was tough working on cabnets with the P-40 looking at me.

It's allot bigger than I thought it would be and heavier also. It's a real good looker. Retracks already installed. These are my first electric retracks. All the other have been gas operated.

I still don't have my building table ready. This puts more pressure on getting the garage ready.

I like these planes. I'm thinking that maybe I should get there P-51. They are super easy to assemble and come so complete. Almost everything is installed. You just screw they together. And for $ 169.00 they are a real bargin.

Going to start to put it together when I get home from my daughters house today.

I've got to get a couple full range receivers for this plane and the next one.

Yesterday I went to Target Hobby on the internet and ordered 5 Spektrum receivers. 2 AR6200's and 3 AR6110's. The AR6110's were only $ 3.99. The AR6200 full range receivers with the satilite's was only $ 19.99 I think. $ 13.99 shipping. I've bought from these...Continue Reading
Posted by pjdog | Dec 25, 2011 @ 07:13 PM | 5,298 Views
All my toys are packed up for the move to Florida. Got the Submarines in there carrying boxes. The Helicopters are in there aluminum boxes. They are broken very easy so I'm moving them myself in January. Also the planes all in cardboard boxes. Got three planes without boxes. The two DR-1's and the J-3 Cub.

All the stuff in the corner of the great room are my RC toys.

All RC toys are in Palm Harbor Florida.

I am to now.

A picture of all my toys in the basement of my daughters house. We bought a house in Hudson but it will be a couple of weeks before we can get in.

At last we are in our new house. Down side is a new house needs window treatments, a fence for Fido. This house can NOT have a out building so I have to fit everything in the Garage. It's a three car garage but we have lots of stuff. Getting it to fit is becoming a real problem. I had to get a thing put on the boat so the boat will fit in the garage. The boat took up allot of room. I don't like that. This is my man cave for my toys and the boat is getting more than it's share. May sell it. The work bench is to be under the raised cabnets but there is still boxes there to be unpacked. The boat is to be over where all the yard tools and Harley is. Miss Sharons car (Sion) is to be where the boat is. I'm to be building planes where Miss Sharons car is. I've still got allot to do.

Moving is allot of work.

Oh! I forgot. A little old lady ran into the back of our Ford F-150 while we were sitting...Continue Reading
Posted by pjdog | Nov 24, 2011 @ 02:07 PM | 6,278 Views
I've met some local boys that still fly control line planes at the park. The park is 1 block away. So I decided to join them. This is my first control line plane. I've bought a bunch of nitro motors for this adventure. I'm looking at a .40 size PT-19. Current build is a very simple 1/2A (.049).

Got these little C0x 1/2A motors on EBay for $ 20.50. That's $ 4.10 each? Go Figure?

Doing another 1/2A control line model. A Sig Skyray....Continue Reading
Posted by pjdog | Nov 01, 2011 @ 01:21 PM | 6,468 Views
Back in the 1970's when I first started fly Nitro RC planes one of the better motors was the K&B line. I had a K&B .40 and a .61. Both were fine motors. Very reliable and strong.

Currently I'm doing electric which I must admit is cleaner, quieter and much easier. However I've met some local boys that are control line guys and they are still in the 1950, & 60's with Nitro models. They met every Wednesday at the park just down the street and do the control line thing. The smell of spent fuel got to me so I got in the internet (EBay) and got a few K&B .40's. I've cleaned them up and did a parts check to insure they would run. I was happy to find that they (K&B) are still around. Parts a available from California. I've ordered rings, gaskets & one new carburetor. Still waiting on the parts but it does look good.

Think I'll get a Horizon hobby PT-19 profile for the K&B's.

To be sure I could get a good running K&B .40 I also bid on three more on EBay. I got two of them.

Also made a test stand. Now I need a fuel tank & fuel.

I got my 5th and final K&B .40 today. It's a model #8011. It's a little difficult to find a muffler for as it has holes in the exhaust stack when you remove the baffle.

Ordered new cases so I can get around the muffler problems.

Built a field box from a kit and got all the stuff I need to fire up these motors. Also made a test stand.

Got 5 Cox Surestart .049's for $ 4.10 each on EBay. No markings...Continue Reading
Posted by pjdog | Oct 24, 2011 @ 07:21 PM | 7,802 Views
Check it out.

This Pogo reminds me of the new E-Flite flying thing.

Yep - your right.

This is a Pogo. Built by Convair. The Salmon was a Lockheed plane.

Posted by pjdog | Sep 29, 2011 @ 09:49 AM | 7,092 Views
Found these plans on the RCGroups forum. Thought I'd try one.

Plans by Andy Reynolds.
Wingspan = 30"
Length = 21.6"

I've got everything I need. Motors, ESC, receivers, props & depron.

Cut the paper forms out and ready to mark Depron.

Marked the pattern from the cut out overlay on the Depron.

Ready to put a new knife in the holder and start cutting out the parts.

