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Posted by browncbr1 | Feb 13, 2014 @ 02:40 PM | 10,570 Views
Well, I got a really cool molded poly wing 1.5m hand launch from Vlad recently. They called it a "Supercool" I'm not sure if it was ever for sale publicly..

The V tail it came with is beautiful, but really heavy. My calculations show that the AUW would make the model not much fun to fly if I use the molded Vtail. So, I am working on some light weight bagged tail feathers to slip into this 3D printed Vtail mount.
Posted by browncbr1 | Jan 14, 2014 @ 02:26 PM | 10,563 Views
Most of the higher end DLG ships have the stab pylon molding into the fuse, but some of the other models that are manufactured for price point don't have this, albeit, they are still great ships!

Some come with balsa blocks that the builder must shape and hope to get the decalage correct. Sometimes, this can be somewhat tedious. The other thing is that it may not be as slippery as some of the higher launching models. I had bought one of Traian's awesome carbon stab pylons about a year ago, but he quit making them to focus on his Evo project.

In light of this, I have a few ships that I decided to upgrade with new stab pylons on my own. I built these using solidEdge and have printed them using my 3D PLA printer. They come in at about 0.7g after finishing. This is not as light as Traian's was, but because of the low cost PLA and little machine time, I can offer these about about half the cost.

$15 shipped - includes your choice of 4-40 flat head nylon screws or M3 aluminum hex screws (anodized red, blue, or purple)
$10 for each additional if in the same shipment.

It comes to you with holes already tapped, but you will need to clean up some of the excess print support material as shown in the photos below.

V1 has a wider profile for the control horn to go inside the trailing edge. Also, because the trailing edge will be cut away for the control horn to go inside, the weight before trimming is a little more. 1.3g after finishing I've also added a flange to...Continue Reading