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Posted by Jeanskydive | Mar 07, 2014 @ 01:52 AM | 5,911 Views
Hello , This Warthog Republic A-10 I build from George Miller desing plans, build from conventional balsa and plywood , I by a short kit from Laser Desing Services, this A-10 have 75 in,. wing span and have two TJ 100 mm fan with two Typhoon 700/68 1680 kv, motors, and twin packs of 10S-5000 LiPo, the plane weigth ready to go at 28 lbs,...Continue Reading
Posted by Jeanskydive | Mar 07, 2014 @ 01:16 AM | 6,990 Views
The Arado 234 B I build from Casa da balsa plans, this Luftwaffe light bomber come to 92 in., wing span, build from conventional balsa and plywood,. this one have two Aeronaut Turbo 3000 110 mm fans, with Typhoon 700/83 1445 kv motors, set at pek power at 3,000watts, and 85 amps, and I use two packs of 10S-5000 LiPo., the plane weigth ready to go at 29 lbs,. ans I have 24 lbs, of pull at the scale , and 6,000 watts for take off.., April ist here now , new pictures from the field !...Continue Reading
Posted by Jeanskydive | Dec 16, 2011 @ 02:51 AM | 6,960 Views
Ther the Gulfstream from Hobby King , verry nice model ARF fiber glass fiselage with a nice gel coate , the wing made from balsa and plywood ,wing span 73in., span, 71 in., lenght, for 90 mm fan and 36 or 39 mm motor., I need to modefy is main retract landing gear for stronger attachement, and longer struts, I use two HET 9305-700 fans, two Typhoon 700-68 -1680 kv, motors,with two packs 6S-5000 LiPo.,...Continue Reading
Posted by Jeanskydive | Oct 26, 2011 @ 12:29 AM | 8,748 Views
This one come from Nitro Planes Projet A-10 Wingspan 1500 mm motor set-up two Mega 1625/2 , 5S-5000 LiPo HET 70mm fan. the retracts from RC lander model A-10 new series, from fan jet usa., i did a fews flights in the powder snow, funny on skis , rudders werry effective , ....Continue Reading
Posted by Jeanskydive | May 03, 2011 @ 12:04 PM | 12,950 Views
Hi Scale Fans! Build this Yak-23 from RBC Kits at 41 in., span , balsa and plywood construction , with HET 70 mm fan and Typhoon 1W30 motor with 4S-5000 65C Li Po,1,200 watts , 88 amps, 50,000 rpm, 140 mph plus for this little HET 70mm fan $40, cover with 3/4 oz. fiberglass and resine come to 4.5 lb., verry fast with is set-up. gentel jet to fly with is unique looking....Continue Reading

Mohawk Pinto

Posted by Jeanskydive | Oct 08, 2010 @ 11:49 AM | 13,924 Views
Hi scale Flyers, Mohawk Pinto build from Model Airplane News 86in., wing span, Hacker A50-12L 8S-5000 lipo.,with 18X8 Xoar prop, in progress.Almost complet now , need a 5 dymmy cylindres, and perhaps a pair of skis!! I go with Wright J-5 cylindres , Kinner cylindres hard to finds.the front section of the fuselage cover with 3/4 oz. fiberglass, with resine, and the rear and the winf and flying surfaces cover with solartex and dope , for color i use DupliColor in spray can, the weather is perfec for the maiden for the Pinto marsh the 31, 2011....Continue Reading

Magellan E-XL

Posted by Jeanskydive | Jul 09, 2010 @ 09:10 AM | 10,872 Views
Magellan 98" wing span , with a Hotlinner 1400 outrunner , 1621 RPM/V with 10X6 , this little outrunner give a fast climb out ,glider weight only 3.2 lbs. with only two cell. the CG. balance just perfect. Well made glider verry nice finish the glide ratio is verry good , nice thermal glider with good penetration also,with full flap the landing is verry precise , one batt.pack last verry long flight in good condition....Continue Reading
Posted by Jeanskydive | Mar 30, 2010 @ 07:27 PM | 14,085 Views
This Turner I build from semi kit from Jim Young , come to 51.5 in. wing span with a Scorpion S4125-10 with 5-S3850 mah lipo, and 15X8 prop , finish the front section with 3/4 oz. fiber glass and the rear section with solartex and dope ,I change the foam wing for conventional build up wing with balsa and plywood also build the stabilisateur also with ribs and taper and close the inches gap on the ailerons and élévator control just like the original. I use a Light Slate Met Dupli-Color spray paint. This one go with the Golden Age collection with is competitor Mister Mulligan , I decide to finish with the 1938 version PESCO . Have a nice flight....Continue Reading