Got all but one part cut out. I decided that it was just as easy to build two zeros as one. So I've cut two out. Think I'll do one in white and one in green.

My F&L look alike showed up today. I think I like it. Have to decided what motor and ESC to put in it. Hope to get it out this week end. Going to steal the receiver from one of my Gravity warbirds.

Started work on the profile Zero again today. It's coming along good.

Using a HK T2211-2300 motor, Detrum 12a ESC & Micro light park flyer receiver. The receiver is a China Spektrun AR6110 clone. I've used them before and they work great.

I decided to paint the zero white on top and light gray on the bottom. Red nose and wing tips. Hope tp have the paint and done tonight and trim tomorrow with the radio installation.

Paint sure does add weight.

Stuck the motor on the nose, plugged in the ESC and test ran to be sure it was running in the right direction. Need to touch up some painting and install the servos. Also need to add the horizonal stab filler between the elevators. It's coming along nice. Think I'm...Continue Reading
Posted by pjdog | Aug 07, 2011 @ 03:24 PM | 6,787 Views
I'm going to do a F&L with a pushers motor. Paint it red. Do it like a British Vampire.

I'm going to add a working nose wheel and rudders. I thing I found about the first two F&L's was the lack of a working nose wheel was a problem. If your going to have a nose wheel might as well add the rudder also.

Starting today. Pictures to follow.

I found a plane on Ebay that looks so much like a Vampire I decided to just buy it rather than try a Depron one. Besides it was only $ 35.00 US.

Almost ready for a flight. The 1300mha battery at 7.4 volts had a large deans plug. I don't want to change that so I'll make a deans to jst plug to fit between the ESC and Battery. Using the old trusty out runner I have in all the Gravity warbirds.


It's a pusher.
Posted by pjdog | Jun 26, 2011 @ 05:35 PM | 7,527 Views
I sure wish I hadn't lost my control with the first F&L but it's to late now. This will be a better twin than the first one. Main parts are cut out.

Got the main spar from the first F&L put on this wing. Also installed the nose wheel off the first F&L on this fuselage. I might add that this fuselage is a little longer. It's also cut and ready to be attached to the wing. I need better spruce for the booms. The ones I have are a little warped. I'll go to Home Depot in the morning and get more spruce. I decided to build a single motor and a twin motor at the same time. I would also like to make a pusher. Like the British Meteor I think it was called.

Mounted the firewall and motors. Also got the nose wheel to the correct position and length.

Now I must make some proper engine Nacelles. I've been studying P-38's on the net trying to get a correct nacelle profile shape. I notced the P-38's don't have engine exhaust pipes like the P-51, Spitfire, P-40. I guess it's because of the supercharging or Turbocharging. Which ever it had. Turob I guess.

I saw in the net where an American WWII pilot was buzzing along over Germany with a wing man. He saw a group of fifty (50) ME-109's. He and his wing man dove down on the Me-109's after dropping there wing tanks. His engines quit just as he fired on the first 109. He scored hits and downed the plane. He reset the fuel feed and restarted his engines and dove down on a P-51 that was being chased by two (2) 109's. He...Continue Reading
Posted by pjdog | Jun 14, 2011 @ 05:03 PM | 7,421 Views
Aero Andy turned me on to a p-38 type looking scratch build. I think it looks cool. Andy got it from this link:
Anyway I'm going to try one. I've always been a P-38, P-40 and Hurricane fan.

Looks like a simple build and with a little effort I'm thinking maybe even making a twin out of it. small 10g or 20g motors.

I got the plans printed out and taped together. Then cut out the temples. The wing and it's doublers is done a glued. the tail feathers are cut out and the fuselage. I just have the second boom cover to do. I think I need some additional spruce hard wood for the booms.

All glued together. I've got to make some longer boom covers. The ones I made from the planes are to short? They fit the planes but not the plane. But that's minor. Tomorrow I'll make the ailerons & elevator and hinge them.

Then I've got to come up with a color (colour) for the P-38. I've got some plastic chrome paint that I think I'll try on a spare piece of depron. If it does not eat the depron that's the paint I'll use. Chrome, with a red and white striped rudders. Maybe even invasion stripes on the wings.

I got some new motors today that are Exceed motors. They are for airplane use and do not require a gear set up. So they are direct drive. Nice motors and cheap too. The small one was $ 12.95 and the big one was $ 24.95.

I've got these two 2100-2300 motors that I got for gravity hobby WarBirds. But was thinking I could...Continue Reading
Posted by pjdog | May 25, 2011 @ 04:52 PM | 8,185 Views
Starting another Fokker Dr1. But this one will be made with Depron. The second one should be easier sense I've already done one.

This one will be painted black and white. Red just does not cover well unless your painting on white depron. I could only find Gray.

The motor stick maybe to long?

Cut the motor stick. Got the doublers in for the wing support and landing gear support. Glued the top & bottom of the front of the fuselage. Forgot to put carbon fiber support in tail feathers. Must do that first thing in the morning. Will cut wings out in the morning.

I'm going to paint this one as I go.

This build is going allot easier than the first DR1 build. Depron is easier to work with. It's so much lighter.

The bottom wing is on. Put the servo's in the fuselage. Going to make the push rods next then the turtle decking on. I did the push rods when the build was done last time and that was a mistake. It's so much easier to see where the push rods are with out the turtle deck on. I'll cut out the other two wings today. However I do not have any carbon Fiber tubes for the wing spars. So I can't install the wings until RCFoam gets the tubes here. This time the Rods are coming USPS NOT FedEx.

Luck was with me today. The mailman brought my Carbon Fiber rods from RCFoam for the spars today. The last order with them took over a month thanks to FedEx. FedEx sucks. I got the rods in the Middle and top wings. Painted the middle wing. It's ready to be installed. The...Continue Reading
Posted by pjdog | Apr 23, 2011 @ 10:15 PM | 7,588 Views
I have some extra Depron from another Fokker DR-1 build so I decided to make a quick FireFly build. I have all the components so this should be a quick one.

There are so few pieces to put together this is a quick build.

I'm using a HK (Turnigy) T2211-2300 motor, Micro light park flier receiver & HK12A bec lipo ESC. I think I'll use a 450 mah battery.
Posted by pjdog | Apr 12, 2011 @ 05:28 PM | 7,719 Views
Today I crashed my Gravity P-51. It's all stock, rudder, elevator, motor and a stock brushed motor. Broke the nose off. Epoxy the nose back on. added a little lead to the nose. also put more down trim in the elevator. I launched it with to much up and the elevator did the rest.

Maiden Gravity P-51_0001.wmv (5 min 26 sec)

Posted by pjdog | Apr 01, 2011 @ 12:39 PM | 15,783 Views
Steve Shumate on this forum has a great set of plans for a Fokker DR-1. I was going to buy an Electricfly or Hobby King DR-1 but decided that this would be a better solution. I love to build more that fly any away so here it goes.

First down load the plans. Then print them out on the ol' laser jet printer. Then pay Steve for the plans. Taking the plans in order tape them together and cut them out for the templates to put over the foam for cutting.

The plans are all cut out now. The foam I was going to use is to thick so I'm off to Home Depot to get some 6mm and 3mm foam.

Well so much for Home depot, Lowes and the LHS. Nobody had any 6mm or 3mm depron. Had to order on line from RCFoam. It's expensive, I was surprised. I thought foam was cheap. I got 5 30" by 49" 6mm sheets and 5 carbon fiber tubes. $ 150.00 plus $ 69.90 shipping. Ouch. I've still got to order a motor. That's about $ 60.00. I've got all the rest. Servos, radio, batteries, glue, paint and white paper for the decals.

This really stinks. The Depron should have been here yesterday. It was shipped April 4th from RCFoam. Should have been there April 7th but has never arrived. I went online to check FedEx tracking but it shows nothing. FedEx really sucks. I email them (FedEx) and they told me to check out the order on there tracking system. I told them in the beginning that I tried that but it does not show anything except that it was shipped April 4th. FedEx really sucks. I'll never use them...Continue Reading
Posted by pjdog | Feb 05, 2011 @ 11:16 PM | 8,376 Views
I've got a picture of all my RC flying toys.

I left out my super Caswell/Revell RC Submarines. Will get picture tomorrow.

Video of the tug boat:
tug boat.MTS (1 min 13 sec)

Posted by pjdog | Jan 15, 2011 @ 04:24 PM | 8,124 Views
I like helcopters because I can fly in the back yard. Even though my back yard is a small back yard helicopters require almost no room. These are lots of fun but a little mistake can cost lots of money.

I have three (3) helicopters. A B400 (Blade), EXI 450 Pro & and EXI 450 SE.
This is a video of the EXI 450 Pro in the back yard. Just hovering.

AXI 450 Pro_0001.wmv (5 min 53 sec)

Posted by pjdog | Jan 15, 2011 @ 04:15 PM | 8,074 Views
I got a E-Flite 25ARF and a PZ F4F. They are both very nice planes. Good buy for the money.
Posted by pjdog | Jan 15, 2011 @ 03:55 PM | 8,210 Views
RC Submarines, RC other than Gravity Hobby. These are 1/72 Revell plastic submarines with David Merriman Sub Drives in them. They are 72 mHz because 2.4g will not go through water.

These Submarines have two ways to surface. They can run at snorkle depth and pump outside air into the ballast tank or they can use the compressed air tank to blow the water out of the ballast tank. If they are too deep to reach outside air then they must use the compressed air to clear the ballast tank. These are lots of fun but you must have very clear water to use them or it's a waste of time if you can't see them.

These are my favorite RC toy.

Here's some used WWII stuff for sale.
http://view.autocommunity-hub.com/?j...id=2000546&r=0...Continue Reading