Posted by Jeanskydive | May 25, 2009 @ 09:42 PM | 11,209 Views
Nemesis from Northeast Sailplane products 50 in. span all composite racer with Medusa 028-056-2800, speed prop Graupner 6X5.5,and 3-S3300 lipo, easy to launch, verry fast at full throttle.New color for the Nemesis easy to see at hi altitude manoeuvre, even with full cloudy sky. Happy flying..........New color for the Nemesis, also change the prop for Leo Prop / folding 5X5X38mm spinner , lose a bit top speed but for landing a lot better.I also try one Voltron Datalogger GPS I get pretty good speed wit is set-up., with no wind 185 mph, down wind 205 mph nex long level pass for more accurate, I use Cam speed prop 5.5X5.5 ....Continue Reading
Posted by Jeanskydive | Mar 19, 2009 @ 11:02 AM | 13,629 Views
Race Rat Racer with 39in. wing span wing area 271, weight 30 0z. with a Astro 05 -4 turn in-runner brushless motor with 6.5X 6.5 speed prop from Graupner and 3S-3300 lipo with set-up 38 amps. also use 10 sub cells. 3300 GP batts....Continue Reading
Posted by Jeanskydive | Mar 17, 2009 @ 11:27 PM | 11,965 Views
Hawker Tempest build from Ron Daniels kit. A Hacker A40-12S with 4 S 3300 lipo batts. which turn 12X6 APC prop , this figther has 45.1 inch-wing span covered with solartex plus a fews coats of clear dope and mix paint for color flat camouflage paint, come to 4.1 pounds. Also have a jetesson gear after take off so it has to be landed on the belly on the grass. Nice flyer, ailerons verry effective but with this set-up at full throttle realy blast the sky.
I get 106 mph level flight....Continue Reading
Posted by Jeanskydive | Mar 03, 2009 @ 02:41 PM | 12,545 Views
Hi twin lover, there the BF-110 build from Hobby Land kit , with a 65 in. span and 595 sq. in. with two 05 électric motors plugs in series with 16 sub c cells 3300 GP weight 7 lbs. Cover with solartex and coat of clear dope and, flat camouflage paint. This set-up give a 7 minutes of flying plus plenty of time to made a nice power approach landing, lipo batts. for longer flight and save weight will be nice also....Continue Reading
Posted by Jeanskydive | Mar 03, 2009 @ 02:41 AM | 14,500 Views
Went I see this plane in the Model Airplane News September 1990 issue in page 40 in the class Midgets Formula 1 Racing this Bill Falcks RIVETS N60089 I search for a plan so I find one in Carstens Flying plan no CF-709 Falk RIVETS come to 49 inches span, in Flying Models issue have a wing span of 49 in., so it will be perfect for électric with a Scorpion S-4020-12 with 5 s 3800 LiPo. batts. and 13X10 APC prop. cover with solartex and the front section is finish with résine fiberglass, cowl and also the pants.,for scale finish. This racer fly solid straight forward with this set-up and made a long smooth approch touth down landing. I fly this plane for three years with the same set-up just fabulous look in the sky....Continue Reading
Posted by Jeanskydive | Mar 01, 2009 @ 02:56 AM | 12,401 Views
Dave Platt ZERO build from is kit, with fiberglass finish, and have Super Tigre 3000 with CH Electronic Spark ignition system, 18X10 prop, run with alcohol mix with Klotz oil, scale realisme plane. Landing the Zero with one leg only , result broken prop , lucke was in the grass!! Replace the for a new prop fix the problem, replace one lock spring retainer in the air cylinder jack and take off power again. May the 12 a new registration number for the Zero and a new fly test!!...Continue Reading
Posted by Jeanskydive | Mar 01, 2009 @ 02:39 AM | 12,256 Views
SPOOK winter flying in Canada with Astro 60 gear drive 2.7 to 1 ratio gear box, with 11S-5000 LiPo with also run with 32 sub cells 3300 M.A.H. batts. prop 22X14 and have 96 inches wing span, this plane also with wheels and floats.

Top Flite Elder

Posted by Jeanskydive | Mar 01, 2009 @ 02:24 AM | 11,936 Views
There ELDER with a astro 25 gear drive motor with 4 s 5000 M.A.H. Batts. 15X8 APC prop . Give me a nice aerial shots.
Posted by Jeanskydive | Mar 01, 2009 @ 02:09 AM | 16,252 Views
Golden Age Racer, Howard DGA-5 IKe" 59 inches wing span, build from M.A.N. plans, with Scorpion S4025-12 Motor, with 6S-5000 m.a.h. lipo. batts. 55amps AMPS 1025 Watts ,with 16X10 Oxar wood prop, realy move!! verry sensitive on the aileron, smooth flyer. Harold in the cockpit!!...Continue Reading

Howard DGA-6

Posted by Jeanskydive | Mar 01, 2009 @ 01:38 AM | 14,340 Views
Mister Mulligan build from A.M.A. plans have a 60inches wing span with Axi 4130/16 motor with TP 5000 6S batt. 16X10 apc prop . Today April 18-09 nice weather here, so fly test for the Mister Mulligan , nice lift off and fly perfect, no need to reajust trim, and fly verry verry fast with set-up, and need power assit approach landing....Continue Reading